Sun Bowl Betting History

Played annually in late December in El Paso, Texas, the Sun Bowl has enjoyed an illustrious history since the inaugural edition of the game was played on New Year’s Day 1935.

That contest featured a matchup between local high school squads, but also coincided with the debut of both the Sugar Bowl and Orange Bowl, which join the Sun Bowl as the second-oldest bowl games in the nation, behind only the legendary Rose Bowl.

The Sun Bowl has made history on a number of occasions during its nine decades. The 1940 Sun Bowl marked just the second time a major bowl game ended in a scoreless tie. The Arizona State Bulldogs took on the Catholic University Cardinals on windswept New Year’s Day, with the two squads combining to complete just three pass attempts and compile just 16 total passing yards while punting 23 times.

Conversely, the 2005 Sun Bowl set the record at the time for most points scored in a bowl game, as the UCLA Bruins topped Northwestern 50-38 as 3-point underdogs in their third Sun Bowl appearance. A decade earlier, future Super Bowl Sportsbook Priest Holmes earned MVP honors after electrifying fans with a four-touchdown performance in the Texas Longhorns’ 35-31 win over North Carolina in 1994.

Over 80 teams have participated in the Sun Bowl during its long history, with the Texas Tech Red Raiders making a record nine appearances but earning just one victory, a 25-14 win over Pacific back in 1952. Starting in 2014, the Sun Bowl is contested by teams from the ACC and Pac-12.

The 2018 Sun Bowl features the Pittsburgh Panthers and the Stanford Cardinal. For the latest odds, a free pick and handicapping information, visit our Sun Bowl Game Center

Sun Bowl History
Year Bowl Team Score Team Score Spread ATS Sportsbook SU Sportsbook
1995 Sun Bowl Iowa 38 Washington 18 -5 IOWA IOWA
1996 Sun Bowl Stanford 38 Michigan State 0 -8 STANFO STANFO
1997 Sun Bowl Arizona State 17 Iowa 7 -7.5 ARIZST ARIZST
1998 Sun Bowl Southern Cal 19 TCU 28 +17.5 TCU TCU
1999 Sun Bowl Minnesota 20 Oregon 24 +2 OREG OREG
2000 Sun Bowl UCLA 20 Wisconsin 21 -4.5 UCLA WISCSN
2001 Sun Bowl Purdue 27 Washington State 33 -6 Push WSHST
2002 Sun Bowl Purdue 34 Washington 24 -2 PURDUE PURDUE
2003 Sun Bowl Oregon 30 Minnesota 31 -5.5 OREG MINN
2004 Sun Bowl Arizona State 27 Purdue 23 -7.5 ARIZST ARIZST
2005 Sun Bowl Northwestern 38 UCLA 50 -3 UCLA UCLA
2006 Sun Bowl Missouri 38 Oregon State 39 -3.5 MIZZOU OREGST
2007 Sun Bowl Oregon 56 South Florida 21 -5.5 OREG OREG
2008 Sun Bowl Pittsburgh 0 Oregon State 3 -1.5 OREGST OREGST
2009 Sun Bowl Stanford 27 Oklahoma 31 -10.5 STANFO OKLA
2010 Sun Bowl Notre Dame 33 Miami 17 -2.5 NOTRD NOTRD
2011 Sun Bowl Utah 30 Georgia Tech 27 -1.5 UTAH UTAH
2012 Sun Bowl Georgia Tech 21 USC 7 -9.5 GATECH GATECH
2013 Sun Bowl Virginia Tech 12 UCLA 42 -7 UCLA UCLA
2014 Sun Bowl Duke 31 Arizona State 36 -7.5 DUKE ARIZST
2015 Sun Bowl Miami 14 Washington State 20 -3 WSHST WSHST
2016 Sun Bowl Stanford 25 North Carolina 23 +2.5 UNC STANFO
2017 Sun Bowl NC State 52 Arizona State 31 +4.5 NC STATE NC STATE
2018 Sun Bowl Pittsburgh 13 Stanford 14 -3.5 Pittsburgh Stanford