March Madness Most Outstanding Player odds

March Madness Most Outstanding Player Odds: Clingan Overtakes Edey

Amidst the frenzy of March Madness, one player emerges from the pack and goes down in tournament history as the Most Outstanding Player. It's Goliath versus Goliath in the title game as UConn and Purdue will battle for National Championship glory.

Plenty of value remains on the March Madness Most Outstanding Player odds board. Dive into the updated March Madness Most Outstanding Player of the Tournament odds below.

March Madness Most Outstanding Player Odds:

Donovan ClinganPurdue+185
Zach EdeyUConn+220
Stephon CastleUConn+360
Tristen NewtonUConn+650
Cam SpencerUConn+1100
Braden SmithPurdue+3400


Let's explore the value as we head into Purdue versus UConn on Monday. The Huskies are listed at -250 to win it all, but you can bet on each of their best players instead in Donovan Clingan at +185, freshman star Stephon Castle at +360 and Tristen Newton at +650 odds. According to our odds calculator, the Huskies big man's odds of +185 give him a 35% implied chance of winning the Most Oustanding Player awards. Clingan exerted his force against Alabama, scoring 18 points but affecting nearly every Crimson Tide drive and attempt at the rim. He blocked four shots with emphasis and will be integral in the Huskies game plan against Zach Edey. Whomever wins the battle of titans between Cling Kong and the towering Canadian is likely to power his team to victory.

At the same time, if you have a bunch of Purdue futures, Zach Edey and his season leading 25 points per game is a great play. The Canadian is now +220 to be named the tournament’s Most Outstanding Player. Edey has averaged 30 points and 16 rebounds to power the Boilermakers to their first National Championship game in program history.

Last 10 March Madness Most Outstanding Player Winners

Last 10 MOP Winners
2023Adama SanogoUConn
2022Ochai AgbajiKansas
2021Jared ButlerBaylor
2019Kyle GuyVirginia
2018Donte DiVincenzoVillanova
2017Joel Barry IINorth Carolina
2016Ryan ArcidiaconoVillanova
2015Tyus JonesDuke
2014Shabazz NapierUConn
2013Luke HancockLouisville


The takeaway here is that a championship winner will also win the Most Outstanding Player award.

You have to go back over 40 years to 1983 to find the last MOP winner who didn’t play on the championship-winning side. That player was Hakeem Olajuwon, who played for Houston.

How To Bet On March Madness Most Outstanding Player Odds

If you’re a first-time bettor in March Madness Most Outstanding Player odds, the way the odds are listed may not make sense. That’s OK. We’re here to help!

When you go to your sportsbook odds to win March Madness Most Outstanding Player, you’ll see the odds listed like this:

  • Zach Edey +650
  • Tristen Newton +700
  • Donovan Clingan+700
  • Jamal Shead +950

The odds indicate what it would pay out if one of those players were to win the MOP award. Unlike a straight-up bet, or a moneyline bet, where there is a clear favorite represented by the minus sign (-), the player with the lowest odds would be the favorite. For this example, it’s Marcus Sasser at +550, and the rest are underdogs even though each player has a plus sign (+) prefacing his odds. For American odds, all potential payouts are predicated on $100 bets.

Using American odds, if you were to bet $100 on Sasser in odds to win NCAA Tournament Most Outstanding Player and he wins it, you’d get $650 returned to you. Your original stake of $100 is refunded and you’re rewarded $550 in profit. 

On the flip side, if you think a player like Brandon Miller of the Alabama Crimson Tide will win it and you bet $100, you would get $1,700 returned to you – the $100 stake and $1,600 in profit.

To see how much you’d win on the futures odds, check out our Odds Calculator. It’ll show you what your payout would be based on the odds and amount wagered.

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