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Atlanta FaZe Favored To Win 2023 Call of Duty League

The CDL Championship 2023 will see the best Call of Duty League sides in North America face each other once again in a new season. These matches are often hard to predict, and it’ll be no different this time around with three teams who could be considered favorites: Atlanta FaZe (+200), OpTic Texas (+250) and Los Angeles Thieves (+450).

The teams will have to put their best foot forward all over again with a new season upon them. Once again, they’ll be hoping to turn up big in the regular season, the four majors and, of course, the CDL Championship at the end of it all.

Before we look at the odds for the 2023 season, check out our Call of Duty betting guide.

Who Are The Betting Favorites In the Call of Duty League Outright Odds?

Odds to Win the 2023 Call of Duty League
Atlanta FaZe+200
OpTic Texas+250
Los Angeles Thieves+450
Toronto Ultra+550
Minnesota ROKKR+700
Seattle Surge+900
New York Subliners+2500
Las Vegas Legion+4000

Odds as of November 30 at Sportsbook

Favorites To Win In The CDL Championship Title Odds

Atlanta FaZe (+200)

Atlanta FaZe remains the team to beat in the CDL Championship. They’ve finished on top in all three regular seasons, won the CDL Championship once and been runners-up on two other occasions. They’ll be a bit disappointed with how they ended last season, but that shouldn’t have much of an effect on their CDL Championship title odds.

They’ll be expected to be on top in the regular season once again. All they have to do is be a bit more decisive when the big moments in the majors and CDL Championship come up.

Cellium was a real star for them last year with a KD ratio above 1.20 on all game modes, which makes him arguably the best player in the CDL. If he’s on it, it’s very difficult to stop him. Atlanta FaZe will be the safe bet for a few more years unless something drastic happens.

OpTic Texas (+250)

OpTic Texas had the best regular season win rate of 62.1 percent, and for many CDL enthusiasts, they are as strong a side as Atlanta FaZe. The way it ended last season, however, was a big worry. They really need to get their house in order again, and the CDL Championship odds of +250 might be overestimating them a little heading into the new season.

There’s no doubt that they are a team packed with extraordinary talent, but that talent didn’t show up on the big stage toward the end of last season. They were out in the third round of both Major 4 and the CDL Championship.

By their high standards, this was a massive underachievement. They still have Dashy, of course, who was phenomenal last season. He did not have a KD ratio below 1.18 in any of the game modes. Players like Dashy and Cellium will always make the likes of OpTic Texas and Atlanta FaZe the favorites heading into a season before a match is even played. The big question for OpTic Texas is what exactly happened toward the end of last season, and if they’ve gone on to fix the issues that crept up on them.

Value Picks To Win In The CDL Championship Outright Odds

LA Thieves (+450)

It might seem a bit odd that the current CDL Championship holders are only in third place on the CDL Championship odds table, but that’s great news for those looking to place a bet on them. They were phenomenal toward the end of last season – not just winning the CDL Championship but also winning Major 4.

More importantly, they seem to have Atlanta FaZe’s number, which will be crucial heading into the new season. They beat FaZe 5-2 in the grand final of the CDL Championship.

They also beat them 3-1 in the Majors 4 losers finals, which seems to have been the turning point for this tremendous leap. They’re an excellent value at the moment, and it wouldn’t come as a surprise if they are the most popular pick among bettors. 

Betting Strategy for Winners of the CDL Championship

Other teams like Toronto Ultra (+550) have some history on their side, but recent performances don’t suggest that they’re in the same bracket as the three teams with the best CDL Championship title odds as things stand.

We wouldn’t recommend OpTic Texas at the minute. They need to get their house in order, and it is a bit of a surprise that the bookies are still so bullish on them after their collapse toward the end of last season. Equally surprising is how the oddsmakers seem to have underrated Los Angeles Thieves, who might be considered by many as the best team on the planet right now.

Even if some believed the Major 4 was a fluke, the CDL Championship win right after that was a real statement of intent. They showed that they are not just here to participate. It’s not a surprise that Atlanta FaZe is once again leading the CDL Championship odds table, but they aren’t the indestructible force they once were. There seems to be a new king in town, and most importantly, they’ve got great odds. We think the LA Thieves are worth sticking with.

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