6 vs 11 March Madness seeds

March Madness Matchups: 6 vs 11 Betting History & Trends

No. 11 seeds have taken the 2024 March Madness Tournament by storm! All three of Oregon, Duquesne and NC State pulled off victories over their higher-seeded opponents on day one. Unfortunately, the New Mexico Lobos couldn't making it a clean sweep, getting smoked 77-56 to Clemson.

Considering they’re supposed underdogs, No.11 seeds have performed remarkably well in the NCAA Tournament opening round of late. Over the past ten years, No.11 seeds are 20-20 SU and 24-16 ATS.

While Pittsburgh was the only No.11 team to win outright last season, Arizona State lost by just two to cover the spread against TCU. Before that, 11-seeds went 3-1 both SU and ATS in 2022, as Iowa State, Notre Dame, and Michigan got the job done for bettors.

2024 6 vs 11 Seed Matchups

Check out  all the 6 vs 11 seed March Madness matchups.

South: No. 6 Texas Tech vs No. 11 NC State

NC State got out to a solid first-half lead and dominated proceedings against Texas Tech from start to finish in an 80-67 victory.

East: No. 6 BYU vs No. 11 Duquesne

Duquesne continued a solid run for No. 11 seeds with a 71-67 upset victory of BYU as 9.5-point underdogs.

West: No. 6 Clemson vs No. 11 New Mexico

Despite getting a lot of from sports bettors, New Mexico couldn't cash and barely put up a fight with Clemson putting together a 77-56 dominant performance. 

Midwest: No. 6 South Carolina vs No. 11 Oregon

Oregon continued their momentum after a surprise Pac-12 Tournament victory. Jermain Couisnard dropped 40 points for the Ducks in a 87-73 win.

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#6 Seed vs #11 Seed
#6 SeedScore#11 SeedScoreDateATS WinWin SeedATS Seed
Clemson77New Mexico562024-03-22Clemson66
Texas Tech67NC State802024-03-21NC State1111
South Carolina73Oregon872024-03-21Oregon1111
Iowa State41Pittsburgh592023-03-17Pittsburgh1111
Creighton72NC State632023-03-17Creighton66
TCU72Arizona State702023-03-18Arizona State611
LSU54Iowa State592022-03-18Iowa State1111
Texas81Virginia Tech732022-03-18Texas66
Alabama64Notre Dame782022-03-18Notre Dame1111
Colorado State63Michigan752022-03-17Michigan1111
San Diego State62Syracuse782021-03-19Syracuse1111
Texas Tech65Utah State532021-03-19Texas Tech66
Buffalo91Arizona State742019-03-22Buffalo66
Villanova61Saint Mary’s572019-03-21Villanova66
Iowa State59Ohio State622019-03-22Ohio State1111
Miami62Loyola Chicago642018-03-15Loyola Chicago1111
Florida77St. Bonaventure622018-03-15Florida66
Houston67San Diego State652018-03-16San Diego State611
Creighton72Rhode Island842017-03-17Rhode Island1111
Cincinnati76Kansas State612017-03-16Cincinnati 66
Seton Hall52Gonzaga682016-03-17Gonzaga1111
Texas72Northern Iowa752016-03-18Northern Iowa1111
Notre Dame70Michigan632016-03-18Notre Dame66
Arizona55Wichita State652016-03-17Wichita State1111
Xavier76Ole Miss572015-03-20Xavier66
North Carolina79Providence772014-03-21Providence611
Ohio State59Dayton602014-03-20Dayton1111
Memphis54Saint Mary’s522013-03-21Memphis66
San Diego State65North Carolina State792012-03-16North Carolina State1111
Murray State58Colorado State412012-03-15Murray State66
Georgetown56Virginia Commonwealth742011-03-18Virginia Commonwealth1111
St. John’s71Gonzaga862011-03-17Gonzaga1111
Tennessee62San Diego State592010-03-18PUSH6 
Notre Dame50Old Dominion512010-03-18Old Dominion1111
West Virginia60Dayton682009-03-20Dayton1111
Arizona State66Temple572009-03-20Arizona State66
Marquette58Utah State572009-03-20Utah State611
UCLA65Virginia Commonwealth642009-03-19Virginia Commonwealth611
Oklahoma72Saint Joseph’s642008-03-21Oklahoma66
USC67Kansas State802008-03-20Kansas State1111
Notre Dame64Winthrop742007-03-16Winthrop1111
Duke77Virginia Commonwealth792007-03-15Virginia Commonwealth1111
Vanderbilt77George Washington442007-03-15Vanderbilt66
Michigan State65George Mason752006-03-17George Mason1111
West Virginia64Southern Illinois462006-03-17West Virginia66
Indiana87San Diego State832006-03-16Indiana66
Wisconsin57Northern Iowa522005-03-18Northern Iowa611
Texas Tech78UCLA662005-03-17Texas Tech66
Utah60Texas El Paso542005-03-17Utah66
Vanderbilt71Western Michigan582004-03-19Vanderbilt66
Boston College58Utah512004-03-19Boston College66
North Carolina63Air Force522004-03-18North Carolina66
Oklahoma State77Pennsylvania632003-03-21Oklahoma State66
Maryland75UNC Wilmington732003-03-21UNC Wilmington611
Missouri72Southern Illinois712003-03-20Southern Illinois611
Creighton73Central Michigan792003-03-20Central Michigan1111
Texas Tech68Southern Illinois762002-03-15Southern Illinois1111
Texas70Boston College572002-03-15Texas66
Notre Dame83Xavier712001-03-16Notre Dame66
Wisconsin49Georgia State502001-03-15Georgia State1111
USC69Oklahoma State542001-03-15USC66
UCLA65Ball State572000-03-16UCLA66
Temple61Kent State541999-03-12Kent State611
George Washington88Indiana1081999-03-11Indiana1111
Clemson72Western Michigan751998-03-13Western Michigan1111
Iowa State69Illinois State571997-03-13Iowa State66
North Carolina83New Orleans621996-03-15North Carolina66
Indiana51Boston College641996-03-15Boston College1111
Iowa81George Washington791996-03-15George Washington611


