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LOUD Tops Odds to Win VCT Champions Istanbul

Valorant Champions Tour Istanbul, the Valorant World Championship, will be kicking off on August 31 and concludes three weeks later on September 18. VCT will include 16 of the best teams in the world, who will first be divided into four groups, before the top two sides from each group qualify for the knockouts in a typical double-elimination bracket.

The matches up till the semifinals will be best-of-three, but the lower bracket finals and grand finals will be best-of-five. The high stakes and marginal difference in quality makes the VCT Champions title odds fantastic for betting.

There is still no news about the prize, but the assumption is that it will be more than the $1-million prize pool from last year. The usual suspects like LOUD, FunPlus Phoenix, Paper Rex, Fnatic and OpTic  will be taking part. There should be a carnival atmosphere for one of the biggest esports events in the world.

Make sure you check out our guide for how to bet on Valorant, and let’s look at the odds.

Odds to Win VCT Champions Istanbul 2022
FunPlus Phoenix+375
Paper Rex+450
100 Thieves+700
Team Liquid+900

Odds as of August 26 at Sportsbook

Favorites To Win In The VCT Champions Istanbul 2022 Title Odds

LOUD (+300)

They are the top South American side in Valorant and top the VCT Champions Istanbul 2022 title odds table. Their second-place finish at VCT Masters Reykjavik goes to show their pedigree and they’ll be convinced that despite being on the younger side, they have what it takes to make that final push.

FunPlus Phoenix (+375)

The VCT Masters Copenhagen champions, FunPlus Phoenix, might be the favorites according to many of the Valorant esports populace, and with good reason. They are the No. 1-ranked side in the world and have recent hardware to show that they have what it takes to go all the way.

The most impressive aspect of their win in the VCT Masters Copenhagen was managing it all without the services of Shao for large parts of the tournament. This is clearly a side that has the conviction to go all the way, no matter the circumstances.

Value Picks To Win In The VCT Champions Istanbul 2022 Odds

Paper Rex (+450)

The runners-up for VCT Copenhagen will be hoping to put that right this time around. They’ll always have a chance of making it to the final stages because of the fear they put into sides with their aggressive approach.

It is now a case of making it all count by making that final leap. They are ranked second in the world and will be highly motivated heading into this championship. They are one of the most consistent sides, which is why no team will like facing them. With no outstanding weaknesses, Paper Rex should be a thorn for most sides.

Fnatic (+550)

Ranked third in the world, Fnatic is one of the biggest esports organizations around and will always be expected to win in whatever competition they take part in. It’s no different heading into the VCT Champions Istanbul.

They finished in fourth place at VCT Copenhagen, proving that they’re among the elite, and it’s now time to take the next step. Despite having pretty good VCT Champions Istanbul title odds, this might be a bit too soon for them.

OpTic (+600)

OpTic Gaming, the best outfit from North America, is an excellent shout for the VCT Champions Istanbul title after putting in a highly impressive display at the VCT Masters Copenhagen. That event saw them finish in third place after losing out to FunPlus Phoenix in the lower-bracket finals, though they were crowned the winners of VCT Masters Reykjavik earlier in the year.

Despite being the best North American side in the tournament and finishing so high up in these tournaments, they’re still only fifth on this table. That just goes to show how tight the competition is. OpTic Gaming is extremely good value for the odds on offer.

Betting Strategy For Winners Of The VCT Champions Istanbul 2022

There are so many excellent teams to choose from in the VCT Champions Istanbul 2022 title odds. This is a fairly new esport, which is why viewers and enthusiasts are still learning a lot about all these teams. What is evident on this table is just how open it is, with so many teams making a strong shout for why they should be considered the favorites for the VCT Champions Istanbul 2022.

The likes of 100 Thieves (+700) and Liquid (+900) haven’t even gotten a mention despite their pedigree. Based on the VCT Champions Istanbul 2022 title odds table, two sides have very good odds and have the history to back it up.

OpTic Gaming has tremendous odds of +600 and it’d be foolish to ignore them. They are the slightly riskier pick, but are well worth the wager. FunPlus Phoenix is the safest bet but they don’t lead the table with odds of +375.

We would recommend one of them, with OpTic Gaming promising greater rewards and FunPlus Phoenix being the team with the fewest arguments against them for going all the way.

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