That's What She Said Recasting Ted Lasso

That's What She Said: Recasting Ted Lasso X NHL

That's What She Said Recasting Ted Lasso

Last spring, everyone’s favorite punny English football club coach returned to our screens for his third, and supposedly final, season – Ted Lasso. Since the “final” episode, rumors have circulated about whether a fourth season, following Nate The Great, will be announced.

In case you live under a rock, the series follows an overly optimistic midwestern fella, played by Jason Sudeikis, the show features a handful of archetypes in the sporting world. In every locker room, there’s the superstar with an ego, the stone-faced leader, or the happy-go-lucky kid who’s just happy to be there.

So, it got me thinking through a director’s lens, what would the show look like if it was set in the NHL and who would play the lead roles? Lights, camera, action boys!

Ted Lasso Played By: Jay Woodcroft (Previous Edmonton Oilers Head Coach)

Luckily, the acting class won’t be required for the Oilers former head coach who will be taking on the leading role. By the time Woodcroft was nearly ten years old, he had two starring roles under his belt. His debut was at the age of two in the famous The Littlest Hobo and another less-impressive appearance in Separate Vacations, a more scandalous film I’ve never heard of.

Like the way Ted has spent three seasons coaching Richmond out of relegation, Woodcroft tried improving his Edmonton squad. Woodcroft brought the Oilers the farthest they’ve been in playoffs in over 16 years after taking over as head coach in 2021-22.

That's What She Said Recasting Ted Lasso

Last, but certainly not least, let’s not forget the part where Woodcroft could really channel the jobless vibe as him and Lasso are both currently without coaching careers now. Too soon?

We rarely saw Woodcroft’s frustrated. I mean, take a look at his last post-game press conference before he was canned. His group had a less than thrilling 3-9-1 record at the time, yet he still only had positive things to say. Hopefully he can grow the moustache. 

Jamie Tartt Played By: Trevor Zegras (Anaheim Ducks)

This is perhaps my most accurate casting of the day, both physically and personality-wise. Though most of the Richmond crew would be hesitant to admit it, Jamie Tartt is the star on the pitch just like Trevor Zegras steals the show in Anaheim. There’s no doubt the 22-year-old is exciting to watch with his undeniable stickhandling. Remember his Michigan-style goal phenomenon?

Tartt and Zegras fit the superstar with an ego archetype. They both know their level of skill, and value to their organization and have contracts that are the equivalent of giving a toddler a couple of million dollars. Let’s just hope the 2021-22 Calder Trophy finalist doesn’t follow Tartt’s footsteps by taking a season off to join the Lust Conquers All reality show, too. 

That's What She Said Recasting Ted Lasso

Dani Rojas Played By: Cole Caufield (Montreal Canadiens)

Regardless of whether they’re being relegated from the Premier League or chilling near the bottom of the NHL’s standings, Dani Rojas and Cole Caufield have big smiles plastered on their faces. Caufield, who nearly leads the Canadiens with 20 points, was out with a season-ending shoulder injury last year. Yet, the 22-year-old was constantly seen pranking his teammates at practice. I mean, at least he didn’t murder a Greyhound. 

Every team needs a cheerful youngster bouncing around to amp up the boys, even if that team is the Habs, who sit at the bottom of the oddsboard to win the Atlantic with a whopping +25000 odds. I guess smiling through the pain really is a thing.  

That's What She Said Recasting Ted Lasso

Roy Kent Played By: Shea Weber (Arizona Coyotes... Kind Of)

In the first season of Ted Lasso, Roy Kent was reluctantly nearing the end of his playing career after a relentless knee injury. But the potty-mouthed captain sacrificed his body on the soccer field every match which sounds a lot like our stone-faced Shea Weber.

The 38-year-old hasn’t played in over two years after a persisting foot injury and, like Kent, is saving up the retirement fund. He currently sits on the Arizona roster but has yet to officially announce he’s hanging it up, so I’m allowed to cast him! I make the rules here.

That's What She Said Recasting Ted Lasso

Both are characterized as fearless leaders. Weber has played over 1,000 games between the Predators and Habs, leading Montreal to the Stanley Cup Finals in 2021 while battling with a thumb injury and serious ankle, foot and knee problems – an absolute warrior. 

Both Kent and Weber don’t have much to say, but when they do, everyone listens. This quote isn’t from a previous Ted Lasso script, but a declaration of admiration from one of Weber’s past teammates. 

Trent Crimm Played By: Craig Button

All good teams or leagues have a handful of devoted journalists covering their every move. Trent Crimm, from The Independent, is a clear replica of TSN’s Craig Button – can you plagiarize a person? 

Both Crimm and Button are always there whether we want them to be or not and the hot takes follow. These reporters really aren’t afraid to ask and answer the tough questions!

That's What She Said Recasting Ted Lasso
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