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EU Masters

We’re in for some lower-level League of Legends action in Europe, as European Masters Spring 2021 kicks off on April 14, giving us a tournament full of the best academy and semi-professional teams.

The event is made up of 16 teams and will take place over just under four weeks, with each team qualifying from regional competition or a play-in event. The main prize here is a total prize pool of €150,000, although LEC teams will also be watching these players closely and a good performance could mean promotion to the big leagues for some of them.

As such, we can expect this to be a very competitive event, with each player and team being in absolutely tiptop form. With it also starting just after the LEC playoffs end, it will fill a gap in the pro scene and open up opportunities for more exciting betting action.

Before we get into our picks, make sure to familiarize yourself with all things League of Legends betting, and let’s dive right in.

Who’s Playing at European Masters Spring 2021?

European Masters Spring will see 16 of the best non-professional European League of Legends teams battle it out in a classic tournament format. We’ll see some familiar faces from the LEC in the form of academies like Misfits Premier and BT Excel, as well as some popular organizations from outside of LoL, like Mousesports, BIG and Illuminar Gaming.

This includes teams from all over Europe, with a wide number of countries represented, making it easy to back a favorite team or even a national squad.

As for the event itself, there is a pretty traditional esports format. Teams first start in four groups of four featuring a double round-robin format. This means teams will play each team in their group twice in best-of-one matches. The top two in each group advance to a single-elimination playoff, while the others are eliminated.

Odds to Win European Masters Spring
Misfits Premier+250
Karmine Corp+250
AGO Rogue+650
K1ck esports club+1000
BT Excel+1000
Ucam Esports club+1800
Cream Real Betis+3300
FC Schalke 04 Evolution+3300
Illuminar Gaming+5000
G2 Arctic+6600
Suppup Esports+15000
Anorthosis Esports+20000
Macko Esports+25000

Odds as of April 12 at Bovada

Misfits Premier Looks to Reclaim European Masters Title

Misfits Premier has been a top side in the lower-level LoL circuit since the team’s formation. They won the spring event in 2019 and have been contenders ever since, all while finding and shaping elite-level players.

The team enters the event with a stacked lineup, featuring Agresivoo, who played in the LEC earlier in the season, an LEC veteran in Woolite, and Jactroll, who starred for the likes of Vitality and Origen in the past. Overall, their team could even be a decent squad in the LEC, never mind the semi-pro leagues.

With a very strong combination of skill and experience, Misfits Premier enters as one of the favorites and if they put up a strong showing, we may even see a few of their players in the big leagues next season.

Can Karmine Corp Build on Regional Success?

While Misfits Premier brings experience and a strong, stable squad, joint favorite Karmine Corp brings raw, explosive firepower. Their players have only ever been on academy rosters or semi-pro level teams and are all young stars with incredibly high potential.

They’ve already shown they can battle it out with the best, as they most notably completed a 5-0 trashing over Misfits Premier in their regional French league. This includes two 1-0 wins in the regular season and a 3-0 domination in the playoffs.

The players of Karmine Corp clearly have the talent as they’ve taken down even the mighty Misfits Premier. All that remains to be seen is whether they can retain their composure and form in this high-pressure tournament environment.

Where do the Underdogs Rank?

Following the lower-level League of Legends scene can be tough. As such, it’s difficult to know where each of these 16 teams rank.

Luckily, there are a few ways to know what we can expect from which teams, based on their regional competition. France, Poland and Germany are considered to be the three best leagues – this is represented in a similar way to Worlds qualification, as they receive three spots in the European Masters and the level of gameplay there is (generally) higher than everywhere else.

Then, we have the Spanish league and the NLC. These two leagues are on a slightly lower level and receive two spots each at the European Masters. After those, we have our last three: the Italian league, the Baltics league and the Greek league – these teams get only one EM spot and one spot in the play-in.

While it is difficult to judge gameplay based on region, and European Masters can be considered as essentially an international event, we can use this to judge a certain ranking. We can expect teams from the French, Polish and Germany, Austria, Belgium mix leagues to have the best shot of winning, followed by the Spanish league and the NLC, then the Italian, Baltic and Greek leagues.