March Madness Betting Trends Roundup

How will the 2015 March Madness bracket shake out? Will the top seeds avoid upsets and pay out on the NCAA Tournament betting lines, or will underdogs be the profitable choice for bettors during the Big Dance this spring? Here's a look at the NCAA Tournament betting trends you need to know for the Round of 64 matchups before the madness gets underway this week . . .

NCAA Tournament Round of 64 Trends - Thursday Games

South - UAB (14) vs Iowa State (3)
Iowa State won five straight to end the season
Iowa State is 6-2-1 ATS past nine games as favorite
UAB covered eight straight as underdogs since January
UAB won outright five of past six games as underdog
Iowa State 7-1 SU, 6-2 ATS in Round of 64 games since 1996

South - Eastern Washington (13) vs Georgetown (4)
Georgetown ended year on 1-5 ATS run
Georgetown failed to cover five straight when favored
EWU finished year on 18-4 SU run
OVER is 6-1 past seven EWU games
Georgetown are 1-5 SU and ATS past six tournament games

South - Stephen F. Austin (12) vs Utah (5)
SFA 28-1 SU last 29 games of season
Utah just 3-4 SU, 2-5 ATS past seven games as favorite
Utah was upset by a 12 seed in 2009 (Arizona)
12 seeds are 10-5-1 ATS vs 5 seeds past four seasons
12 seeds went 3-1 SU past two seasons vs 5 seeds
2007 was the only year that 5 seeds swept the 12 seeds

South - UCLA (11) vs SMU (6)
SMU OVER is 7-2 past nine games when favored
SMU finished year on 17-2 SU run
UCLA 10-3 ATS final 13 games of season
UCLA covered five in a row as an underdog
UCLA was underdog 13 times this season, played UNDER 12 times in those games

West - Texas Southern (15) vs Arizona (2)
Arizona ended season on 11-0 SU, 9-2 ATS run
Texas Southern won 11 straight to end the season
Arizona 13-3 ATS past 16 games as a favorite
Arizona covered four in a row this season when favored by 20 or more points

West - Georgia State (14) vs Baylor (3)
Georgia State ended year on 13-2 SU run
Georgia State 0-5 SU and ATS past five games as underdog
3 seeds 19-11 ATS vs 14 seeds since 2007
Baylor 2-0 SU vs 14 seeds, both games went UNDER

West - Harvard (13) vs North Carolina (4)
UNC finished year on 7-3 ATS run
Harvard 1-5 ATS final six games of the season
Harvard just 3-10 SU past 13 games as underdog
UNC 8-2-1 ATS past 11 games as double-digit favorite this season
UNC 1-5 ATS past six Madness games
UNC has not lost as Round of 64 favorite since 1999 (Weber State)

West - Wofford (12) vs Arkansas (5)
Wofford closed year on 15-1 SU run
Arkansas 1-6 SU and ATS in tournament since 1999
Arkansas 10-3 SU final 13 games of season
Arkansas upset past two times favorites in Round of 64 (06 vs Bucknell, 01 vs Hoyas)
12 seeds are 10-5-1 ATS vs 5 seeds past four seasons

West - Mississippi (11) vs Xavier (6)
Xavier 18-3-1 ATS, best mark in Madness since 2004
Ole Miss 10-2 ATS past 12 games as underdogs, including winning four of five SU
UNDER is 8-2 past 10 Xavier games
Xavier 7-1-2 ATS past 10 Round of 64 games
Xavier has been a 6 seed three times since 1998 and lost twice to 11 seeds (2011 Marquette, 1998 Washington)

West - Ohio State (10) vs VCU (7)
VCU 12-3 ATS past 15 tournament games
VCU covered final three games of season, following six-game ATS losing skid in March
Ohio State is 6-1 SU, 5-2 ATS past seven games as favorites
Ohio State is 1-5 ATS past six Madness games
Ohio State was upset as favorite in Round of 64 last year (Dayton)
VCU 6-1 ATS past seven Round of 64 games
7 seeds are 5-2-1 ATS past two seasons vs 10 seeds
Only the fifth time since 2008 that a 10 has been favored over a 7

