Madden 20 Sim Classic Picks

Madden 2020 Sim Classic: Expert Picks

Live football may not be back on our TV screens for the foreseeable future but the Sportsbook are giving out their best bet every day for the tournament with results tracked below from your favorite betting personality.

Before checking out the best picks, make sure to read up fully on the format and rules of the tournament along with our handy how to bet sim sports page before locking in your bets.

It's the final day as we have the Championship game between the New Orleans Saints vs the New England Patriots. That contest will kick-off at 10 PM ET but first, sim sports fans will be treated to treat by getting to watch the third place game featuring the Los Angeles Chargers vs the San Francisco 49ers at 4 PM ET. Both of these games will be broadcast exclusively on Twitch at LiveFootballSims

For May 24, it's the Madden Sim Classic Championship game! Joe Osborne is riding with Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints to lift the virtual Lombardi Trophy while Gilles Gallant is taking the New England Patriots to continue their run of dominance and get the hardware. As for totals, Scott Hastings is going back to the well and thinks a shootout is coming while Iain MacMillan expects a defensive battle and has opted for the UNDER.

Here are all the daily picks and updated records from the experts:

Joe Osborne - Madden 2020 Sim Classic Picks
DatePickCurrent Record
May 11Chargers +7.5 vs Chiefs - WIN0-0
May 12Cowboys-Redskins U56.5 - LOSS1-0
May 13Bills-Dolphins O55 - LOSS1-1
May 14Lions +9.5 vs Vikings LOSS1-2
May 15Jaguars +4.5 vs Titans WIN1-3
May 16Eagles +4 vs Cowboys WIN2-3
May 17Browns -8 vs Bengals LOSS3-3
May 18Jaguars-Colts O55.5 - LOSS3-4
May 19Chiefs -11.5 vs Broncos - WIN3-5
May 20Eagles +3.5 vs Seahawks - LOSS4-5
May 21Bears +3.5 vs Falcons - WIN4-6
May 22Bears +6.5 vs 49ers - WIN5-6
May 23Patriots -6 vs Chargers - LOSS6-6
May 24Saints -1 vs Patriots6-7
Gilles Gallant - Madden 2020 Sim Classic Picks
DatePickCurrent Record
May 11Colts Moneyline (+120 vs Titans) - LOSS0-0
May 12Falcons -2.5 vs Buccaneers - LOSS0-1
May 13Browns-Ravens O59.5 - LOSS0-2
May 14Rams +6.5 vs 49ers LOSS0-3
May 15Jaguars-Titans U53.5 LOSS0-4
May 16Cowboys-Eagles O56.5 LOSS0-5
May 17Lions +8.5 vs Bears LOSS0-6
May 18Cardinals +6.5 vs Rams - WIN0-7
May 19Chargers -2.5 vs Raiders - LOSS1-7
May 20Eagles +3.5 vs Seahawks - LOSS1-8
May 21Chiefs +3.5 vs Patriots - WIN1-9
May 22Saints-Seahawks O57 - WIN2-9
May 23Chargers +6 vs Patriots - WIN3-9
May 24Patriots +1 vs Saints4-9
Iain MacMillan - Madden 2020 Sim Classic Picks
DatePickCurrent Record
May 11Chiefs -7.5 vs Chargers - LOSS0-0
May 12Falcons -2.5 vs Buccaneers - LOSS0-1
May 13Browns +8.5 vs Ravens - WIN0-2
May 14Packers -7 vs Bears LOSS1-2
May 15Chiefs -10.5 vs Raiders LOSS1-3
May 16Falcons -1 vs Panthers WIN1-4
May 18Rams -6.5 vs Cardinals - LOSS2-4
May 19Falcons +6 vs Saints - WIN2-5
May 20Cowboys Moneyline vs 49ers - LOSS3-5
May 21Falcons -3.5 vs Bears - LOSS3-6
May 2249ers -6.5 vs Bears - LOSS3-7
May 2349ers Moneyline vs Saints - LOSS3-8
May 24Saints-Patriots U58.53-9
Scott Hastings - Madden 2020 Sim Classic Picks
DatePickCurrent Record
May 11Colts-Titans U55 - WIN0-0
May 12Giants-Eagles O55.5 - WIN1-0
May 13Bills-Dolphins U55 - WIN2-0
May 14Rams-49ers O55 LOSS3-0
May 15Colts-Texans O54.5 WIN3-1
May 16Buccaneers-Saints O58 LOSS4-1
May 17Steelers-Ravens O57.5 WIN4-2
May 18Titans-Texans U55.5 - WIN5-2
May 19Chargers-Raiders O57 - WIN6-2
May 20Texans vs Steelers O55.5 - LOSS7-2
May 21Bears-Falcons O55 - WIN7-3
May 22Steelers-Patriots U56.5 - LOSS8-3
May 23Saints Moneyline vs 49ers - WIN8-4
May 24Saints-Patriots O58.59-4

Prop Odds

If you’re not into betting the outcomes of the games, the sportsbook is also offering a full array of props for the Madden 2020 Sim Classic tournament. Those options range from odds for each team to advance from its division to division exactas to the eventual stage of elimination for all 32 clubs.

With it being the Madden Sim Classic Championship game today, expect Sportsbook to have a wide range of betting props to wager on compared to the earlier round-robin games. Check them all out under the NFL tab at the sportsbook.

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