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Karmine Corp & LDLC OL Favorites in LFL Summer Season 2022

The LFL summer season is about to kick off, and the favorites list for winning the season’s honors is made up of the usual suspects. Karmine Corp, fresh off a Euro Masters triumph, is rated top favorite in the LFL outright odds.

Reigning LFL spring champion LDLC OL has been given slightly longer LFL outright odds as compared to Karmine, rated at +275 compared to Karmine’s +175. The two sides met in the Euro Masters final and have been rightfully rated quite a distance above any other teams in the competition.

Of course, there is a viable argument that both Team BDSA Academy and vitality Bee belong in the same bracket as the aforementioned teams, but recent form and a bubbling rivalry – that’s currently at 1-1 in terms of titles won in the last two tournaments – suggest that this could well end up being a tournament focused entirely on how the two favorites go.

Who Are The Betting Favorites In LFL 2022 Summer Outright Odds?

Karmine Corp+175
Team BDS Academy+400
vitality Bee+400
Misfits Premier+800
Team GO+3300

Odds as of June 1 at Sportsbook

Favorites To Win In The LFL 2022 Summer Title Odds

Karmine Corp (+175)

No conversation about Karmine Corp is complete – or begins, really – without a mention of Rekkles.

During the spring season, which was among his first major set of games with his new team, he managed to rank in the top five for pretty much all metrics that matter: he scored the second-best KDA in the tournament with 7.08, the third-best creep score per minute at 9.88, the fourth-best kills average at 4.67, and the second-lowest deaths count.

Pretty much everything but the spring title itself came his way and that of Karmine’s. Now, with time spent with the team, the expectation is that he will scale even bigger heights. This is one of the major reasons Karmine Corp is rated so highly in the LFL outright odds, not to mention the fact that they won the Euro Masters in May by beating LDLC, the spring winners and second favorites for the summer edition.

Heading into their first LFL fixture against Team Oplon, Karmine has won six of its last seven matches. Expect that streak to be extended.

LDLC OL (+275)

We see an opportunity based on the LFL outright odds that LDLC OL is being given at the moment. Odds of +275 give the spring champions an implied probability of 26.7 percent of going on and winning the summer season. In comparison, Karmine is being given an implied probability of 44 percent; we don’t think there’s quite as big a gap between the two teams as the odds suggest.

Karmine and LDLC have been neck and neck in the last two major tournaments they’ve participated in, winning one each, and with a finals faceoff in the most recent one. There is a strong possibility that happens again during the summer season, with the two teams decidedly operating on a different plane than the others in the tournament.

We mentioned Rekkles’ incredible numbers during the spring season earlier. What also bears mentioning is that in those top echelons, LDLC’s bot laner, Exakick, and mid laner, Eika, also featured regularly. LDLC has had no roster drama or major changes to their team setup since the spring season began. They’re far too good a team to have odds this long.

Value Picks To Win In The LFL 2022 Summer Outright Odds

Team BDS Academy (+400)

Team BDS Academy certainly did better than was expected of them during the spring season, even looking like champion material for most of the final before LDLC edged them for the title. Since then, BDSA has looked a little shaky, particularly during their less than ideal showing during the Euro Masters.

During the Masters, they couldn’t get out of the group stage, finishing third in their group behind Bifrost and Fnatic TQ to be knocked out early on.

Neither of the teams that beat BDSA during the group stages managed to get past the first round of the knockout stage, making their showing a particularly bitter one and quite possibly their worst performance in their recent history.

Based on that, they may face stiff competition from the likes of vitality Bee (+400) and Misfits Premier (+800) as the season progresses. Until it does, they’re still decent value picks.

Betting Strategy for Winners of LFL Summer Season 2022

The smart money options are to go with Karmine Corp and LDLC OL. Fortunately, at this stage of the summer season, smart money offers good rewards as well; this is unlikely to stay the case once Karmine and LDLC get into their grooves and the group tables start taking their shapes over the course of the season.

You can go either way with the LFL betting odds currently on offer – at least one of these teams is going to be in the summer final.

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