overwatch league midseason madness 2022

Gladiators, Shock Front-Runners to Win OWL Midseason Madness 2022

The Overwatch League is back with another tournament. This one, called Midseason Madness, features 12 teams squaring off in a double-elimination bracket from July 18. This means that teams will have two chances of making the grand finale – they can either stay in the upper bracket or fight their way back through the lower bracket should they lose. 

Also, for the first time, teams that are normally separated by regions – West and East – will face off against each other to claim the bragging rights for being champions. The winners will pocket $500,000 while those finishing second and third will take home $250,000 and $125,000 respectively. 

The prize money aside, racking up league points depending on where they finish could prove to be significant for the teams. The champions will earn four league points, which will be used to determine their qualification and seeds in the postseason. The team that finishes second earns three points, while the third-placed team earns two.

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Top Odds to Win Overwatch League Midseason Madness
LA Gladiators+300
San Francisco Shock+350
Seoul Dynasty+400
Shanghai Dragons+500

Odds as of July 18 at Sportsbook


Los Angeles Gladiators (+300)

The LA Gladiators were the kickoff champions from the first tournament of the year. It wasn’t a flawless season – LA started shakily but found their bearings when it mattered most. They dropped only one map on their way to the title, which was their second-ever league tournament triumph. It can be a bit of a cliche, but crucial to LA’s win was their emphasis on team ethos.

It doesn’t always happen that each member contributes equally to a title win, but that is exactly what happened. And because of this, it was almost always tough to pick an MVP whenever they played. You can’t say this of many teams at the moment. They have an answer to every single meta combination. It’s this flexibility that makes them among the top favorites.

San Francisco Shock (+350)

Once a champion, always a champion. This is true of teams that know how to turn a corner when the heat is on them. Shock certainly knows a thing or two. For a better part of the last six years, they have carried an aura of invincibility. Think Shock and you imagine a burgeoning trophy cabinet and a big bank balance.

They are, after all, the two-time champions looking to rediscover their pomp, especially after their fall from grace last year with a series of insipid performances. If LA is about teamwork, Shock is about prolific legendary world-beaters who on their day can vanquish any opponent.

Much of their recent success has been without superstar Super, who is now retired, but their rookie power has held out the promise of an encouraging future. They may be on the upswing again but are certainly among the top teams in the league, most certainly in the West region, with or without their star players.

Seoul Dynasty (+400)

The Seoul Dynasty are a record-breaking outfit. Their past history and roster signings point to the vibes of a settled team whose strength lies with their dive. Key to their wins have been Smurf and Profit’s ability. Throw in the proficiency of Vindaim and they become an unstoppable force.

His aggressive support plays have a hell-or-high-water effect – he either gets a pick or picks himself. The synergy he has formed around Creative has helped both support players. What they must watch out for is their ability to counter the rush. It’s something they will have to come across at some point in the competition. It’s only a minor quibble, though.

Dark Horses

Shanghai Dragons (+500)

You never write off a team that has been there and done that. It is true of the Dragons, who only recently showed their ability to bounce back after a 0-6 start. The losses were followed by two spotless sweeps that speaks volumes of their resolve. Ahead of the midseason tournament, they couldn’t have asked for a bigger confidence boost.

They headed into the season with the same roster as last year, when they won the Overwatch League. They dominated the league, winning the regular season before wrecking opponents in the playoffs. When on a roll, they are nearly unstoppable. Their tank line is among the most flexible in the league. This makes them a force to reckon with.

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