MLB Trade Deadline Odds

2022 MLB Trade Deadline Odds: Soto On The Move?

With days left before the 2022 MLB trade deadline, buyers and sellers are clearly known.

Bookmakers at Sportsbook and Sportsbook have posted MLB trade deadline odds and player movement lines, and we can start to make MLB trade deadline predictions. The deadline is on August 2 at 6 p.m. ET, and there’s no better time to lock in your bets.

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Some of the top names at this year’s deadline include pitchers Frankie Montas and Luis Castillo. But, there’s no bigger name than Nationals superstar Juan Soto, who could be on the move in the coming days.


MLB Trade Deadline Odds: Juan Soto

What is Juan Soto’s next team if traded?
San Diego Padres+200
St. Louis Cardinals+250
Los Angeles Dodgers+325
New York Mets+500
New York Yankees+650
San Francisco Giants+1000
Seattle Mariners+1000
Tampa Bay Rays+1000

Odds as of July 28 at Sportsbook

The big fish at this year’s MLB trade deadline is Juan Soto, but he may or may not be moved. The above odds are on the teams he could land with, if the Nationals choose to move their superstar outfielder.

The best betting value for a Soto trade destination comes out west, but not with the favored Padres. The Dodgers have made these big moves before, signing Freddie Freeman, trading for Mookie Betts, and acquiring Trea Turner and Max Scherzer last deadline. They still have the top prospects and young roster players to make a Soto move happen, and they just might do it.

The Pick: Dodgers +325


Frankie Montas Trade Odds

Where will Frankie Montas be playing After Deadline?
Oakland Athletics-145
New York Mets+350
Minnesota Twins+400
St. Louis Cardinals+400
Boston Red Sox+500
Los Angeles Dodgers+900

Odds as of July 28 at Sportsbook

With 1.5 seasons of control remaining, the A’s could hold on to their ace for the rest of the season, in theory, but it’s not likely. So, looking at the top pitching-needy teams, the Cardinals and Twins stick out as top destinations for Montas. With Jack Flaherty and Steven Matz both out with big injuries, the Cards have a major need in the rotation and are right around the edge of the playoffs in the NL, the perfect spot to justify making this big move.

The Pick: Twins +400, Cardinals +400

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J.D Martinez Trade Odds

Where will J.D. Martinez be playing After Deadline?
Boston Red Sox-165
New York Mets+200
Houston Astros+550
Los Angeles Angels+600
Milwaukee Brewers+550

Odds as of July 28 at Sportsbook

The Red Sox are in a weird spot, just a few games out of the playoffs, but everything seems to be collapsing around them. With Chris Sale done for the year and some huge holes on the roster, Boston should probably sell.

The most likely guy to move if Boston chooses to retool is Martinez, but the landing spot is a little less clear. The Mets are probably the best team with a need at the DH position, but they also just traded for Daniel Vogelbach. Are they still looking for an upgrade there?

The Pick: Mets +200


Joey Gallo Trade Odds

Where will Joey Gallo be playing After Deadline?
New York Yankees-175
San Diego Padres+275
Texas Rangers+450
Philadelphia Phillies+600
Cleveland Guardians+1000
St. Louis Cardinals+1000

Odds as of July 28 at Sportsbook

With Andrew Benintendi in the mix, it seems pretty clear that Joey Gallo’s days in New York are numbered. There have been recent reports that the Padres are interested in adding the big lefty bat, so we’re going to take those hints and hammer the bet. Betting on Gallo’s return to Texas would be fun, but we’re going to roll with the Padres instead.

The Pick: Padres +275

Nathan Eovaldi Trade Odds

Where will Nathan Eovaldi be playing After Deadline?
Boston Red Sox-200
Los Angeles Dodgers+750
New York Mets+350
Minnesota Twins+400
St. Louis Cardinals+400

Odds as of July 28 at Sportsbook

The Eovaldi market is going to be pretty similar to that of Luis Castillo and Frankie Montas, if he’s traded. I think, though, that he’s going to stay in Boston alongside Xander Bogaerts. Even though it’s not great value at -200, I think it’s the safest bet.

The Pick: Red Sox -200

How To Read Trade Deadline Odds

If you have any experience with futures betting, reading MLB trade deadline odds shouldn’t be too challenging. Even for new bettors, it isn’t that tough. Let’s take a look at the following example of Mike Trout trade odds:

  • Los Angeles Angels -200
  • New York Yankees +180
  • Boston Red Sox +2500

In this example, there are -200 odds (a heavy favorite) that Mike Trout will not be traded, and will end up on his current team, the Los Angeles Angels. At these -200 odds, you must bet $200 in order to profit $100 on a correct bet. If you bet that Trout will be swapped to the Yankees at +180, there is a chance for greater profit, as an underdog choice. These +180 odds mean a $100 bet would pay out a $180 profit. In the case of Boston’s +2500 odds, a $100 bet would pay $2,500 as a huge long shot. Choosing your bets is all about finding value, not just always betting on the favorite or the biggest underdog.

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