March Madness 2 vs 15 seed

March Madness Matchups: 2 vs 15 Betting History & Trends

Incredibly, No.15 seeds have won three of the past 12 matchups against No. 2 seeds after winning just three of the previous 28 contests in the NCAA Tournament. As you’ll recall, No. 15 Princeton memorably derailed the No. 2 Arizona Wildcats hype train last year, throwing brackets across the country into disarray. The Wildcats entered the game as massive -110 favourites, and were +1600 to win the National Championship. Princeton cashed as +700 underdogs to get the frenzy of March Madness well and truly underway.

In 2022, St. Peter’s shocked the world by defeating John Calipari’s Kentucky Wildcats as 18.5-point underdogs. The Peacocks became everybody’s favorite Cinderella squad, cashing the +1000 moneyline and going all the way to the Elite Eight. The Oral Roberts Golden Eagles pulled off the feat in 2021, knocking off Ohio State by a score of 75-72 as 16-point underdogs.

Keep in mind when placing your wagers, a No.15 seed has defeated a No. 2 seed in each of the past three years. However, the underdogs are just 6-6 ATS in that same timeframe. As three of my favorite March Madness Final Four value bets, I'm banking on Marquette, Iowa State, and Tennessee to at the very least advance to the Sweet Sixteen.

2024 2 vs 15 Seed Matchups

Check out all the advanced stats for the 2024 March Madness No.2 vs No.15 seed matchups below.

South: No. 2 Marquette vs No. 15 Western Kentucky
East: No. 2 Iowa State vs No. 15 South Dakota State
West: No. 2 Arizona vs No. 15 Long Beach State
Midwest: No. 2 Tennessee vs No. 15 Saint Peter's

