8vs9 March Madness

March Madness Matchups: 8 vs 9 Betting History & Trends

You would think the No. 8 vs No. 9 March Madness matchup would be the most even betting situation in the bracket. But over the last four tournaments, it’s been dominated by the No. 9 seed, going 10-6 SU and ATS in 16 elimination-round games.

Top-tier basketball schools like Auburn, Creighton, Marquette and last year's Cinderella Florida Atlantic have made 8 vs 9 seed opening round games extremely entertaining. Two out of the four matchups last season finished within two-points. Last year's tournament included two upsets as No. 9 Auburn eliminated No. 8 Iowa in an 85-75 finish. Likewise, No. 9 Florida Atlantic crept past No. 8 Memphis in a nail-biting 66-65 victory. 2022 saw three upsets, including No. 9 TCU’s 27-point blowout of No. 8 Seton Hall. The underdogs like to keep things close and have been a consistently excellent ATS bet.

2024 8 vs 9 Seed March Madness Matchups

Dive in to all the 8 vs 9 seed March Madness matchups for a look at advanced stats and our computer picks predictions.

South: No. 8 Nebraska vs No. 9 Texas A&M

East: No. 8 FAU vs No. 9 Northwestern

West: No. 8 Mississippi State vs No. 9 Michigan State

Midwest: No. 8 Utah State vs No. 9 TCU

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#8 Seed vs #9 Seed
#8 SeedScore#9 SeedScoreDateATS WinWin SeedATS Seed
Utah State88TCU722024-03-22Utah State88
Nebraska83Texas A&M982024-03-22Texas A&M99
Florida Atlantic65Northwestern772024-03-22Northwestern99
Michigan State69Mississippi State512024-03-21Michigan State88
Maryland67West Virginia652023-03-16Maryland88
Seton Hall42TCU692022-03-18TCU99
San Diego State69Creighton722022-03-17Creighton99
North Carolina95Marquette632022-03-17North Carolina88
Boise State53Memphis642022-03-17Memphis99
Loyola Chicago71Georgia Tech602021-03-19Loyola Chicago88
North Carolina62Wisconsin852021-03-19Wisconsin99
LSU76St. Bonaventure612021-03-20LSU88
Ole Miss72Oklahoma952019-03-22Oklahoma99
Utah State61Washington782019-03-21Washington99
Seton Hall94NC State832018-03-15Seton Hall88
Virginia Tech83Alabama862018-03-15Alabama99
Creighton59Kansas State692018-03-16Kansas State99
Missouri54Florida State672018-03-16Florida State99
Wisconsin84Virginia Tech742017-03-16Wisconsin89
Miami (FL)58Michigan State782017-03-17Michigan State99
Arkansas77Seton Hall712017-03-17Arkansas88
Texas Tech61Butler712016-03-17Butler99
Saint Joseph’s78Cincinnati762016-03-18Saint Joseph’s88
San Diego State76St. John’s642015-03-20San Diego State88
Oregon79Oklahoma State732015-03-20Oregon88
NC State66LSU652015-03-19LSU89
Kentucky56Kansas State492014-03-21Kentucky88
Memphis71George Washington662014-03-21Memphis88
Gonzaga85Oklahoma State772014-03-21Gonzaga88
North Carolina78Villanova712013-03-22North Carolina88
North Carolina State72Temple762013-03-22Temple99
Colorado State84Missouri722013-03-21Colorado State88
Pittsburgh55Wichita State732013-03-21Wichita State99
Memphis54Saint Louis612012-03-16Saint Louis99
Iowa State77Connecticut642012-03-15Iowa State88
Kansas State70Southern Miss642012-03-15Kansas State88
George Mason61Villanova572011-03-18George Mason88
Butler60Old Dominion582011-03-17Butler88
Gonzaga67Florida State602010-03-19Gonzaga88
Texas80Wake Forest812010-03-18Wake Forest99
UNLV66Northern Iowa692010-03-18Northern Iowa99
Ohio State72Siena742009-03-20Siena99
Oklahoma State77Tennessee752009-03-20Oklahoma State88
BYU66Texas A&M792009-03-19Texas A&M99
Mississippi State76Oregon692008-03-21Mississippi State88
BYU62Texas A&M672008-03-20Texas A&M99
UNLV71Kent State582008-03-20UNLV88
Marquette49Michigan State612007-03-15Michigan State99
George Washington88UNC Wilmington852006-03-16PUSH8 
Stanford70Mississippi State932005-03-18Mississippi State99
Minnesota53Iowa State642005-03-18Iowa State99
Seton Hall80Arizona762004-03-18Seton Hall88
Alabama65Southern Illinois642004-03-18Southern Illinois89
Texas Tech76Charlotte732004-03-18Texas Tech88
California76NC State742003-03-20California88
Wisconsin80St. John’s702002-03-15Wisconsin88
Stanford84Western Kentucky682002-03-14Stanford88
Notre Dame82Charlotte632002-03-14Notre Dame88
California70Fresno State822001-03-16Fresno State99
Georgia Tech62Saint Joseph’s662001-03-15Saint Joseph’s99
North Carolina84Missouri702000-03-17North Carolina88
Utah48Saint Louis452000-03-16Saint Louis89
Wisconsin66Fresno State562000-03-16Wisconsin88
College of Charleston53Tulsa621999-03-12Tulsa99
Syracuse61Oklahoma State691999-03-11Oklahoma State99
Missouri59New Mexico611999-03-11New Mexico99
Rhode Island97Murray State741998-03-13Rhode Island88
Oklahoma State74George Washington591998-03-13Oklahoma State88
Tennessee81Illinois State821998-03-12PUSH9 
Purdue83Rhode Island761997-03-13Purdue88
Duke60Eastern Michigan751996-03-14Eastern Michigan99
Wisc-Green Bay49Virginia Tech611996-03-14Virginia Tech99

