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League of Legends EU Masters Spring 2022
Riot Games

While playoff action continues to rage on at the top of the League of Legends world, the second level also enters a major event of its own. The main stage of EU Masters Spring kicks off on April 14, bringing together 16 of the best teams from regional leagues around Europe. 

Unlike the LEC, EU Masters is an open event where any team can qualify and often serves as a look at the future of League of Legends. The event is made up of the best teams from regional leagues, which includes LEC academy teams, as well as some of the biggest organizations in esports that didn’t manage to secure a spot in the franchised league. 

Most teams at EU Masters are made up of young up-and-comers showing off their skills and hoping to get picked up for the big stage. We often see standout players make their way to the LEC, with Adam and Targamas, now representing Fnatic and G2 Esports respectively, being some of the more recent success stories. 

With that being said, the event is still as exciting as can be and well worth keeping your eye on if you’re a League of Legends bettor. There are a ton of games and there are sure to be a few upsets along the way. 

Before we dive into the event in more detail, make sure to check out our guide on all things League of Legends betting – and let’s get into it.

Who’s Playing At EU Masters Spring 2022?

There are a total of 16 teams fighting it out in the EU Masters main stage, with each team having earned their place with first- or second-place finishes in their regional leagues. Of these teams, 12 were seeded directly; this includes mostly regional league winners and some second-placed teams from the most competitive leagues, as well as four teams from a play-in, which featured runners-up and a couple of other placements of regional leagues. 

As for the teams specifically, we’ll see some favorites like LDLC OL, Fnatic TQ, Team BDS Academy and Karmine Corp, as well as some new faces like X7 Esports, Bisons Eclub, Eintracht Spandau and others. 

The 16 teams are seeded into four groups of four, which are decided by pools. The pools are based on team placements and regional rankings. For example, leagues like the Prime League and the LFL are some of the historically best leagues, so their winners get placed in pool 1, meaning they can’t face each other in the group stage as groups are comprised of one team from pools 1, 2, 3 and 4. 

Meanwhile, the event itself is played out in a pretty standard format. We first see four double round-robin groups, meaning each team plays all the others in their group twice. These group matches are all played in a best-of-one format with the top two teams advancing to the playoffs and the bottom two being eliminated. 

The playoffs are then played in a single-elimination format with best-of-five matches. This means teams go head-to-head with the loser of each series being eliminated until just one squad remains.

Odds to Win EU Masters Spring 2022
Team Odds
LDLC OL +225
Fnatic TQ +250
Team BDS Academy +400
Karmine Corp +550
Vitality.Bee +800
AGO Rogue +1000
X7 Esports +1000
GamerLegion +2000
Unicorns of Love SE +2500
Eintracht Spandau +4000
Bisons Eclub +5000
Bifrost +6600
Team ESCA Gaming +10000
Atleta Esport +15000
Crvena Zvevda +50000
Team Phantasma +100000

Odds as of April 10 at Betway

LDLC OL Looks To Continue LFL’s EU Masters Spring Dominance

Spring seems to be the season for French teams in League of Legends, with Ligue Française de League of Legends (LFL) squads dominating EU Masters Spring for the last three years. 

Since 2019, French teams have taken home the Spring trophy and LDLC OL are aiming to continue the tradition, entering as favorites for this year’s event. Coming in at +225, which signifies implied odds of 30.77 percent according to our Super Calculator, LDLC looks to be the team to watch at EU Masters Spring. 

Not only are they backed by the historic success of LFL teams, but they come in hot off of a spring season victory from one of the best second-tier leagues. Made up of a good balance of young stars and experienced players, LDLC definitely has what it takes to compete at this very competitive tournament. 

As usual, they’ll face tough challenges, with ex-LEC players, former Korean stars and a host of unique styles and strategies all coming together at EU Masters. LDLC may enter as favorites, but they’ll need to bring their regular-season form and more if they want to take home the trophy. 

Can Fnatic’s New Academy Live Up To The Organization’s History?

Fnatic TQ enters as one of the bookmaker favorites for EU Masters and has a lot to live up to, representing one of the biggest teams in League of Legends.

Expectations for any Fnatic squad are high, even the academy. However, things are looking very promising for Fnatic TQ. They enter hot off of a very strong spring season in the LVP, having lost just two matches over the whole season and absolutely dominating the playoffs, topping it off with a 3-0 win in the grand finals.

The squad individually is made up of four young stars, with not much experience but an incredibly high level and almost endless potential, while being led by an EU Masters veteran. Individually, it’s easy to see the players coming out on top in just about every game, but they will face the test of keeping up their level on the big stage.

What To Expect From Team BDS Academy’s Experienced Lineup

While Fnatic TQ fields a roster full of young talent, Team BDS Academy has opted to bring out the big guns. Every player on the team has years of competitive experience under their belt, with their roster being headlined by two ex-LEC stars, Agresivoo and Crownshot.

BDS Academy definitely has one of the most proven rosters and managed to rival even the favorites, having finished second in the LFL after a very tight 3-2 defeat to LDLC OL in the playoff finals.

They should be performing well at this event and we’ll likely see them reach the playoff stage, but they’ll need to level up slightly if they want to take down some of the top sides.

Could The Underdogs Shine At EU Masters?

Like any League of Legends competition, there are exciting underdogs at EU Masters ready to pounce whenever one of the favorites makes a mistake. With this being the second tier of competition in Europe, we’re very likely to see inexperience become a factor and some slip-ups occur.

In fact, practically every year of EU Masters has seen some upsets. Usually, one of the favorites does end up taking the trophy, but the road to the finals has many twists and turns. There are a lot of teams that have a very good shot of making some upsets and we’re very likely to see some of the favorites stumble, if not even face early elimination altogether.

One key underdog to watch is GamerLegion, who have shown incredible growth throughout the spring. The team went from a 3-0 loss in the first round of the playoffs to bouncing back with a 3-0 triumph in the grand finals.

There is also X7 Esports and Bifirst, two NLC rivals who overcame incredibly tough competition, most notably Excel Esports’ academy JDXL, to finish top two in their region. As well, we have Crvena Zvezda and Team Phantasma, two teams from relatively minor regions, the Balkan and Greek leagues, who add a little spice and unknown elements to EU Masters.

Overall, these underdogs look very promising and we should see something out of these teams. They may not end up taking the trophy, but it would be very, very surprising if we didn’t see them create some upsets along the way.