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Brooklyn Nets Have Quietly Been One of the Best Bets in the NBA This Season

To put it lightly, the Brooklyn Nets have been the butt of many jokes in the NBA in recent memory.

Shortly after the franchise moved from New Jersey to Brooklyn, then-general manager Billy King pulled off what’s been deemed the worst NBA trade of all time: acquiring Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Jason Terry and D.J. White from the Boston Celtics in exchange for Gerald Wallace, Kris Humphries, MarShon Brooks, Kris Joseph, Keith Bogans and three first-round picks (2014, 2016 and 2018) as well as the right to swap first-round selections in 2017.

The Nets are 27-15-2 ATS this season when tabbed as underdogs.

The move, which essentially mortgaged Brooklyn’s future in favor of a single brief playoff appearance, left the Nets in turmoil for years. But a new regime led by general manager Sean Marks and head coach Kenny Atkinson is starting to change the culture in the Big Apple, and it’s showing at the betting window.

According to our NBA ATS standings, the Nets are the second-best spread bet in the Association this season at 32-21-2 ATS. The only team with a better record in that regard is, fittingly, the Celtics (33-20-2).

Of course, sharp hoops bettors have already taken note of Brooklyn’s immense underdog value. While they’ve been largely underwhelming as a moneyline play at 19-36 SU, the Nets are a fantastic 27-15-2 ATS when tabbed as dogs. Since the club is rarely favored, they’re a much less reliable 5-6 ATS when getting the favorite label.

So, why are sportsbooks sleeping on the Nets when it comes to setting spreads? It’s simple: while their straight-up record doesn’t look great on paper, the franchise has injected far more NBA-level talent into the roster over the last year. D’Angelo Russell, Allen Crabbe, Jahlil Okafor and DeMarre Carroll were considered castoffs based on their previous situations but have helped the Nets remain at least somewhat competitive.

Sportsbooks still consider Brooklyn to be a bottom-of-the-barrel caliber team, so keep an eye on them as underdogs for the remainder of the campaign. Here’s a breakdown of every Nets game this season combined with how they fared against the spread in that span.

Where Brooklyn At?

DateAwayScoreHomeScoreHome SpreadSUATS
6 February 2018Rockets123.0Nets113.011.0LW
4 February 2018Bucks109.0Nets94.04.5LL
2 February 2018Lakers102.0Nets99.0-1.0LL
31 January 201876ers108.0Nets116.08.0WW
30 January 2018Nets95.0Knicks111.0-5.5LL
27 January 2018Nets97.0Timberwolves111.0-11.0LL
26 January 2018Nets91.0Bucks116.0-6.0LL
23 January 2018Nets108.0Thunder109.0-9.5LW
21 January 2018Nets101.0Pistons100.0-6.0WW
19 January 2018Heat95.0Nets101.03.0WW
17 January 2018Spurs100.0Nets95.05.0LP
15 January 2018Knicks119.0Nets104.0-3.5LL
13 January 2018Nets113.0Wizards119.0-9.5LW
12 January 2018Nets110.0Hawks105.0-3.0WW
10 January 2018Pistons114.0Nets80.02.0LL
8 January 2018Raptors114.0Nets113.07.5LW
6 January 2018Celtics87.0Nets85.03.0LW
3 January 2018Timberwolves97.0Nets98.06.0WW
1 January 2018Magic95.0Nets98.0-1.5WW
31 December 2017Nets105.0Celtics108.0-9.5LW
29 December 2017Nets111.0Heat87.0-6.0WW
27 December 2017Nets113.0Pelicans128.0-9.0LL
26 December 2017Nets97.0Spurs109.0-12.0LP
23 December 2017Nets119.0Pacers123.0-9.5LW
22 December 2017Wizards84.0Nets119.06.0WW
20 December 2017Kings104.0Nets99.0-5.5LL
17 December 2017Pacers109.0Nets97.03.5LL
15 December 2017Nets87.0Raptors120.0-13.0LL
14 December 2017Knicks111.0Nets104.0-1.5LL
12 December 2017Wizards98.0Nets103.03.5WW
9 December 2017Heat101.0Nets89.02.5LL
7 December 2017Thunder95.0Nets100.07.0WW
4 December 2017Nets110.0Hawks90.0-1.0WW
2 December 2017Hawks114.0Nets102.0-4.5LL
29 November 2017Nets109.0Mavericks104.0-5.5WW
27 November 2017Nets103.0Rockets117.0-18.0LW
26 November 2017Nets98.0Grizzlies88.0-5.5WW
24 November 2017Trail Blazers127.0Nets125.05.0LW
22 November 2017Nets109.0Cavaliers119.0-11.5LW
19 November 2017Warriors118.0Nets111.011.5LW
17 November 2017Jazz107.0Nets118.0-2.0WW
14 November 2017Celtics109.0Nets102.06.5LL
11 November 2017Nets106.0Jazz114.0-7.0LL
10 November 2017Nets101.0Trail Blazers97.0-8.5WW
7 November 2017Nets104.0Nuggets112.0-12.0LW
6 November 2017Nets98.0Suns92.01.0WW
3 November 2017Nets112.0Lakers124.0-3.0LL
31 October 2017Suns122.0Nets114.0-4.0LL
29 October 2017Nuggets124.0Nets111.05.5LL
27 October 2017Nets86.0Knicks107.0-2.0LL
25 October 2017Cavaliers107.0Nets112.08.0WW
24 October 2017Nets121.0Magic125.0-4.5LW
22 October 2017Hawks104.0Nets116.0-1.5WW
20 October 2017Magic121.0Nets126.0-2.0WW
18 October 2017Nets131.0Pacers140.0-3.0LL