Should You Be Betting the No. 8 or No. 9 seed?

In the history of the NCAA Tournament, eight No. 8 seeds have advanced to the Final Four overall, including a record two in 2000 (North Carolina and Wisconsin), neither of which made it to the national title game. Last season, the Tar Heels pushed past the Final Four, defeating Duke 81-77 to reach the national championship before falling to Kansas 72-69. Only two No. 9 seeds have ever reached the Final Four – Pennsylvania in 1979 and Wichita State in 2013 – but neither went on to play for the championship.


No. 8 vs No. 9 Betting History

In 2015, all four No. 8 seeds won, but only Oregon and San Diego State covered the closing spread. Only NC State managed to get past the second round, but the Wolfpack got bounced just one round later than their eighth-seeded counterparts.

Going back a few years, No. 8 Butler made it all the way to the national championship game in 2011, one of five times that has ever happened. In 2014, Kentucky got that far as well and closed as a 2.5-point favorite against No. 7 seed Connecticut in a 60-54 loss. In 1980, UCLA was a No. 8 seed and lost to No. 2 Louisville. And the 1985 Villanova team upset No. 1 Georgetown to win it all, becoming the lowest seed to ever win the NCAA title, which is still the case today.

There was an anomaly during the 2016 bracket, as all four No. 8 seeds closed as pups against No. 9. Though none of those lines got any higher than 3.5 points, it was interesting to see the supposedly better team as an underdog in each outing. As one might expect, all of those outings were close with three victories coming by seven points or less. Ultimately, it didn’t matter as every winner of this matchup got bounced in the second round against a No. 1 seed.

March Madness 8 vs 9 Betting History FAQ

Where can I bet on the 8 vs 9 seed March Madness games?

You can bet on the 8 vs 9 seed March Madness games online at the best March Madness betting sites. Our Division 1 Men's Tournament best books page provides the top sites to bet on March Madness. Every NCAAB sportsbook listed as the best place to bet on March Madness is ranked and rated through our expert reviews.

How do I know what kind of bets I can make on the 8 vs 9 seed games for March Madness?

The bets you can make on the 8 vs 9 seed games for March Madness can easily be found on our How to Bet on March Madness page. Our NCAA Tournament betting guide consists of March Madness betting strategy and March Madness betting tips. Sort through the betting options to figure out the best way to place bets on March Madness 8 vs 9 seed games.

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