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That's What She Said

Welcome to That’s What She Said, a safe place for the girlies. This series focuses on diving into all the sports gossip, news and fun from all leagues without having to hide our femininity.  

Whether you’re an avid bettor, a brand-new sports fan, or just here for a good time – these weekly submissions can be loved by anyone. And hey, men are invited to enjoy these too! We don’t exclude here, Sis.  

So, read these while you’re getting a pedicure, while your boyfriend is fetching you a Diet Coke at the game or while you’re snacking on your girl dinner.  

I love sports and cashing in those bets, but I also love being a woman. Let’s finally start encouraging the gals to embrace both. 

I’ll see you ladies (and men) every Tuesday!  



That's what she said: the Year of women in sports

2024 has already seen so much greatness for women in sports. Records have been broken, viewership is at an all-time high and doors are opening. This is just the beginning... no seriously, it's only February!


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