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CS:GO Weekly Betting Preview

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We may see a slow few weeks in Counter-Strike as the majority of professional teams have entered the annual player break. This means that all premier events are on hold until the start of August, leaving fans and bettors alike missing the highest-level action.

However, the lower levels of the professional scene are still active and there are three key events to look out for. ESEA Advanced Season 34, Eden Arena Malta Vibes Cup 2, and the Mythic Invite League Season 1 all take place this week, giving bettors plenty of options for wagers.

If you haven’t bet on Counter-Strike before, here’s how to bet on CS:GO, and how to follow the action.

Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting Counter-Strike matches coming up this week:

July 7

Chaos vs Mythic

The playoff stage of the Mythic Invite League continues with favorites Chaos taking on the hosts Mythic. This match should be as clear-cut as it gets – Mythic is a squad focused on content creation, while Chaos is one of the best teams in North America.

Not only that, but the teams have also played four matches against each other in the last week, with Chaos dominating every single time. This should be another clean sweep.

Chaos vs Mythic Betting Odds

Odds as of July 7 at BetOnline

Triumph vs Oceanus

This match seems to be another one-sided affair in the Mythic League as Triumph heads into the match as -475 favorites at BetOnline. However, there is a strong possibility for Oceanus to really put up a fight.

The young Oceanus squad is full of talent and while they haven’t quite broken through to the highest levels of American CS:GO, they have been making waves. Most notably, the team defeated Chaos in June, a result almost no one could have expected. If they put up a similar performance here, they may cause another upset or at least take it to all three maps.

Triumph vs Oceanus Gaming Betting Odds
Oceanus Gaming+282

Odds as of July 7 at BetOnline

July 9

HellRaisers vs AGF

Eden Arena Malta Vibes 2 kicks off on Thursday, bringing some European CS:GO action to the week. HellRaisers vs AGF is one of the first matches of the event and definitely one to look out for.

It should be fairly close as both teams are ranked around No. 50 in the world and have been steadily climbing the rankings. They even played a match in mid-June that saw a game go all the way to triple overtime, although AFG eventually closed it out 2-0.

Even considering that result, HellRaisers head into the match as -145 favorites on BetOnline, meaning it may be worth betting on an upset or a close match.

HellRaisers vs AGF Betting Odds

Odds as of July 7 at BetOnline

ForZe vs SG.pro

ForZe takes on SG.pro in a Russian derby at Eden Arena in another great match for some potential wagers.

This is likely to be a clean sweep for ForZe, one of the few teams ranked in the top 30 that is attending this event and has shown incredible performances against even the best teams recently. Meanwhile, SG.pro find themselves ranked No. 70 and rarely face teams at ForZe’s level.

July 10

Hard Legion vs CR4ZY

Friday sees another match with a huge favorite, as Hard Legion sees odds of -435 on BetOnline to take down CR4ZY.

Much like the ForZe vs SG.pro match, Hard Legion is ranked in the top 30, while CR4ZY rarely competes at that high a level. This really should be a clean sweep and may even be one where a prop bet for Hard Legion to dominate would present the best value.

If you’re unsure how props work for Counter-Strike, check out our guide to learn all about it.

Hard Legion vs CR4ZY Betting Odds
Hard Legion-435

Odds as of July 7 at BetOnline

July 11

Endpoint vs HONORIS

Endpoint vs HONORIS closes out the initial group matches of Eden Arena Malta Vibes 2 and it’s another match where betting on the favorites is the way to go.

The underdogs HONORIS are currently on a five-match losing streak and have not shown much of anything recently, while Endpoint has been taking down teams much higher ranked than them.

The last time the two teams played, the game was incredibly one-sided, with Endpoint winning 16-4, and it shouldn't be much different this time around.

Endpoint vs HONORIS Betting Odds

Odds as of July 7 at BetOnline

How To Bet CS:GO Moneyline

Moneyline bets are one of the most straightforward ways of betting and if you’ve done it in any other sport, it’s no different in Counter-Strike. Simply pick which team you think will win, place your bet and wait on the result.

These bets always feature a favorite and an underdog, represented by a (-) minus or (+) plus in American odds. When betting on the favorite, the (-) minus signifies what you would need to bet to win $100, while on the other hand, the (+) plus shows what you’d win if you bet $100.

It’s important to note that not all bookmakers currently offer CS:GO options, and while it is becoming more popular, many sportsbooks that have integrated esports may have a limited selection. However, we’ve made finding a good place to bet very easy, with a comprehensive list of the best online esports betting sites.

What Are CS:GO Prop Bets?

Prop bets, aka proposition bets, are as common in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as they are in any sport. Rather than betting on the outcome, you can bet on specific events in the game.

When it comes to CS:GO, this includes things like the number of rounds in a map, which team will win a specific round, first eliminations, defuses, explosions, the final round score – really just about anything that will happen in the game.