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2021 NBA Play-In Tournament Odds

LeBron James and Los Angeles Lakers are favored to get the 7-seed for 2021 NBA Play-In tournament odds.

The NBA playoffs are only a few days away and with most playoff spots locked in for both the Eastern and Western conferences, it’s coming down to the wire in the latest NBA play-in tournament odds to determine which teams will earn the final No. 7 and 8 seeds.

According to the best basketball betting sites, the Boston Celtics and Washington Wizards are the odds-on favorites to win the No. 7 and No. 8 seeds in the East while the Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors are huge chalk in the West in NBA play-in tournament odds.

Odds Shark is your one-stop shop for NBA championship coverage and has all the details about 2021 NBA play-in tournament betting odds. Here are the odds for which teams will get the No. 7 and 8 playoff seeds in both the NBA Eastern and Western conferences with various NBA play-in tournament props.

NBA Eastern and Western Conference Play-In Tournament Odds

NBA Play-In Props: Which Teams Will Qualify In The East?
Celtics and Wizards-225
Celtics and Pacers+700
Celtics and Hornets+800
Wizards and Pacers+750
Wizards and Hornets+800

Odds as of May 18 at Bovada

NBA Play-In Props: Which Teams Will Qualify In The West?
Lakers and Warriors-300
Lakers and Grizzlies+550
Lakers and Spurs+800
Warriors and Grizzlies+1100
Warriors and Spurs+1600

Odds as of May 18 at Bovada

NBA Play-In Props: Which Teams Will Qualify?
Celtics, Wizards, Lakers, Warriors-105
Celtics, Wizards, Lakers, Grizzlies+850
Celtics, Pacers, Lakers, Warriors+900
Celtics, Hornets, Lakers, Warriors+950
Wizards, Pacers, Lakers, Warriors+950
Wizards, Hornets, Lakers, Warriors+950
Celtics, Wizards, Lakers, Spurs+1300
Celtics, Wizards, Warriors, Grizzlies+1600
Wizards, Pacers, Lakers, Grizzlies+4500
Wizards, Hornets, Lakers, Grizzlies+4500
Celtics, Hornets, Lakers, Spurs+5000
Celtics, Hornets, Lakers, Grizzlies+5000
Celtics, Pacers, Lakers, Spurs+6600
Celtics, Pacers, Warriors, Grizzlies+8000
Wizards, Pacers, Lakers, Spurs+8000
Wizards, Hornets, Lakers, Spurs+8000
Celtics, Hornets, Warriors, Grizzlies+10000
Wizards, Pacers, Warriors, Grizzlies+10000
Wizards, Hornets, Warriors, Grizzlies+12500
Celtics, Pacers, Warriors, Spurs+15000
Celtics, Hornets, Warriors, Spurs+15000
Wizards, Pacers, Warriors, Spurs+15000
Wizards, Hornets, Warriors, Spurs+20000

Odds as of May 18 at Bovada

Which NBA Teams Will Make the Playoffs?
Los Angeles Lakers-2500
Boston Celtics-500
Golden State Warriors-500
Washington Wizards-450
Indiana Pacers+350
Memphis Grizzlies+400
Charlotte Hornets+450
San Antonio Spurs+700

Odds as of May 18 at Bovada

How Does The NBA Play-In Tournament Work?

The NBA play-in tournament setup can be quite complicated for new bettors and even professional ones trying to wrap their heads around it. Below, we break down key dates, how the schedule will unfold and important factors to consider before placing your bets on these props.

When Is The NBA Play-In Tournament?

The NBA play-in tournament for the Eastern and Western conferences will begin on May 18 and go till May 21. The playoffs will begin May 22 with first-round action.

NBA Play-In Tourney Format

Eight teams will be part of the NBA play-in tournament, with four from each conference. There will be six total games played involving only the teams that finish seventh to 10th in each conference at the conclusion of the regular season.

Here’s a breakdown of how the play-in schedule will unfold in each conference:

  • Game 1: The No. 9 team in the regular-season standings gets to host the No. 10 team, with the winner moving on to Game 3. The loser is eliminated from playoff contention. 
  • Game 2: The No. 7 team in the standings will host the No. 8 team. The winner of this game earns the No. 7 playoff seed and the losing team will get another chance to earn the 8 seed in the third game.
  • Game 3: The loser of the No. 7 vs No. 8 matchup will host the winner of the No. 9 vs No. 10 matchup, with the victor grabbing the conference’s No. 8 seed in the postseason. The loser of Game 3 also enters the lottery.

This means that the No. 7 and No. 8 teams each have two shots to earn a playoff spot. The No. 9 and No. 10 teams have to win two straight games in order to clinch a spot in the postseason.