CS:GO Best Bets: ESL Pro League, Funspark Ulti

We enter April with another fantastic week of CS:GO action, with the ESL Pro League reaching playoffs and a ton of lower-level competition adding variety to the week’s picks.

There are some great matches this week, providing a surprising amount of wagering value. The Pro League remains center stage but with fewer matches, so we can also take a look at things like Funspark Ulti and the Sportsbook Cup.

Overall, it’s an action-packed week of Counter-Strike, so if you haven’t already, make sure to familiarize yourself with all things CS:GO betting, and let’s take a look at some of the best matches to bet on this week.

G2 Esports vs Team Liquid - April 2

We kick things off with Round 1 of the ESL Pro League playoffs where G2 takes on Liquid.

The match is set to be an exciting one as both teams are capable of producing fast-paced and unpredictable games, though there is still a clear favorite here. Liquid enters the match with a -154 moneyline on Sportsbook and will likely be the one coming out on top.

This comes down mainly to form, with Liquid being one of the strongest teams out there at the moment. They dominated their group with four 2-0 wins (and one loss to Astralis, but who can hold that against them) and look to be firing on all cylinders. G2, meanwhile, looked shaky in its group, losing 2-0 to a very shaky Mousesports and 2-1 to an unimpressive Ence.

With only a three-day break since their last game, Liquid will likely carry their strong momentum into this match. As G2 is a solid team, it’s possible they’ll put up a fight despite their form, but overall Liquid should be taking it and the best bet here is the safer option of the Liquid moneyline.

Best Bet: Liquid (-154) on Sportsbook

Gambit vs Spirit - April 3

Next up is a Russian derby between two teams in hot form: Gambit and Spirit.

Both enter the match on impressive win streaks, with Gambit having won the last six in a row, while Spirit has five straight wins. Of course, Gambit is the one in the spotlight, having recently won IEM Katowice, and enters as the favorite.

Still, the series should be a close one and I’d tout it to go all the way to three maps. Both teams have a similar level of individual skill, experience and tactics, as well as an impressive run of form. Gambit has defeated some better teams but has also been leaking maps against weaker squads like MiBR and Cloud9.

Overall, it should be a tight contest and while I’d expect Gambit to come out on top, the best bet here is no doubt an OVER 2.5 maps pick at -125 on Sportsbook.

Best Bet: OVER 2.5 Maps (-125) on Sportsbook vs Ence - April 3

Our next match of Saturday is another Pro League bout, this time with a heavy favorite in taking on Ence.

With a -357 moneyline on Sportsbook, VP is the decisive favorite here and really should not be losing this one. From individual skill to experience, tactics and team synergy, has the advantage. They’re also in very strong form, having only lost to Liquid, Astralis and Gambit in the last few months while taking down a ton of strong opposition.

Ence, meanwhile, has been disappointing. They recently shifted to an international lineup and things are not looking good. The team lost to a brand new Mad Lions lineup last week and was decimated by Havu; both of those teams are much worse than VP.

I can only see this match going one way and that’s a clean 2-0 for They have just about every advantage and should breeze through the series. At -118 on Sportsbook, the 2-0 is not to be missed.

Best Bet: (-118) on Sportsbook

Nemiga vs Extremum - April 3

Nemiga vs Extremum is our last pick of Saturday, with two of the most promising “tier-2” teams battling it out at Funspark Ulti.

Both teams are squads essentially on the cusp of reaching tier 1, aka being considered among the best teams in CS:GO. Extremum is the old 100 Thieves lineup, except with BnTeT over Jks, while Nemiga is a team that has been slowly grinding up the rankings over the last few years, featuring a Belarusian core.

The match is set to be quite close, with the Sportsbooks barely being able to split the two as Nemiga comes in as the slight favorite at -125 to Extremum’s -105 on Sportsbook. The odds are a bit closer than expected as Nemiga actually defeated Extremum 2-0 just one week ago.

In fact, I’d overall rate Nemiga above Extremum, as the team has been together far longer and has the slightest edge in individual skill. It’s difficult to say if this will be another 2-0, but the best bet is definitely backing Nemiga to take the series.

Best Bet: Nemiga (-125) on Sportsbook

Saw vs Copenhagen Flames - April 4

We close out the week on Sunday with two more picks, both at Funspark Ulti.

First up is Saw vs Copenhagen Flames in a match that’s likely to be quite one-sided. Saw enters as the favorite at -167 on Sportsbook and looks set to take the series. They’re in much better form and are, quite frankly, just a better team overall.

Saw has won seven of its last eight series, most of which were against teams around or above Copenhagen Flames’ level. Meanwhile, the underdogs are in fairly poor form, having won just three in eight and overall disappointing against fairly weak teams.

This one should be a straightforward Saw win and once again the best bet is a simple moneyline.

Best Bet: Saw (-167) on Sportsbook

Havu vs K23 - April 4

Last but not least comes Havu vs K23, this time featuring a very strong favorite in Havu.

The Finnish squad has been climbing the rankings in 2021 and enters this match in not only hot form, but also as one of the most promising teams this year. They’ve lost just once in their last nine, defeating strong sides like Ence and Ninjas in Pyjamas and look primed to take another series here.

K23, on the other hand, has been very shaky, winning just four in its last nine, while consistently losing to teams much weaker than Havu.

With a -333 moneyline for Havu on Sportsbook, the straight win is not a great pick. However, considering the massive difference between the two teams, a 2-0 is very much in the cards and can be found on Sportsbook at a surprisingly high EVENs.

Best Bet: Havu 2-0 (EVEN) on Sportsbook

How To Bet CS:GO Moneyline

Moneyline bets are one of the most straightforward ways of betting and if you’ve done it in any other sport, it’s no different in Counter-Strike. Simply pick which team you think will win, place your bet and wait on the result.

These bets always feature a favorite and an underdog, represented by a (-) minus or (+) plus in American odds. When betting on the favorite, the (-) minus signifies what you would need to bet to win $100, while on the other hand, the (+) plus shows what you’d win if you bet $100.

It’s important to note that not all Sportsbooks currently offer CS:GO options, and while it is becoming more popular, many sportsbooks that have integrated esports may have a limited selection. However, we’ve made finding a good place to bet very easy, with a comprehensive list of the best online esports betting sites.

What Are CS:GO Prop Bets?

Prop bets, aka proposition bets, are as common in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as they are in any sport. Rather than betting on the outcome, you can bet on specific events in the game.

When it comes to CS:GO, this includes things like the number of rounds in a map, which team will win a specific round, first eliminations, defuses, explosions, the final round score – really just about anything that will happen in the game.

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