Learn how to bet on NCAAB props at Odds Shark. College basketball prop betting tips and strategy with team props, player props, and game props.

How to Bet on NCAAB Props: Cash In With College Basketball Prop Bets

Hop on the college basketball prop betting bandwagon, hoops fans, and ditch the NBA for some NCAAB prop play. Odds Shark’s guide for how to bet on NCAAB props is as solid as a Syracuse zone defense. Nothing gets by us when it comes to NCAAB prop betting tips and strategy. Our tutorial for how to bet on NCAAB prop bets tickles the twine, so you can wine and dine after winning more college basketball props.

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Our NCAA basketball prop betting page also sheds light on how to bet on NCAAB player props and how to bet on NCAAB game props at the best college basketball betting sites online. Avoid any further one-and-dones, and get back on the prop board with Odds Shark’s NCAA basketball props betting.

How to Bet on NCAAB Prop Bets

College basketball prop bets are as exciting as Dick Vitale hopped up on 10 Red Bulls when it comes to betting on the NCAAB, especially when it’s time to wager on the March Madness tournament. NCAAB prop bet examples include:

Types of NCAAB Props

  • • NCAAB team props
  • • NCAAB game props
  • • NCAAB player props

What are NCAAB Props?

A college basketball prop bet is really any sort of side wager which doesn’t truly have a direct correlation to the end result of a college basketball game. NCAA basketball prop bets, aka proposition bets, are kind of like Dickie V – they’re on the entertainment purposes side of things. Collegiate basketball props consist of individual player performances, exact scores and even team win totals.

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As you scroll further down this article, you’ll notice we’ve arranged NCAAB prop betting options into sections, which means less time spent searching for the wide variety of college basketball prop bets available.

How to Bet on NCAAB Game Props and Team Props

NCAA basketball prop wagers are very similar to NBA props with regard to statistical categories such as points per game, assists, rebounds, blocks, steals and so on. College basketball team props typically focus less on matchups and are usually more available compared to NCAAB player props.

Popular NCAAB Team Props

  • • Team to score first
  • • First team to score 10 points
  • • Team to make the most three-point field goals
  • • Team to get the most rebounds

Win Totals

Many online sportsbooks don’t offer this betting market but if you can find win totals, then there’s a chance for money to be made. Select betting sites will sometimes set a number for each college basketball team on their win total. When wagering on win totals, you bet on whether a particular collegiate basketball program will exceed (go OVER) or fall short of (go UNDER) the number established by the basketball betting site.

If the Duke Blue Devils have a win total set at 24.5, you can bet that they will win 25 or more games or you can bet against the Dukies if you think they’ll win 24 or fewer games.

How to Bet on NCAAB Player Props

College basketball player props are markets that are based around individual player performances. NCAA basketball player props include a player’s points, rebounds, assists or a combination of stat categories, like points + rebounds + assists. Some online sports betting sites will actually offer prop builders that let you build your own NCAAB props or pit college basketball players against one another in certain categories.

Popular NCAAB Player Prop Bets

  • • Number of points scored by a player
  • • Player to have the most assists in a single game
  • • OVER/UNDER Points + Rebounds + Assists
  • • Player vs player to score the most points
  • • Player to hit the most three-pointers

NCAAB Awards Props

Various sportsbooks online will also post betting odds on NCAAB performance awards including March Madness Most Outstanding Player and the Naismith College Basketball Player of the Year.

NCAAB Prop Betting Tips and Strategy

College basketball bettors should always have some sort of NCAAB prop betting strategy that’s unique and tailored to their wagering needs. After all, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Success is where preparation and opportunity meet. Do your homework and have a plan in place for how you want to attack your NCAAB props.

Place Your NCAAB Prop Bets Today

Luckily for you, we’re the betting blue chip of college hoops. Discover free college basketball pickscollege basketball futures, college basketball scoresbetting trends, power rankings and college basketball consensus picks. From how to bet on college basketball props to how to bet on March Madness prop bets, your NCAAB prop bets will be on point with Odds Shark.

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