Midwest - Hampton (16) vs Kentucky (1)
Biggest March Madness point spread since 2004
Hampton won and covered five straight to end the season
Kentucky 8-1-1 ATS past 10 games of season
Kentucky 8-0-1 ATS past nine games as double-digit chalk
Kentucky 8-1-2 ATS past 11 tournament games
Kentucky averaged 96 PPG in Round of 64 in the six seasons they earned a top seed (4-2 ATS)
Kentucky covered both other times they were favored by 30 or more in tournament (96-97)

Midwest - Northeastern (14) vs Notre Dame (3)
Notre Dame 7-1 ATS to end the season
Notre Dame just 5-10 ATS since 2000 in tournament
Northeastern ended year on 6-1 SU, 5-2 ATS run
Northeastern 5-2 ATS past seven games as underdogs
Northeastern 8-1 ATS as double-digit dog since 2012
Notre Dame is 1-8 ATS in tournament since March 27, 2003
Three seeds 19-11 ATS vs 14 seeds since 2007

Midwest - Texas (11) vs Butler (6)
Texas ended year with six straight UNDERs
Texas 6-1 SU past seven games as favorites
Butler played eight straight UNDERs to end the season
Butler 7-2 SU, 8-1 ATS in past nine Round of 64 games
Texas 0-3-1 ATS in past four Round of 64 games
Butler won and covered vs 11 seeds in 2011 and 2013
Butler is 6-0 SU, 5-1 ATS as higher seed since 2008

Midwest - Purdue (9) vs Cincinnati (8)
Purdue won seven straight SU as favorite
Cincy ended year on 5-1 SU and ATS runs
Cincy bounced past two Round of 64 games
Purdue is 12-0, 9-3 ATS in Round of 64 since 1996

East - Lafayette (16) vs Villanova (1)
Villanova finished on 15-0 SU, 13-2 ATS run
Lafayette finished year on 6-1 SU run
Villanova 14-5 ATS this season when double-digit favorites
Villanova just 1-6 ATS past seven Madness games
Villanova has lost three of its past four Madness games when favored
Villanova 2-6 ATS in Round of 64 since 2006
Villanova covered seven straight as double-digit favorites
Villanova 0-4 ATS when favored by 20 or more since 2010
Top seeds just 2-6 ATS past two Marches and 4-8 ATS over past three

East - LSU (9) vs NC State (8)
LSU 7-3 ATS final 10 games of season
LSU was 7-1 ATS as an underdog this season
OVER is 10-3 past 13 games when LSU got points from Vegas
NC State 7-2 ATS final nine games of the season

NCAA Tournament Round of 64 Trends - Friday Games

South - Duke (1)
Duke 0-3 ATS past three Marches in Round of 64, losing twice outright
Duke 3-7 ATS past 10 Marches in Round of 64
Duke 12-1 SU, 8-5 ATS to end the season
UNDER is 8-1 past 9 times Duke faced No. 16 seed

South - North Dakota State (15) vs Gonzaga (2)
Gonzaga 25-1 SU past 26 games
North Dakota State 10-2 SU run to end season
Gonzaga 4-1 ATS past five Round of 64 games

South - Davidson (10) vs Iowa (7)
Davidson 10-1 SU, 9-2 ATS final 11 games of season
Davidson 7-1 ATS past eight games as underdog
Iowa 6-1 SU, 5-1-1 ATS final seven games of season
Davidson 7-2 ATS past nine tournament games
Iowa 0-4 SU and ATS past four tournament games

South - St. John’s (9) vs San Diego State (8)
San Diego State 8-2 SU final 10 games of season
St. John’s 0-5 ATS past five tournament games

West - Coastal Carolina (16) vs Wisconsin (1)
Coastal Carolina 7-1 SU roll to end the season
Wisconsin 24-2 SU final 26 games of the season
Wisconsin just 2-8-1 ATS past 11 games as double-digit favorites
Wisconsin 7-1-1 ATS past nine tournament games

West - Oklahoma State (9) vs Oregon (8)
Cowboys 1-6 SU and ATS past seven games of season
Cowboys 1-5 SU and ATS as favorites
Cowboys have lost four straight tournament games (1-3 ATS)
Oregon 7-1 ATS last eight games of season
UNDER is 7-1 past 8 games when Ducks are underdogs