Why Should You Bet On An 11 Seed Over The 6 Seed?

Three No. 11 seeds covered the spread in 2018, while two of them won straight up in the first round to move on in the NCAA Tournament. In 2017 and 2016, No. 11 seeds went 3-1 SU and ATS both years. The No. 11 seeds had another great year in 2022, going 3-1 SU and ATS. The fact that No. 11 seeds are 12-12 SU vs No. 6 seeds in the last six year-end tournaments should be enough to make bettors think twice before writing off the lower seed.

Sounds like a great time to find a high underdog spread!

Will An 11 Seed Make The Final Four?

Five No. 11 seeds have made it to the Final Four – UCLA in 2021, Loyola Chicago in 2018, VCU in 2011, George Mason in 2006 and LSU in 1986 – while eight No. 11 seeds have made it at least to the Elite Eight. More than half (28 of 54) of the advancing No. 11 seeds all-time have advanced to the Sweet 16.

March Madness 6 vs 11 Betting History FAQ

Where can I bet on the 6 vs 11 seed March Madness games?

You can bet on the 6 vs 11 seed March Madness games at the top March Madness betting sites online. Once you’ve landed on that page, you’ll see the best sites to bet on March Madness. Each and every NCAA basketball sportsbook is essentially seeded as the best place to bet on March Madness.

I want to bet on the 6 vs 11 seed games for March Madness? How do I do that?

Our How to Bet on March Madness page has everything you need in regards to making a bet on the 6 vs 11 seed games for March Madness. Our guide includes March Madness betting strategy and March Madness betting tips, so you can find the best way to place bets on March Madness matchups.

When was the last time an 11 seed beat a 6 seed in March Madness?

In 2023, the 11th-seeded Pittsburgh Panthers routed the higher-seeded Iowa State Cyclones 59-41. A year earlier, three of four No. 11 seeds pulled off upsets over No. 6 seeds.

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