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Computer Picks Results - Last 100 Games
Last 100 To Win Moneyline Total O/U
$ Units (Opening)-$1377-$1061-$1397
$ Units (Closing)-$1360-$1288-$1117
Record (Opening)47 - 48 - 354 - 43 - 140 - 51 - 7
Record (Closing)47 - 48 - 353 - 44 - 142 - 50 - 6

We've combined statistical analysis and machine learning to make these computer picks. The table above shows you how the computer has done in its last 100 picks against the moneyline, spread (puckline), and the total with $100 units. 

Seeing where the computer has had success (or has failed) can give you some insight into where the betting value might lie going forward.

How to Use the NHL Computer Picks Table

Use our computer picks as the starting point in your handicapping journey. Our computer analyzes every stat in our database and chooses the bet that has the most likely outcome. Now use our other tools to do your own research and see if that research agrees or disagrees with the computer.


An NHL moneyline bet is simple – all you need to do is pick a winner. Whether that’s in regulation or overtime, they don't ask how but how many, right?

TeamMoneyline Odds
Edmonton Oilers-130
Florida Panthers+110

As with all moneyline odds, the team with the minus (-) is the favorite, while the side with the plus (+) is the underdog.

Betting $100 on Edmonton at -130 would net you $176 in winnings (if they win the game), $76 of profit plus your initial $100 wager. Conversely, if you bet on Florida and they win you get $210 -- $110 in profit plus your initial $100 bet.

Spread (Puckline)

The puckline is the NHL's version of the spread, where each team is given a certain amount of goals to either win/lose by. Unlike the NFL or the NBA, the NHL spread doesn't typically change from 1.5 for each side. The spread is designed to make betting on the favorite more enticing. 

TeamMoneyline OddsPuckline Odds
Edmonton Oilers-130-1.5 (-110)
Florida Panthers+110+1.5 (-180)

The favorite (Edmonton at -1.5) would need to win by at least two goals for the bet to cash. If Edmonton wins by two or more goals - in other words "covers the bet" - you'd get $191 in winnings instead of $176 by taking them on the moneyline.

There are two ways for the underdog (Florida at +1.5) to "cover" a +1.5 puckline bet. They can lose by a single goal or win outright to cash! The odds are shorter but you've got options on this bet. 


With a total bet, you're wagering on the total number of goals scored by both teams. You aren't backing any single side to win.

TeamTotal Odds
Edmonton OilersO5.5 (-115)
Florida PanthersU5.5 (-105)


Sportsbooks will set a line for the game, in this case, it's 5.5 goals. Your job is to figure out if Edmonton and Florida will score more or less than 5.5 goals (not counting the shootout).

If you see a line that's an even number, like 6.0, those bets can end in a push where your wager is refunded if the game ends at exactly six goals.

More NHL Picks & Betting Tools

You know what the moneyline, spread (puckline) and total bets are, you're ready to start betting on NHL hockey. But before you just start placing bets with your gut, make sure to check out our betting tools and betting guides.

They can guide you with more than just moneyline, spread and total bets but they can help you find value in the futures and player props markets as well. 

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