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2023 MLB Trade Deadline Odds: Where's Bellinger Going?

The 2023 MLB trade deadline is fast approaching, and we could have a few big names on the move.

There's no bigger deadline fish than Angels two-way star Shohei Ohtani, but it sounds like he's staying put and the Angels will, instead, be buyers.

But, there are still some All-Stars and former MVPs beyond Ohtani that oddsmakers think could join teams trying to win a World Series. Below, I'll break down a complete selection of 2023 MLB trade deadline odds and predict where these top names will end up:

Cody Bellinger Trade Odds

Where will Cody Bellinger be playing After Deadline?
Chicago Cubs-135
New York Yankees+200
Houston Astros+325
Atlanta Braves+750
Texas Rangers+1100

Odds as of July 28th, 2023

The Cubs have surged back into contention, but they're still not quite in a playoff spot and may end up selling pending free agents like Bellinger and Marcus Stroman.

The obvious fit for a big-hitter like Bellinger is the Yankees. They're in desperate need of a left fielder and another consistent bat, and Belli checks both boxes. We saw New York go out and add Andrew Benintendi at the deadline last year, and this would be a very comparable addition.

The Pick: Yankees +200

Marcus Stroman MLB Trade Deadline Odds

Where will Marcus Stroman be playing After Deadline?
Chicago Cubs-200
New York Yankees+600
Baltimore Orioles+750
Los Angeles Dodgers+750
San Francisco Giants+750
Toronto Blue Jays+950
Los Angeles Angels+1000

Odds as of July 28th, 2023

Basically every competing team needs starting pitching this deadline, so Stroman will be highly coveted. He's having a nearly Cy Young tier season, working a 3.51 ERA through his first 119.1 innings pitched this season. I think the Dodgers will add at least one starter, so they could be in the mix for Stro's services, but I like the fit in Baltimore better. I think Stroman would rise to the occasion of a September playoff race against his old AL East team in Toronto.

The Pick: Orioles +750, Dodgers +750

Justin Verlander Trade Deadline Odds

Where will Justin Verlander be playing After Deadline?
New York Mets-250
San Francisco Giants+450
Los Angeles Dodgers+850
Texas Rangers+950
Baltimore Orioles+1000
Houston Astros+1200

Odds as of July 28th, 2023

The Astros have already added Verlander as a splashy trade deadline acquisition in the past (2017), so why not run it back?

They certainly need SP help this season with starters Jose Urquidy, Lance McCullers Jr., and Luis Garcia are all currently on the 60-day IL with the latter two out for the entire season. Adding a borderline ace like Verlander would get the Astros' rotation back to playoff caliber, and help Houston secure a Wild Card spot down the stretch.

The Pick: Astros +1200

Shane Bieber Trade Odds

Where will Shane Bieber be playing After Deadline?
Cleveland Guardians-200
Baltimore Orioles+300
Los Angeles Dodgers+500
New York Mets+600
Cincinnati Reds+1100

Odds as of July 28th, 2023

If Bieber is moved, he could easily be the most talented player traded at the 2023 MLB trade deadline. But, it's a pretty big if. As of the All-Star break, Cleveland holds the top spot in the American League Central and is well in the hunt for a postseason spot. Why would they trade away their ace? I don't see it happening. 

The Pick: Guardians -200

Tim Anderson Trade Deadline Odds

Where will Tim Anderson be playing After Deadline?
Chicago White Sox+105
Los Angeles Dodgers+325
Atlanta Braves+650
Seattle Mariners+650
Miami Marlins+950
St. Louis Cardinals+950

Odds as of July 28th, 2023

I really liked the Dodgers as a fit hear, but they added Kike Hernandez and Amed Rosario, instead. So, let's look to another 2023 World Series contender: the Braves. Atlanta's in a great shape and primed to ease into the playoffs for the millionth-straight season, but the middle-infield could use some insurance.

2B Ozzie Albies has a lengthy injury history and shortstop Orlando Arcia is having a great year, but with a limited track record. Adding Anderson for the cheap as a backup option there could solidfy Atlanta's only potential weakness.

The Pick: Braves +650

Blake Snell Trade Odds

Where will Blake Snell be playing After Deadline?
San Diego Padres-200
Houston Astros+300
Baltimore Orioles+500
Los Angeles Dodgers+600
Texas Rangers+950
Philadelphia Phillies+1100

Odds as of July 28th, 2023

The Padres aren't entirely convinced they're sellers yet. But, if they do decide to move Blake Snell and/or closer Josh Hader, watch out for the Texas Rangers on both.

The offense is certainly no problem in Texas, but with Jacob deGrom out for the season the Rangers could use another guy to start playoff games for them. They're all-in, so trading for arguably the best rental starter would make a lot of sense for Texas.

The Pick: Rangers +950

Shohei Ohtani Trade Deadline Odds

Where Will Ohtani Play After The '23 Deadline?

Odds as of July 12th, 2023

How To Read Trade Deadline Odds

If you have any experience with futures betting, reading MLB trade deadline odds shouldn’t be too challenging. Even for new bettors, it isn’t that tough. Let’s take a look at the following example of Mike Trout trade odds:

  • Los Angeles Angels -200
  • New York Yankees +180
  • Boston Red Sox +2500

In this example, there are -200 odds (a heavy favorite) that Mike Trout will not be traded, and will end up on his current team, the Los Angeles Angels. At these -200 odds, you must bet $200 in order to profit $100 on a correct bet. If you bet that Trout will be swapped to the Yankees at +180, there is a chance for greater profit, as an underdog choice. These +180 odds mean a $100 bet would pay out a $180 profit. In the case of Boston’s +2500 odds, a $100 bet would pay $2,500 as a huge long shot. Choosing your bets is all about finding value, not just always betting on the favorite or the biggest underdog.

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