Odds to win PUBG Continental Series North America

Shoot To Kill Slight Fave to Win PUBG Continental Series North America

The third edition of PUBG’s Continental Series continues in North America as teams enter the final stage of the elite-level tournament.

Just 16 teams and 24 matches remain and a Sportsbook will be decided on November 20. The competition is closer than ever and we’re set for some very competitive PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds action. Let’s take a look at the teams and their chances.

Who’s Playing at the PUBG Continental Series North America?

If you’re not a PUBG fan, you may not recognize many of the teams, but these are still the best of the best in the region. Only 16 remain, including longtime fan favorites Shoot To Kill and Susquehanna Soniqs, as well as upcoming talent like Duel, Veritas and more.

We’re set for one final stage with 24 matches being played over six days. Teams are given points based largely on final placements, with some extra points awarded for kills. The team with the most points after six days is crowned the champion.

Odds to Win PUBG Continental Series North America
Shoot To Kill+275
Susquehanna Soniqs+300
Oath Gaming+350
Zenith Esports+1200
Team Veritas+1300
Any Trolls in Chat+1400
Houston Hardshifts+1600
Guadalajara Gascans+1700
The Rumblers+3300
Tactical 8+4000
One Eye Open+6600

Odds as of November 5 at [Sportsbook not available for your region]

Shoot To Kill, Susquehanna Soniqs Battle for NA Supremacy

Shoot To Kill and Susquehanna Soniqs are no doubt the two biggest names in NA PUBG. Both have been dominant in the region in 2020, with STK taking home the first Continental Series season, while Susquehanna battled back to win season 2.

This event seems to be the ultimate showdown between the two, as both teams are looking to cement their place as the best in North America and both have come in with guns blazing so far. The initial stage of the tournament saw both dominate, with Shoot To Kill coming out first by just 12 points.

Both have dominated the competition and there has only been the tiniest gap between the two so far. It seems we’re set for another battle between the two NA PUBG titans, setting up a very exciting final stage.

Is it finally Oath Gaming’s Time to Shine?

While STK and Susquehanna have been the two standout teams in North America, there has always been one nipping at their heels: Oath Gaming.

The Oath squad finished in fourth in Continental Series season 1, and even nabbed second ahead of Shoot To Kill in season 2. The team seems to be growing with time and managing to challenge the best.

So far, they’ve impressed at the event and came in third in the initial stage. However, the question remains: Can they raise their level even more and finally take home the trophy?

Is Zenith Esports a Potential Dark Horse?

When it comes to the underdogs, there’s one team to watch: Zenith Esports. Just looking at the odds, we can see there’s a giant difference between them, STK, Susquehanna and Oath. Third favorite Oath comes in at +350, while Zenith comes in fourth at a massive +1200.

The power gap is clear, but they look to be the best of the underdogs. They managed to steal away four wins and a ton of top-three finishes in the initial stages, showing they can actually take down all the favorites.

If they can pull it together and find some more consistency in their play, Zenith may just make something happen in the final stage.

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