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#2 Seed vs #15 Seed
#2 SeedScore#15 SeedScoreDateATS WinWin SeedATS Seed
Marquette87Western Kentucky692024-03-22Marquette22
Iowa State82San Diego St.652024-03-21Iowa State22
Arizona85Long Beach St.652024-03-21PUSHN/AN/A
Tennessee83Saint Peter's492024-03-21Tennessee22
UCLA86UNC Asheville532023-03-17UCLA22
Kentucky79St. Peter’s852022-03-17St. Peter’s1515
Duke78Cal St. Fullerton612022-03-18Cal St. Fullerton215
Auburn80Jacksonville State612022-03-18Auburn22
Houston87Cleveland State562021-03-19Houston22
Ohio State72Oral Roberts752021-03-19Oral Roberts1515
Iowa86Grand Canyon742021-03-20Grand Canyon215
Kentucky79Abilene Christian442019-03-21Kentucky22
Michigan State76Bradley652019-03-21Bradley215
North Carolina84Lipscomb662018-03-16Lipscomb215
Purdue74Cal St. Fullerton482018-03-16Purdue22
Cincinnati68Georgia State532018-03-16Cincinnati22
Louisville78Jacksonville State632017-03-17Jacksonville State215
Arizona100North Dakota822017-03-16PUSH2PUSH
Kentucky79Northern Kentucky702017-03-17Northern Kentucky215
Michigan State81Middle Tennessee902016-03-18Middle Tennessee1515
Oklahoma82CSU Bakersfield682016-03-18CSU Bakersfield215
Xavier71Weber State532016-03-18Xavier22
Villanova86UNC Asheville562016-03-18Villanova22
Kansas75New Mexico State562015-03-20Kansas22
Arizona93Texas Southern722015-03-19Texas Southern215
Gonzaga86North Dakota State762015-03-20North Dakota State215
Kansas80Eastern Kentucky692014-03-21Eastern Kentucky215
Ohio State95Iona702013-03-22Ohio State22
Georgetown68Florida Gulf Coast782013-03-22Florida Gulf Coast1515
Missouri84Norfolk State862012-03-16Norfolk State1515
Ohio State78Loyola592012-03-15Ohio State22
North Carolina102Long Island872011-03-18Long Island215
Notre Dame69Akron562011-03-18Akron215
Florida79Santa Barbara512011-03-17Florida22
San Diego State68Northern Colorado502011-03-17San Diego State22
Ohio State68Santa Barbara512010-03-19Santa Barbara215
West Virginia77Morgan State502010-03-19West Virginia22
Kansas State82North Texas622010-03-18Kansas State22
Villanova73Robert Morris702010-03-18Robert Morris215
Michigan State77Robert Morris622009-03-20Michigan State22
Oklahoma82Morgan State542009-03-19Oklahoma22
Memphis81CS Northridge702009-03-19CS Northridge215
Texas74Austin Peay542008-03-21Texas22
Wisconsin76Texas A&M-CC632007-03-16Wisconsin22
Memphis73North Texas582007-03-16North Texas215
UCLA70Weber State422007-03-15UCLA22
Ohio State70Davidson622006-03-17Davidson215
Connecticut77Central Florida712005-03-18Central Florida215
Oklahoma State63Southeastern Louisiana502005-03-18Southeastern Louisiana215
Wake Forest70Chattanooga542005-03-17Chattanooga215
Kentucky72Eastern Kentucky642005-03-17Eastern Kentucky215
Mississippi State85Monmouth522004-03-19Mississippi State22
Oklahoma State75Eastern Washington562004-03-19Oklahoma State22
Florida85Sam Houston State552003-03-21Florida22
Wake Forest76East Tennessee State732003-03-21East Tennessee State215
Kansas64Utah State612003-03-20Utah State215
Alabama86Florida Atlantic782002-03-14Florida Atlantic215
Arizona101Eastern Illinois762001-03-16Arizona22
North Carolina70Princeton482001-03-16North Carolina22
Kentucky72Holy Cross682001-03-15Holy Cross215
Iowa State57Hampton582001-03-15Hampton1515
Cincinnati64UNC Wilmington472000-03-17UNC Wilmington215
St. John’s61Northern Arizona562000-03-16Northern Arizona215
Iowa State88Cent Conn State782000-03-16Cent Conn State215
Utah80Arkansas State581999-03-12Utah22
Stanford69Alcorn State571999-03-11Alcorn State215
Kentucky82South Carolina State671998-03-13South Carolina State215
Cincinnati65Northern Arizona621998-03-12Northern Arizona215
Connecticut93Fairleigh Dickinson851998-03-12Fairleigh Dickinson215
Duke71Murray State681997-03-14Murray State215
South Carolina65Coppin State781997-03-14Coppin State1515
UCLA109Charleston Southern751997-03-13UCLA22
Cincinnati66UNC Greensboro611996-03-15UNC Greensboro215
Georgetown93Miss Valley State561996-03-15Georgetown22
Kansas92South Carolina State541996-03-15Kansas22
Wake Forest64Northeast Louisiana501996-03-15Northeast Louisiana215

Who Has The Betting Edge In The 2 vs 15 matchup?

Backing the lower seed has been the way to go in the No. 2 vs No. 15 matchup as the No. 15 seed has gone 59-48-1 ATS since 1996. Since 2008, however, spread betting in this matchup has been a virtual coin flip with No. 15 having a minuscule 31-28-1 ATS edge. 

March Madness 2 vs 15 Betting History FAQ

Where can I bet on the 2 vs 15 seed March Madness games?

Experienced bettors and casual fans looking to bet on the 2 vs 15 seed March Madness games should refer to Odds Shark's Best March Madness Betting Sites Online guide. The guide reviews the top NCAAB tournament sportsbooks and gives insight into the best place to bet on March Madness this year.

How do I bet on the 2 vs 15 seed March Madness games?

There are multiple ways to bet on the 2 vs 15 seed March Madness games, including a moneyline bet, a spread bet, or many different props. Odds Shark's How to Bet on March Madness guide outlines all the bet formats you can utilize during the NCAAB tournament and some general March Madness betting tips for each.

When was the last time a 15 seed beat a 2 seed in March Madness?

The last time a 15 seed beat a 2 seed in March Madness was in 2023 when the underdog Princeton Tigers knocked off the No. 2 Arizona Wildcats 59-55 in the South Region.

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