Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce featured in Super Bowl 58 Taylor Swift bets

Super Bowl 58 Bets But Make Them Taylor Swift

There's more Super Bowl 58 bets for you to play with and these ones are special because they revolve around Taylor Swift (in case you didn't know, she is dating Travis Kelce, the NFL has been keeping it pretty quiet).

If you're excited, keep scrolling. If you're groaning, named Brad or Chad -- just hear me out. This is the perfect time for you to convert your Swiftie buddy or partner into the sports betting world. Finally, someone will be excited to hear about your 16-leg parlay that's a lock!

These Taylor Swift same-game parlays make everything crystal clear. 

super bowl 58 taylor swift bets

There is a whole new football fanbase and it's proper to make them feel welcome. Being new to a sport and betting can be intimidating, but there's no judgment when learning something new! 

If language and terms ever get confusing, our How To Bet NFL is handy. If you can investigate Taylor's Easter eggs in her music, you are more than capable of understanding this!

Super Bowl 58 bets featuring taylor swift song titles
BLANK SPACE - Scoreless Quarter In The Game+250
KARMA - Nick Bosa To Record 5+ Tackles & Assists+250
DON'T BLAME ME - Christian McCaffrey 100+ Rushing Yards & To Score 2+ TDs+300
I KNEW YOU WERE TROUBLE - Brock Purdy To Throw 3+ Passing TDs+300
BAD BLOOD - Nick Bosa & Chase Young Both To Record 1+ Sacks+400
LOVE STORY - Travis Kelce 2+ TDs & Chiefs To Win Outright+550
CRUEL SUMMER - Chiefs To Lead At Half-Time But Fail To Win (Moneyline)+600
LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO - Travis Kelce 2+ TDs & 100+ Receiving Yards+750
ENCHANTED - Travis Kelce 100+ Receiving Yards & 10+ Receptions+800
IS IT OVER NOW? - Brock Purdy To Throw 300+ Passing Yards & Christian McCaffrey To Score 2+ TDs+900
ANTI-HERO - Patrick Mahomes To Throw 3+ INTs+1200
STYLE - Chiefs To Win (Moneyline) & Travis Kelce To Win Super Bowl 58 MVP+1800
BETTER THAN REVENGE - 49ers To Win By 21 Points Or More & Patrick Mahomes To Throw 2+ INTs+2500
GORGEOUS - Patrick Mahomes To Throw 350+ Passing Yards & Score Rushing TD+2800
SHAKE IT OFF - Both Patrick Mahomes & Brock Purdy NOT To Get Sacked+3300
YOU NEED TO CALM DOWN - Patrick Mahomes 400+ Passing Yards & Travis Kelce 2+ TDs+3300

best taylor swift super bowl 58 bets

There's a whole discography of bets above, let's break down the best ones. 

LOVE STORY - Travis Kelce 2+ TDs & Chiefs To Win (Moneyline)

Statistically, Kelce has never hit the endzone twice in the three Super Bowls he has played in. Touchdown-wise, he's not putting up his best numbers either.

Travis Kelce Stats In Super Bowl Seasons
YearTouchdowns (Regular + Post Season)Receiving Yards (Regular + Post Season)

But, he is having the best time of his life. Flashback to last season when the Kelce brothers squared off in the championship, Travis snuck 81 yards and a single touchdown. The Eagles allowed 208 passing yards per game last season. Meanwhile, the 49ers currently allow around 232 passing YPG. So, there's a bit more wiggle room. 

Kelce definitely knows there's a group of people rooting against him strictly because of his relationship. But, in true Travis fashion, it's only motivating him more. Plus, Mahomes and Kelce both said "Love Story" is one of their favorite songs so that's got to count for something. 

Tay Tip #1: What the heck is a moneyline? In honor of Miss Swift winning her record-breaking fourth Album of the Year, let's put it this way. Taylor has 52 Grammy nominations (bets, aka things she could've won) and has won 14 of them (moneylines). So, the Chiefs need to win the game for the moneyline to cash.  

BAD BLOOD - Nick Bosa & Chase Young Both To Record 1+ Sacks

This title is accurate because we'd need to be cheering for the enemy for this to hit -- just a tad though! For Bosa, this bet is totally possible. He has recorded 12.5 sacks total this season, including two in the NFC Championship against Detroit. Clearly, he'll show up when it matters most and what bigger stakes than the Super Bowl?

It'll be Young who makes this bet a nail-biter. The 24-year-old has 10 sacks so far. But, has hit the one mark since mid-November. But, like I said, everyone will be eager to shut down Mahomes. 

Tay Tip #2: A sack is basically the physical version of what Taylor did to Scooter Braun by re-recording her albums -- put him on his ass.

DON'T BLAME ME - Christian McCaffrey 100+ Rushing Yards & To Score 2+ TDs 

Again, sorry for talking about the bad guys but don't blame me for the bets the sportsbooks release. McCaffrey, better known as Olivia Culpo's fiance for my TikTok girlies, is a beast. He leads the league with 1,459 rushing yards, which is basically the equivalent to Taylor's song going No. 1 on the charts. 

This bet will come down to the wire, though. The 27-year-old has had a duo of touchdowns in each playoff meeting this season. But, he's just been on the brink of eclipsing 100 yards, earning 98 against Green Bay and 90 against Detroit. But, McCaffrey is the go-to guy on the field so this is totally probable. At +300, our odds calculator shows that a $10 bet would payout $40. 

Tay Tip #3: If you're new to betting, let me caution you that hitting a pick never really comes easy. Waiting for a player to hit a prop seems to always come down to the final minutes. I know you've been patient waiting for Taylor to announce her Reputation album, so use that same collectiveness when monitoring your bets.  

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