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Echo Favored to Win WoW Shadowlands MDI Global Finals

After a long competitive season, the global finals of Shadowland’s first Mythic Dungeon International start on April 23. We’ll see all the best teams of the expansion battle it out in one final race and finally find out which group is the king of Mythic Dungeons.

The event is a culmination of months of practice for every team and includes a twist from the usual competition, as teams from China will finally compete against the rest of the world. It’s certainly set to be a spicy one and primed with some juicy odds.

Make sure to check out our guide on all things World of Warcraft Esports and let’s take a look at who’s racing and the MDI Global Finals format.

Who’s Competing in the MDI Global Finals Season 1?

We’re set to see eight teams racing at the Mythic Dungeon International, all of whom earned their spots with strong results over multiple events. Of these teams, six come from the “global” division, while two come from China’s internal league.

We’ll of course see current World First Race champion Echo, which comes in as the strong favorite, as well as other teams that have made waves this season, including Perplexed, PI Me and more. There is definitely an unknown element when it comes to the two Chinese teams, Stygia and Just So So, with very little coverage from the Chinese events reaching the West. This could very well mean we’re in for a huge surprise performance.

When it comes to the event itself, teams will play best-of-three matches in a double-elimination bracket, meaning losing two series spells elimination.

Odds to Win WoW Shadowlands MDI Season 1
PI Me+1600
Obey Alliance+1800
Does Gargoyle Stream?+2000
Golden Guardians+3300
Just So So+20000

Odds as of April 21 at Sportsbook

Echo Looks to Continue Dominant Form

Echo has been the standout team in the MDI seasons so far, winning three of four global cups, and definitely is deserving of being the favorite. After a shaky start and a finals loss to Perplexed in the first cup, they have looked almost unstoppable and it’s unlikely we’ll see anything change here.

The team features a strong core of players who have competed together for a long time and even earned the World’s First trophy in Shadowland’s first raid. Their opponents will have to pull out something very special to get the edge over this Echo side.

Can Perplexed Upset Again?

If there was one team that could take down the favorites, it would be Perplexed. The squad managed to defeat Echo in the first cup of the season but has since been beaten down again and again.

However, there is hope yet – they’ve done it before, and they’ve proved that they’re a level above the rest of the teams at MDI. Honestly, we’re very likely to see an Echo vs Perplexed grand final, and it’ll be up to the latter to come up with a new tactic to overcome the favorite.

Do The Underdogs Stand a Chance?

This is one of the few esports events where it’s hard to get excited about the underdogs, and the odds show it. The team with the closest odds to the two favorites is PI Me at a whopping +1600. Unfortunately, the few cups we saw on the way to this event showed that Echo and Perplexed are the two top dogs by a large margin – the two were present in every single finals so far and the other teams were barely able to scratch them.

The only real hope from the underdogs are the two Chinese teams. Not much is known about their style and they may be able to pull out some secret tactics to get an edge and overcome the favorites.

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