College Football Injury Report and bowl season injuries

College Football Injury Report: Bowl Season Injuries

The 2021-22 college football bowl season is upon us and you need to stay up to date on the latest roster moves, COVID-19 positive tests and coaching changes that will impact NCAAF’s biggest games of the year.

On this page, we’ll break down the latest college football injury report news and notes for the season’s remaining bowl games. This info will complement the betting trends you rely on with roster news and key college football injuries to help your NCAAF money-making endeavors.

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College Football Injury Report

Here are the known and reported injuries for the remaining college football bowl games as of December 29, 2021. Check back daily for updated college football injuries to inform your NCAAF bowl bets!

Mayo Bowl Injury Report

The Game: North Carolina vs South Carolina - Dec. 30

North Carolina:
No Reported Injuries

South Carolina:
DB J. Dickerson - Questionable, Ankle
OL D. Wonnum - Questionable
WR J. Brooks - Out, Personal
WR R. Powers - Out
DL R. Fitten - Out
LB S. Greene - Out, Knee
QB L. Doty - Out, Foot
DL R. Sandidge - Out
WR R. Davis - Out
QB J. Helfrich - Out, Heart

Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl Injury Report

The Game: Pittsburgh vs Michigan State - Dec. 30

WR M. Stovall - Probable
WR J. Barden - Questionable
WR T. Mack - Out
QB K. Pickett - Out, Personal

Michigan State:
WR J. Nailor - Probable, Hand
TE T. Hunt - Doubtful
WR I. Stewart - Questionable
OL J. Horst - Questionable, Illness
DT S. Barrow - Questionable
RB K. Walker III - Out, Personal
DE J. Camper - Out
WR R. White - Out, Personal
LB C. Casteel - Out, Leg

Music City Bowl Injury Report

The Game: Tennessee vs Purdue - Dec. 30

QB H. Hooker - Questionable, Hand
OL K. Harris - Out
LB J. Mitchell - Out

WR M. Wright - Out
DE G. Karlaftis - Out, Personal
WR D. Bell - Out, Personal
RB J. Cross - Out, Personal
CB C. Trice - Out, Knee
WR A. Yaseen - Out
WR M. Rice - Out, Foot
RB S. James - Out, Eligibility
OL D. Washington - Out, Toe
TE J. Cravaack - Out, Knee

Las Vegas Bowl Injury Report

The Game: Wisconsin vs Arizona State - Dec. 30

OL J. Tippmann - Questionable
OL L. Bruss - Questionable
TE J. Eschenbach - Out
FB J. Chenal - Out
LB S. Lytle - Questionable
LB M. Strey - Questionable
WR A. Abbott - Questionable
RB J. Acker - Questionable
TE C. Large - Out
TE H. Rucci - Out
RB C. Mellusi - Out, Knee
LB A. Witt - Out, Leg
TE C. Cundiff - Out
RB I. Guerendo - Out, Leg
LS D. McKinley - Out, Leg
CB A. Ashford - Out, Arm
TE C. Dakovich - Out, Leg

Arizona State:
TE C. Hodges - Probable
OL H. Hattis - Questionable
TE J. Conyers - Questionable
DB E. Fields - Questionable
DB W. Harts - Questionable
DB J. Jones - Out, Personal
WR J. Wilson - Out, Hamstring
TE J. Ray - Out
RB J. He - Out, Elbow
DL J. Lole - Out, Tricep

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Gator Bowl Injury Report

The Game: Wake Forest vs Rutgers - Dec. 31

Wake Forest:
WR J. Roberson - Out, Personal
OL J. Nash - Out
LB C. Monroe - Out
WR D. Greene - Out

No Reported Injuries

Sun Bowl Injury Report

The Game: Washington State vs Central Michigan - Dec. 31

Washington State:
DB A. Archie - Out
WR B. Gray - Out
WR R. Bell - Out

Central Michigan:
QB J. Keller - Out
RB K. Lewis - Out, Knee
DB D. McNary - Out
WR D. Law - Out
WR T. Davis - Out, Knee
DL R. Stuart - Out

Cotton Bowl Injury Report

The Game: Cincinnati vs Alabama - Dec. 31

K C. Smith - Questionable

LB K. Koht - Questionable, Foot
WR J. Earle - Questionable
DB J. Jobe - Out
WR J. Metchie III - Out, Knee
RB R. Williams - Out, Knee
RB C. Wheaton - Out, Knee
RB J. McClellan - Out, Knee
LB C. Allen - Out

Orange Bowl Injury Report

The Game: Georgia vs Michigan - Dec. 31

RB K. Milton - Questionable, Knee
WR L. McConkey - Probable
LB A. Anderson - Out, Suspension
WR A. Smith - Out, Leg
CB J. Kimber - Out, Shoulder
LB R. Davis - Out, Quad
DB T. Smith - Out, Knee
WR A. Gilbert - Out, Personal
OL T. Ratledge - Out, Foot

RB B. Corum - Probable, Ankle
WR R. Bell - Out, Knee

Outback Bowl Injury Report

The Game: Penn State vs Arkansas - Jan. 1

Penn State:
WR. J Dotson - Out, Personal
S J. Brisker - Out, Personal
QB T. Roberson - Questionable
OL R. Walker - Questionable
LB E. Brooks - Out, Personal
DT P. Mustipher - Out, Knee
OL S. Wormley - Out
DT H. Beamon - Out

QB K. Renfro - Out, Knee
DL D. Gerald - Out, Leg

Fiesta Bowl Injury Report

The Game: Oklahoma State vs Notre Dame - Jan. 1

Oklahoma State:
RB J. Warren - Probable

Notre Dame:
RB K. Williams - Questionable, Personal
S K. Hamilton - Out, Knee
WR A. Davis - Out, Knee
OL B. Fisher - Out, Knee
TE C. Berrong - Out, Knee
WR J. Wilkins Jr. - Out, Knee
DL O. Ekwonu - Out, Achilles
LB M. Liufau - Out, Ankle

Citrus Bowl Injury Report

The Game: Iowa vs Kentucky - Jan. 1

RB T. Goodson - Out, Personal
DL E. Hurkett - Out, Leg

WR I. Epps - Out
WR J. Ali - Out
WR D. Crowdus - Out
TE K. Upshaw - Out
WR C. Thomas Jr. - Out, Knee

Rose Bowl Injury Report

The Game: Utah vs Ohio State - Jan. 1

OL J. Kump - Out, Leg
LS K. Markgraf - Out
DT V. Moala - Out
CB J. Broughton - Out
S R. Hubert - Out, Achilles

Ohio State:
T N. Petit-Frere - Out
DT H. Garrett - Out, Personal
WR C. Olave - Out, Personal
WR G. Wilson - Out
CB S. Banks - Questionable
RB M. Teague III - Probable
DT J. McKenzie - Out
RB M. Crowley - Out
OL H. Miller - Out, Leg
DE N. Potter - Out
K J. Seibert - Out
LB M. Melton - Out
WR K. Babb - Out
CB J. Johnson - Out
S J. Dunn - Out
S J. Proctor - Out, Leg
DE T. Friday - Out, Knee
S J. Johnson - Out, Knee

Sugar Bowl Injury Report

The Game: Baylor vs Ole Miss - Jan. 1

QB B. Shapen - Doubtful, Shoulder
QB G. Bohanon - Probable, Hamstring

Ole Miss:
K C. Costa - Questionable

Texas Bowl Injury Report

The Game: LSU vs Kansas State - Jan. 4

Injury Reports TBD

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