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Team BDS Favored To Win Rocket League European Major

It’s time for another exciting hit of Rocket League action, as we’re in for another set of majors. This time we wrap up the spring season in Europe with a classic online battle from May 15-16 featuring 10 of the best teams in the region.

Each team earned its way to the major over weeks of grueling competition, including massive regional events as well as weekly tournaments. The teams earned points for each result, with the top nine teams in the region qualifying directly, while one other had to win one final wild-card tournament.

With every team having played a long season and coming into the event warmed up, we’re set to see some amazing Rocket League action. Make sure to check out our guide on all things Rocket League betting and let’s take a look at the event in more detail.

Who’s Playing at the European Rocket League Spring Major?

We’ll see 10 of the best Rocket League teams in Europe battle it out at this major, which includes everyone’s favorites. The titans from Team BDS headline the event, but we’ll also see strong teams like Team Vitality, Guild Esports and Aether, as well as some up-and-comers in Top Blokes, German Amigos and many more.

The event itself is played in a fairly standard format. Teams start in two groups of five, played out in a round-robin format – this means each team plays the others in its group once. Four teams from each group advance to a single-elimination playoff and are seeded by results from their group, with the teams with the best results facing those with the weakest results.

The playoffs are fairly straightforward: teams face off in best-of-seven matches and the first team to win four games advances, while the other is eliminated. Whoever is left standing at the end wins the Spring Major trophy.

Odds to Win European Rocket League Spring Major
Team BDS+225
Team Vitality+625
Guild Esports+650
Team Queso+900
German Amigos+1200
White Demons+1400
Top Blokes+1600

Odds as of May 13 at [Sportsbook not available for your region]

Team BDS Looks to Continue European Dominance

Team BDS has been the standout squad in Europe for over a year now and always performs when it matters. They’ve won the last two majors and have dominated so far this year, winning six of nine events they’ve played.

This squad has proven to be absolutely dominant, and it’s hard to see anyone stopping them at the major. Sure, they have dropped series here and there, but BDS really comes into their own at the big events.

Vitality Is Hungry For Revenge

If Team BDS has won a tournament, there’s a good chance they snatched it away from Team Vitality. Unfortunately for the French squad, they’ve been playing second fiddle to BDS for a long time now – the last two European majors have both gone to BDS at Vitality’s expense, and the teams have already met at three finals in 2021, all of which have gone Team BDS’s way.

Despite the constant beatdowns, Vitality isn’t giving up. Each final between the two has been a close one, with just one or two matches being the difference.

Vitality will be looking to prove it can be the best side in Europe at this major, not only by reaching the finals, but also by taking much-needed revenge on the favorites.

Can Guild Esports Capitalize on Its Momentum?

Guild Esports is one of the hottest underdogs in European Rocket League at the moment. They come into the major having stormed the seasonal rankings, coming in second just behind the favorites after claiming the Spring Regional 3 trophy while defeating none other than BDS.

The team has always been in the upper echelon of Rocket League, but they now see some of their strongest form to date. They still have a mountain to climb as there are many strong opponents at this major, but Guild has proven it can be the best and may just be able to pull off an underdog miracle here.

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