USA the favorite on FIBA World Cup odds

Kevin Durant was the most recent star player to withdraw from Team USA for the FIBA World Cup, but the Americans still sit as the clear oddsmakers' favorites to win the tournament at the online sportsbooks.

With Durant, the reigning NBA MVP, out of the Team USA picture the United States is still the 1/2 favorite on the odds to win the FIBA World Cup at Sportsbook, with Spain the country closest to them on the FIBA World Cup odds list at 8/5. Along with Durant, Team USA also lost Kevin Love, Paul George, Blake Griffin, and LaMarcus Aldridge from its potential roster.

Said Kevin Bradley, the sportsbook manager at, when Durant bowed out "Despite the numerous injuries and now the withdrawal of Kevin Durant from the USA's roster, the Americans remain clear favorites to take it all. That said, we have seen some late money come in on Spain with the recent news."

"The USA has taken more money than any other country in what looks like a two team race, but there may be a little bit of value in teams like Argentina and Lithuania who are likely to come out of their respective groups and maybe pull a late round upset."

Argentina, Lithuania, Brazil, France, and Greece all sit at 33/1 on the updated odds to win the FIBA World Cup at Sportsbook, with Serbia at 40/1, Turkey at 66/1, Croatia at 80/1, and both Australia and Slovenia at 150/1 on those FIBA World Cup odds at Sportsbook to win the event.

FIBA World Cup Odds 2014 - Outright Sportsbook at SportsbookUSA 1/2 Spain 8/5 Argentina 33/1 Brazil 33/1 France 33/1 Greece 33/1 Lithuania 33/1 Serbia 40/1 Turkey 66/1 Croatia 80/1 Australia 150/1 Slovenia 150/1 Puerto Rico 300/1 Finland 500/1 Ukraine 500/1 Dominican Republic 1000/1 Iran 1000/1 Mexico 1000/1 New Zealand 1000/1 Philippines 1000/1 Angola 1500/1 Egypt 2000/1 Senegal 2000/1 South Korea 2500/1

FIBA Basketball World Cup 2014 - Group A SportsbookSpain 1/3 Brazil 13/2 France 11/2 Serbia 8/1 Iran 250/1 Eqypt 1000/1

FIBA Basketball World Cup 2014 - Group B SportsbookGreece 7/5 Argentina 7/4 Croatia 7/4 Puerto Rico 12/1 Philippines 250/1 Senegal 500/1

FIBA Basketball World Cup 2014 - Group C SportsbookUSA 1/66 Turkey 12/1 Finland 33/1 Dominican Republic 33/1 Ukraine 40/1 New Zealand 250/1

FIBA Basketball World Cup 2014 - Group D SportsbookLithuania 2/3 Slovenia 9/4 Australia 3/1 Angola 50/1 Mexico 150/1 South Korea 300/1

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