Bryce Harper is one of MLB's biggest sickos

MLB's Biggest Villains: A Deep Dive On Modern Madmen In Baseball

Baseball breeds a certain level of monotony. There are 28 guys on a roster, many of whom quietly plod away at their craft for 162 games a year. That's fine, but it's not fun.

Every once in a while, however, MLB spits out a gem of a player — an individual so captivating you can't look away. Some guys are polished in the spotlight, but unhinged behind the scenes. Others have no filter, happy to spit venom on the biggest stages, unafraid of consequences.

This page houses my MLB Villains series, where we hone in on baseball's modern madmen, why they're so crazy, and how their unorthodox dedication to their craft puts them among the sport's most memorable figures. Each player is a special brand of crazy, and we love them all for every ounce of fussiness, flavor, and foible.

MLB's Greatest Villains
EditionMLB VillainStatus
1OF Bryce HarperReleased Dec. 6
2OF Ichiro SuzukiReleased Dec. 13
3SP Madison BumgarnerReleased Jan. 3
4RP AL HraboskyReleased Jan. 17
4OF Nyjer MorganReleased Mar. 1


MLB's Greatest Villains: The Chosen One

bryce harper

“The Chosen One.” That’s the label Sports Illustrated slapped on Bryce Harper when he was just 16. A sculpted, cannon-armed catcher with enough light-tower power in his left-handed stroke, Harper was destined to be baseball’s next shining star. Not long after his debut, he became a villain.

Read Harper’s full story here.

MLB's Greatest Villains: The Undercover Sicko

Ichiro Suzuki is an MLB villain

For as special as Ichiro was on the diamond, he was equally a one-of-a-kind personality off the field – just ask his teammates. There is – and will only ever be – one Ichiro Suzuki.

Read Ichiro's full story here.

MLB Greatest Villains: The Real-Life Cowboy


Bumgarner has since faded into the sunset, but this cowboy had quite the rodeo – literally – before all was said and done. Relive some of his greatest moments here.

MLB's Greatest Villains: The Mad Hungarian


Nicknamed "The Mad Hungarian" for his angry antics on the mound, Al Hrabosky etched himself in baseball lore as one of the most intimidating characters to ever toe a major-league slab. Here are his craziest moments.

MLB's Greatest Villains: The Man Child

Nobody had quite a temper like Nyjer Morgan. His antics made him a fan favorite in Washington and an arch-enemy to opposing clubs across the league. Relive his angriest moments here.

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