Brook Lopez's Milwaukee Bucks featured in our Bucks vs Warriors picks and odds

NBA PRA Bets Feb. 29: Two Bucks OVERs For Thursday

PRA bets (points + rebounds + assists) are the NBA's all-in-one prop bet. If you don't like the odds on points, rebounds, or assists individually, no problem. You can mash them together for better odds and a more fun prop.

Here's a look at three PRA bets you must consider for the NBA's slate of games on Thursday, February 29, 2024:

Brook Lopez 18.5 Points + Rebounds + Assists

OVER 18.5 Pts + Reb + Ast-105
UNDER 18.5 Pts + Reb + Ast-125

Pick: OVER (-105)

Am I missing something here? Lopez has been consistent on the OVER 18.5 (64%), yet the UNDER is favored Thursday vs a shoddy Hornets defense. That doesn't add up, kiddos.

Perhaps the switch in odds has something to do with his zero-point, two-rebound performance on Tuesday. I'm not buying that. Now we've got even more motivation to back him.

Draymond Green 20.5 Points + Rebounds + Assists

OVER 20.5 Pts + Reb + Ast-125
UNDER 20.5 Pts + Reb + Ast-102

Pick: UNDER (-102)

On the year, Green has averaged 22.1 PRA per game and hit the OVER 20.5 in 64% of contests. That said, his last four games have been a bunch of really close shaves.

Green's last four contests have gone 20 (UNDER), 21 (OVER), 16 (UNDER), 22 (OVER). And if you're a believer in the beauty of simplistic little patterns, then, son, we've got an UNDER in the chamber Thursday.

Jae Crowder 12.5 Points + Rebounds + Assists

OVER 12.5 Pts + Reb + Ast-131
UNDER 12.5 Pts + Reb + Ast-104

Pick: UNDER (-131)

Are you a degenerate like me, too? Welcome to the Jae Crowder show, where we're scraping the absolute bottom of the barrel for this prop bet.

After a season of UNDERs (61%), Crowder rose up and posted his first OVER in seven games Tuesday. As such, the OVER 12.5 is favored, but, in this business, that's what we call easy money. 

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