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Jeter 3000 Hits Odds

Derek Jeter is inching closer and closer to his milestone 3000th hit and as the hits pile up, so do fun odds on the big event.

Will it happen at Yankee Stadium, home of so many of his career highlights, or on the road? You can wager on it, although the odds will swing as the big hit approaches and you are able to handicap New York’s schedule.

Will Hit # 3000 be a homer or a single? A triple is the biggest longshot choice at 15/1, while the single is the favorite at 1 to 4 (meaning you would win $1 for every $4 you risked).

Who will be the first to congratulate him? What will the count be?

“He has been a terrific ambassador and one of the most recognizable faces on America’s biggest team, so bettors always have interest in Derek Jeter and the Yankees,” said Mike Pickett.

“This is our chance to honor his chase for 3,000 hits and offer some wagering fun to fans at the same time.”

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Derek Jeter Odds Specials - Where will his 3000th base hit take place?                
Yankee Stadium                               -120
Any Other Stadium                         -120

Derek Jeter Specials - What will his 3000th base hit be?  
Single                    1/4
Double                 4/1
Triple                     15/1 Derek Jeter Specials
Home Run           10/1

Derek Jeter Odds Specials - What will the count be when he records his 3000th base hit?          
0 Balls 0 Strikes                  17/2
0 Balls 1 Strike                   13/2
0 Balls 2 Strikes                  10/1
1 Ball 0 Strikes                   13/2
1 Ball 1 Strike                     5/1
1 Ball 2 Strikes                   13/2
2 Balls 0 Strikes                  6/1
2 Balls 1 Strike                   13/2
2 Balls 2 Strikes                  6/1
3 Balls 0 Strikes                  12/1
3 Balls 1 Strike                    13/2
3 Balls 2 Strikes                  5/1
Derek Jeter Odds Specials - Who will congratulate (Shake Hands or Hug) Derek Jeter first after he records his 3000th hit?          
Base Coach                        4/5
Umpire                              5/1
Teammate                         7/1
Opposing player                 3/2

Derek Jeter Odds Specials - Will the Yankees whole team come onto the field from the dugout to congratulate Derek Jeter after his 3000th hit?
Yes                         1/6
No                          4/1