NBA Finals Prop Bets 2022

2022 NBA Finals Props: Best Props For Warriors Vs Celtics

It all comes down to this. There are just a few games left to get your basketball betting fix this season as we begin the NBA Finals.

With the big matchup between the Celtics and Warriors comes plenty of opportunity for creative NBA wagering. Oddsmakers at Sportsbook have compiled and released a wide variety of NBA Finals props. We break down those NBA odds below and list our top prop picks.

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Our Best 2022 NBA Finals Prop Bets:

Before we outline a complete list of NBA Finals props below, here are some of our top selections:

Celtics In 7: +575

With all the shooting in the world and some rest coming into the Finals, the Warriors are rightfully the favorites. However, this +575 value on a seven-game series win for Boston is too good to pass up.

The Celtics deserve to be in these NBA Finals, with Jayson Tatum playing at an All-NBA level and a solid secondary cast around him. Boston has also proven it can win a big game in these playoffs, winning Game 7s in each of the two previous rounds.

Fan To Run Onto The Court: +1200

This bet is just a numbers game. These +1200 odds imply a 7.69 percent chance of a fan running onto the court during these Finals, and those aren’t high enough.

There have been several instances of fans rushing the court already this postseason and you don’t need to look back too far to see a streaker at a Warriors’ NBA Finals game either, with one fan doing so back in 2016. Security is always tight at the NBA Finals, but +1200 odds are great value on this obscure prop.

Lock in your NBA prop bets and use our suggested picks over at Sportsbook:

Complete List Of 2022 NBA Finals Props:

Correct Series Score

Exact Series Score 2022 NBA Finals
Warriors 4-2+375
Warriors 4-3+375
Warriors 4-1+450
Celtics 4-2+475
Celtics 4-3+575
Celtics 4-1+950
Warriors 4-0+1250
Celtics 4-0+1450

Odds as of June 2 at Sportsbook

Highest Margin Of Victory

Biggest Winning Margin In A 2022 NBA Finals Game
OVER 18.5 Points-135
UNDER 18.5 Points-105

Odds as of June 2 at Sportsbook


Highest-Scoring Game By A Player

Most Individual Points In A 2022 NBA Finals Game
OVER 40.5 Points-130
UNDER 40.5 Points-110

Odds as of June 2 at Sportsbook

Overtime Game?

Will Any Game Go To Overtime In The 2022 NBA Finals?

Odds as of June 2 at Sportsbook

NBA Finals Streaker Odds

Will A Fan Run Onto The Court In The 2022 NBA Finals?

Odds as of June 2 at Sportsbook

Draymond Ejection Odds

Will Draymond Green Be Ejected From Any Game?

Odds as of June 2 at Sportsbook

How To Read NBA Finals Prop Odds

An NBA Finals prop bet is any bet that’s not specifically tied to the outcome of a game, but is related to the NBA Finals. When you visit your betting site of choice, you’ll notice the NBA Finals prop bets laid out like this. For the sake of an example, these are hypothetical odds for the highest-scoring player in the series.

  • Marcus Smart -115
  • Steph Curry +200
  • Klay Thompson +800

Similar to a moneyline bet where favorites are shown by the minus sign (-) and underdogs have a plus sign (+), the player with the lowest odds is the fave. In this scenario, it’s Smart. For his odds, you’d need to bet $115 to make $100 in profit. 

Our Odds Calculator can give you an idea of how much you’d win based on the MVP odds and the amount of money you bet.

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