Midwest - New Mexico State (15) vs Kansas (2)
Kansas just 5-4 SU to end the season, 2-7 ATS
Aggies won 13 straight SU to close the season
Kansas 1-7 ATS past eight games as favorites
Kansas 1-5 ATS past six tournament games
Kansas 1-4 ATS past five Round of 64 games
Kansas failed to cover vs No. 15 Eastern Kentucky last year

Midwest - Valparaiso (13) vs Maryland (4)
Valpo played seven straight UNDERs to end the season
Maryland 5-0-1 ATS to end the season
Maryland 18-1 SU as favorites this season
Maryland won 10 straight Round of 64 games (just 6-4 ATS)
Maryland 4-0 vs 13 seeds since 1996 (3-1 ATS)

Midwest - Buffalo (12) vs West Virginia (5)
Buffalo won eight in a row to close the season (6-2 ATS)
Buffalo just 2-6 SU this season as an underdog
West Virginia 16-3 SU as favorite this season
West Virginia 6-2 ATS in Round of 64 games since 1998

Midwest - Indiana (10) vs Wichita State (7)
Wichita State 6-2-1 ATS to end the season but upset by Illinois State in MVC
Indiana limps into the tournament on 2-5 SU and ATS streaks
Indiana lost six straight as underdog (covered spread just twice)
Wichita State is 8-3 ATS past 11 tournament games
Indiana 0-5 ATS past five tournament games

East - Belmont (15) vs Virginia (2)
Belmont covered six in a row to end the season
Belmont just 7-23 SU as underdog since 2009
Belmont 0-6 SU, 1-5 ATS in Madness play
Virginia 27-3 SU past 30 games, but 1-2 past three
Virginia 1-4-1 ATS past six games as double-digit chalk

East - Albany (14) vs Oklahoma (3)
Oklahoma 1-7 ATS final eight games of season
Sooners 0-3 SU and ATS past three tournament games
Sooners won both times vs 14 seeds since 1996
Albany 19-1 SU final 20 games of season

East - UC Irvine (13) vs Louisville (4)
Louisville 2-6 ATS to end the season
UCI 7-2 SU final nine games of season
Louisville 1-5 ATS past six games as favorite
Louisville 9-4-1 ATS in tournament since 2012
Louisville 1-3 ATS vs 13 seeds since 2005

East - Wyoming (12) vs Northern Iowa (5)
Northern Iowa 10-2-1 ATS past 13 games
Only one loss since Jan. 1 (19-1 SU) for NIU
Wyoming won outright four of five games as underdogs in March
Northern Iowa 19-1 SU since losing on New Year’s Day
Northern Iowa on a 12-2-3 ATS run as favorite
First Madness appearance for Cowboys since 2002

East - Georgia (10) vs Michigan State (7)
Georgia 10-2-1 ATS past 13 games as underdog
Michigan State is 7-1 SU, 6-2 ATS past 8 Round of 64 games
Georgia 1-6 SU in tournament since 1996

---ARCHIVED ARTICLES---------------------------------------------------------

Some teams thrive in the March Madness spotlight while others wilt under the pressure.

And while player rosters turn over quickly in NCAA basketball, there seem to be some meaningful trends that transcend seasons and provide some wagering value.

Whether it’s school pride or coaching philosophies or just plain strange luck, there are trends worth noting as you make your bracket picks and college basketball bets this March.

The 2014 March Madness bracket features some intriguing matchups and top seeds that few would have predicted. It also features an unusual trend involving 8 vs 9 games. In eight recent games where the higher-seeded No. 8 teams are actually underdogs, they have covered the spread all eight times. This angle is in play again with Gonzaga and Colorado in 2014.

Tulsa faces UCLA as an underdog but the Golden Hurricane have been one of college basketball's best bets lately with a 17-3 ATS streak. They are also 6-0 ATS in first-round tournament games.

Villanova struggles in the first round, as their 1-6 ATS mark proves. They are favored big against 15-seed Milwaukee in the East region.

