IPL Betting Apps: Best App for IPL Betting

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world and has one of the most rapidly growing betting markets. While betting at sportsbooks or online are options for many people, having an online IPL Betting app in the palm of your hand to place a wager from anywhere will unlock your cricket betting potential.

Odds Shark's IPL betting experts have taken the time to review and rank the best app for IPL betting to help you decide which IPL Betting Apps you will use. The factors that went into the app evaluation are outlined below.

Best IPL Betting Apps

What are the Best IPL Apps for Cricket Wagering?

After reviewing the list, rankings, and reviews above you can start to make a decision what IPL online betting app is best for you. Though the top ranked or best IPL betting app in India may be the favorite for many IPL bettors, the decision ultimately comes down to what you prioritize and every bettor’s personal preference.

Odds Shark’s Criteria for IPL Betting Apps

Odds Shark takes a variety of criteria into account when reviewing, ranking, and attempting to determine the best online betting app for IPL wagering. To figure out what IPL betting apps are best for you, consider some of the following:

  • • IPL betting lines, bet types and available odds
  • • Bonus Codes and Promotions
  • • User-Friendly
  • • Banking Options
  • • Safe and Secure
  • • Customer Service Department
  • • Languages and Currencies

How to Pick the IPL Online Betting App for You?

On top of the general factors that affected our ranking of betting apps for IPL, there are some specific features you should keep in mind when selecting IPL betting apps.

IPL Betting Bonuses

Most betting apps offer a variety of different bonuses that can net bettors some extra cash and help enhance their winnings. Almost all of our reviewed IPL betting apps offer deposit bonuses, or cash multipliers/bonuses when you open an account and deposit for the first time. Many sportsbooks and IPL betting apps offer specific bet bonuses, where gamblers can receive cash or better odds by combining bets into parlays or choosing pre-made parlay bets.

Make sure to look into the deposit and play bonuses of your IPL betting app of choice to ensure you are maximizing your profit.

Deposit Options

Deposit and withdrawal options are some of the most important factors to weigh when deciding on the online IPL betting app for you. While most IPL betting apps take standard deposit and withdrawal options such as VISA, there are some sites that specialize in more specific options such as PayPal.

Security and Trustworthiness

Security and trustworthiness are Odds Shark’s top priorities when ranking IPL betting apps, and we only rank apps that are safe and reliable. Though some IPL betting apps do not offer fast payouts, you will have access to your funds as needed and all of our ranked apps have solid reputations for tight security.

Customer Support

Timely and effective customer support is an important factor Odds Shark evaluates when reviewing and ranking IPL betting apps. A positive customer support experience for users is crucial for a high score.

Region and Language Options

All of our listed IPL betting apps offer services in English, but many of them have other language options as well.

How to Bet on IPL Using IPL Betting Apps

Betting on the Indian Premier league using an IPL Betting App is simple enough if you understand the basics of the sport and your betting options:

Understanding IPL Odds

Most IPL betting Apps offer odds in decimal, American, or fractional odds. Odds Shark mainly lists odds in America odds, where the favorite’s odds are listed with a negative (-) number, and the underdog’s odds have a positive (+) number. The negative number is the amount you must bet to profit $100, while the positive number is the amount you would profit if you bet $100. An example of IPL American odds can be seen below:

  • Mumbai Indians -200
  • Chennai Super Kings +170

Odds Shark's odds calculator and convertor is a useful tool to see how much profit you will make on a bet and to help change between odds formats.

IPL Betting Apps Wagering Options

Maximizing your profits on IPL Betting Apps takes a knowledge of the sport itself, but also a deep knowledge of your betting options.

Match Sportsbook

The most common betting format is to simply bet on the match Sportsbook. An example of this bet can be found in the odds example listed above. Both teams will have listed odds, and you can choose to bet on the favorite or underdog, with varying profit potential for each. Like in most sports, when first getting into betting, a simple bet on the match Sportsbook is a great place to start.

Prop Bets

Prop bets allow you to bet on events within an IPL cricket match that do not directly impact the final score. Most IPL betting apps offer a variety of different props but some of the most popular ones include betting on the coin toss, the man of the match, or betting on the total runs in a specific over.

Futures Bets

Almost every IPL betting app will give bettors the opportunity to place futures or long-term cricket bets. Use a futures bet to place a wager on the Sportsbook of IPL awards or on what team you think will win the championship.

Live Betting

Live betting, or in-play betting, allows betters to bet on instances or events during a match. Common examples you may find on your online IPL betting app are total runs in an over or the outcome of the next bowled ball. Live betting on an IPL betting app can be a fun way to enhance your viewing experience of a match and help keep you engaged throughout the competition.

Other Useful IPL Betting Pages:

IPL Betting Apps FAQ

Is IPL betting legal?

It is legal to bet on IPL cricket. If you use one of our listed IPL betting apps you can find legal options to bet on a variety of different cricket formats including match betting, innings runs, top bowler and batsman, top batsman, and top bowler bets. Most of our listed IPL Betting apps also offer opportunities to place live and futures bets.

Where can I do the best mobile IPL Betting?

At Odds Shark, we believe that Sportsbook is the best place to do mobile IPL betting this year. With live IPL betting and other options available, Sportsbook’s app has everything an IPL bettor would need to successfully wager. We have laid out our criteria for ranking IPL betting apps above for you to check out.

Is it safe to bet on the IPL?

If you do your research and find the best IPL betting provider for you, it is completely legal and safe to wager on IPL cricket. You can read about our recommended IPL betting apps above, and then read more into how to bet on cricket effectively and safely using one of Odds Shark’s many betting guides.

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