Tyreek Hill's Miami Dolphins favored in our Dolphins vs Jets picks and odds

NFL Teaser Bet Of The Week: Fins, Fins, Fins!

Gaming the spread is arguably the most rewarding part of NFL betting. Sure you can swing big on touchdown wagers or player props, but there's nothing as satisfying (or as lucrative) as consistently nailing which teams will cover.

Teaser bets are a great way to tinker with each week's betting lines and cash big. There are some juicy lines in Week 4, so here is my best teaser bet for the NFL's opening slate of games.

NFL Teaser Bet Of The Week

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NFL Teaser Bet: Week 4
Philadelphia Eagles (vs Commanders)(-8.0 to -2.0)
Miami Dolphins (vs Bills)(+2.5 to +8.5)
Baltimore Ravens (vs Browns)(+3.0 to +9.0)

We're using a six-point teaser, meaning this parlay is awarded +150 odds (40% implied chance), per our odds calculator, and a $100 bet would pay out $250.

Why Eagles, Dolphins, and Ravens?

Well, the Eagles pick is easy. After the Commanders got annihilated by the Bills last week, I'm expecting Philly's defense to crush QB Sam Howell yet again. And if the Eagles' defensive line doesn't choke him, the team's ball-hawking secondary will carry the load. All told we can tease this pick up to -8.0.

The Dolphins might not need an extra six points, but why risk it? Miami put a royal whooping on the Broncos last Sunday, so that momentum can easily carry into Week 4 vs Buffalo

Lastly, we can tease the Ravens to +9.0. Cleveland's defense has been a brick wall, and that'll be challenging, but Lamar and the Birds will find a way, I'm sure. Perhaps Baltimore won't win straight up, but the squad can cover +9.0.