NBA Finals Betting: Heat vs Spurs

The NBA Finals matchup is set, and it's a good one, with plenty of basketball betting options beyond the point spread and total.

In one corner, wearing the white trunks with flame-red trim, from beautiful South Beach, we have the defending NBA champion Miami Heat.

In the other corner, in the black trunks with the silver trim, we've got the four-time champs, the veteran crew from Alamo City, the San Antonio Spurs.

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But since Game 1 won't be played until Thursday night, that gives us a couple of days with little more to do than get down on some of NBA Finals prop betting action.

The early wagering has been heavily on the Spurs at 62% according to the Odds Shark NBA consensus data. Miami is favored by 5.5 points at most shops.

Here's a quick look at a few of the NBA championship series props online sportsboooks are offering earlier this week.

To begin with, for this NBA championship series Miami was chalked as a -240 favorite, with the underdog Spurs getting +200.

Breaking that bet down a bit, the odds on a Heat sweep of the Spurs sat at 7/1, while a San Antonio sweep was lined at 18/1.

A Miami win in seven games was being offered at 10/3, while a seven-game San Antonio victory could be bet at 7/1.

And the OVER/UNDER on the number of games this series will go was proffered at 5.5 (over -190/under +155).

Considering this series should be close, could well go seven games, and may involve several close contests, the +250 price on any Finals game going into overtime seems tempting. San Antonio has already played four overtime games in these playoffs.

Bettors can also get odds of 7/1 on someone tossing in a game-winning “buzzer-beater” in this NBA championship series.  

Miami's LeBron James was the clear favorite on the NBA championship series MVP board at a price of -225. San Antonio's Tony Parker came next at +450, followed by teammate Tim Duncan at +700, Heat G Dwyane Wade at +800, Chris Bosh and Manu Ginobili both at +2000, Spurs F Kawhi Leonard at +3000 and “Birdman” Andersen at +9900.

Finally, with an eye on the possibility of something fractious happening, a “yes” on a flagrant foul being called in this series was lined at a price of -175, with “no” getting +145, while the price of any player getting suspended during this series sat at +600.

NBA Finals Odds - Props San Antonio Spurs vs. Miami Heat

Series Price

San Antonio Spurs (Series Price)        +200

Miami Heat (Series Price)                   -240

NBA Finals MVP

LeBron James             4/9       (-225)

Dwyane Wade                        8/1       (+800)

Chris Bosh                              20/1     (+2000)

Chris Andersen                       99/1     (+9900)

Any other Heat Player            35/1     (+3500)

Tony Parker                             9/2       (+450)

Tim Duncan                            7/1       (+700)

Manu Ginobili             20/1     (+2000)

Kawhi Leonard                       30/1     (+3000)

Any Other Spurs Player          30/1     (+3000)

Exact Series Result

Miami Heat 4-0                       7/1       (+700)            

Miami Heat 4-1                       19/4     (+475)

Miami Heat 4-2                       11/4     (+275)

Miami Heat 4-3                       10/3     (+333)

San Antonio Spurs 4-0            18/1     (+1800)

San Antonio Spurs 4-1            17/2     (+850)

San Antonio Spurs 4-2            7/1       (+700)

San Antonio Spurs 4-3            7/1       (+700)

Total Games in Series

Over 5.5                      10/19   (-190)

Under 5.5                    31/20   (+155)

Will there be a Flagrant Foul in the 2013 NBA Championship?

Yes      4/7       (-175)

No       29/20   (+145)

Will Any Game Go To Overtime in the 2013 NBA Championship?

Yes      5/2       (+250)

No       4/13     (-325)

Where will the series be decided?

AT&T Center, San Antonio                31/20   (+155)

American Airlines Arena, Miami        10/19   (-190)

How Many Points will the series Sportsbook average in the finals?

Over / Under   97.5

Will there be a Game winning Buzzer Beater in the 2013 NBA Championship?

Yes      7/1       (+700)

No       1/15     (-1500)

Player Props

Average Points Per Game - LeBron James

Over/Under     27.5                            

Average Rebounds Per Game - LeBron James

Over/Under     8         

Average Assists Per Game - LeBron James

Over/Under     7         

Will Lebron James Record a Triple Double in the 2013 NBA Championship?

Yes      2/1       (+200)

No       5/13     (-260)

Average Points Per Game - Dwyane Wade

Over/ Under    17

Average Assists Per Game - Dwyane Wade

Over/ Under    5

Average Points Per Game - Chris Bosh

Over/ Under    14.5

Average Rebounds Per Game - Chris Bosh

Over/ Under    6.5

Average Points Per Game – Tony Parker

Over/Under     21.5

Average Assists Per Game – Tony Parker

Over/Under     7

Average Points Per Game – Tim Duncan

Over/Under     17

Average Rebounds Per Game – Tim Duncan

Over/Under     10

Who will average more Points Per Game in the 2013 NBA Championship

Kawhi Leonard           19/10   (+190)

Manu Ginobili21/10   (+210)

Danny Green               5/2       (+250)

Tiago Splitter              3/1       (+300)

Highest 1 Game Point Total in the 2013 NBA Championship

Over/Under     36.5

Will any Player be suspended during the 2013 NBA Championship?

Yes      6/1       (+600)

No       1/10     (-1000)

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