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Better Call Saul Betting Odds: Who Will Murder Kim Wexler?

*Potential Spoilers Ahead*

After six seasons, the journey of Jimmy McGill – better known as Saul Goodman – is almost over and with tons of loose ends still needing resolution, online sportsbook Sportsbook has listed Better Call Saul odds so you can win big while watching the dramatic conclusion to one of the most popular series in recent memory.

With plenty of betting options on Better Call Saul, we have selected a few intriguing wagers that you can get in on before the release of the final season’s second instalment.

If Kim Wexler Is Murdered, Who Will Be The Murderer?

Who Will Murder Kim Wexler?
Lalo Salamanca-115
Any Other Character+200
Salamanca Twins+300
Gus Fring+350
Don Eladio+1000
Mike Ehrmantraut+1000

In what would be a heart-wrenching scene for fans of the series, the ultra-beloved Kim Wexler may not make it out of the series finale alive. As the love interest and eventual wife of protagonist Saul Goodman, Wexler could be on the radar to draw the ire of a number of characters, whether directed at her or her husband. 

Cartel member Lalo Salamanca leads the odds as her potential killer. After tempers reach a boiling point between Lalo and Gus Fring, we have seen Lalo throw caution to the wind, murdering several characters, including the killing of Howard Hamlin in front of Kim Wexler in the first part of season 6. 

With his quick trigger finger and his rage only growing stronger, it could be only a matter of time before Kim Wexler is the one staring down the barrel of Lalo’s gun.

Total Laundromat Security Guards Lalo Murders?

OVER/UNDER Total Laundromat Security Guards Murdered
OVER 4.5-140
UNDER 4.5+100

When we last left off in the first part of season 6, Lalo calls Hector to inform him he is going to wipe out Gus’ men at the laundromat, setting the stage for a climactic finish to the series as Lalo sets himself up to literally go down with guns blazing.

With Lalo’s known track record for murder at this point, the OVER/UNDER has been set on how many of the laundromat security guards will be caught in Lalo’s crosshairs.

We recommend betting the OVER on this prop. With this being the series finale, everything is set to be bigger and badder than ever, so don’t be surprised to see a long, epic scene where Lalo sees red and takes out well OVER 4.5 security guards. You can cash in with a great value at +100.

Return Of Familiar Faces?

Who Will Be Seen First?
Jesse Pinkman-300
Walter White+200

Being a direct spinoff/prequel series to the critically acclaimed Breaking Bad, it would only make sense if at least one of our favorite crystal meth manufacturers – if not both of them – makes an appearance before the end of the Better Call Saul series.

A heavy betting favorite, Jesse Pinkman is a great bet to be made as it is well-known in the series lore that Pinkman is involved in the criminal world well before White ever enters the scene. 

Seeing either of the two infamous characters back on screen in their iconic roles is enough to make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

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