The best team to bet on in March Madness needs to win a play-in game to get in the dance. Xavier, 19-2-1 ATS in their past 22 tournament games, faces NC State in the play-in game.


Indiana has been a lock in the Round of 64, covering the spread at a 6-1 clip the past seven years that the Hoosiers have played in the tournament. In the 2013 March Madness bracket they will face the Sportsbook of the Long Island vs James Madison play-in game and will be a huge favorite.

Virginia Commonwealth has built a reputation as a giant slayer in the tournament and they have been the biggest moneymaker in recent years. VCU boasts an 11-1 ATS mark in its past 12 tournament games and they are a 5 seed facing Akron this week.

Fellow mid-major standout Butler is also an underdog betting darling. Butler’s 9-1 ATS record in their past 10 tournament games proves that coaching, expectations and maybe a bit of ignorance on the part of the general public can offer up some terrific profit potential.

It can also prevent some busted brackets.

If you are looking for some teams that historically falter, look no further than Notre Dame, a 7 seed facing No. 10 Iowa State in the West Region. The Irish are 1-7 ATS in 8 recent tournament games and have also been a reliable UNDER bet (8-1-1 past 10 tournament games).

Minnesota is 0-5 SU & ATS since 1997, while Philadelphia schools have been money losers. Temple is 0-6-1 ATS in their past 7 Madness games and Villanova is 0-4 ATS in their past four. Check out more March Madness tournament trends below, courtesy of the NCAA Basketball Database.

Florida 9-3 ATS past 12 tournament games
Davidson 6-2 ATS past 8 Madness games
Gonzaga OVER is 8-2 past 10 tournament games
Indiana 6-1 ATS past 7 first-round games
Louisville 4-0-1 ATS last year in Madness
Marquette 3-6 ATS past 9 first-round games
Marquette UNDER is 5-1 past 6 March Madness games
Memphis OVER is 10-2 past 12 tournament games
Memphis 1-4 ATS past 5 first-round games
Missouri OVER is 12-2-1 past 15 tournament games
Missouri 1-4 ATS past 5 tournament games
Notre Dame 1-7 ATS past 8 tournament games
Notre Dame UNDER is 8-1-1 past 10 tournament games
Ohio State 13-5 SU in tournament since 20007
UNLV 0-4 SU & ATS in tournament since 2008
VCU 11-1 ATS past 12 tournament games
Wichita State 12-4 ATS past 16 games overall
Wisconsin 5-1 ATS past 6 first-round games
Wisconsin 5-1 ATS past 2 tournaments
Oklahoma State UNDER is 9-3 past 12 tournament games
Oregon is 3-8 ATS in tournament since 2000
Saint Louis 4-1 ATS in tournament since 1998
New Mexico State lost 6 straight tournament games since 1993
Valpo is 0-4 SU & ATS since 1999, losing by average 77-53
Creighton 2-7 ATS past 9 tournament games
Cincinnati 5-2 ATS in first round since 2002
Pitt 2-7 ATS past 9 tournament games
Ole Miss first tournament trip since 2002
Arizona 11-4 ATS past 15 tournament games
New Mexico 1-5 ATS past 6 tournament games
New Mexico UNDER is 7-1 past 8 tournament games
UNDER is 9-2 past 11 Kansas tournament games
Villanova 0-4 ATS past 4 tournament games (UNDER 4-0)
UCLA 2-6 ATS past 8 tournament games
OVER is 6-1 past UCLA tournament games
Minnesota 0-5 SU & ATS since 1997
UNDER is 13-4 past 17 Georgetown tournament games
Georgetown 3-7 ATS past 10 tournament games
UNDER is 7-1 past 8 NC State tournament games
NC State 6-2 ATS in tournament since 2005
Temple 0-6-1 ATS past 7 tournament games
Cal is 1-5 ATS past 6 tournament games
Syracuse is 2-5 ATS past 7 tournament games
Butler is 9-1 ATS past 10 tournament games
UNDER is 8-2-1 past 11 Butler tournament games
Illinois has alternated ATS wins and losses past 10 games (win is due)
Miami played 7 straight tournament OVERs


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