Drysdale helps Philadelphia Flyers playoff odds

Jamie Drysdale Trade Makes Flyers Playoffs Odds Way More Valueable

The Philadelphia Flyers are an afterthought when it comes to the Stanley Cup with odds at +6000. That means they're also an afterthought when it comes to just making the playoffs. Philly's chances to make the postseason are at 57% with +140 odds. That's some incredible value.

Halfway through the NHL season, the black-and-orange are third in the Metropolitan Division and hold one of three seeded postseason spots. Obviously, oddsmakers don't believe that will last.

But a recent trade for defenseman Jamie Drysdale could help prove those oddsmakers wrong and allow you to cash in on that incredible value.

Trading For A Big Need

By trading Cutter "I-don't-want-to-be-a-Flyer" Gauthier to the Anaheim Ducks, Philadelphia got a second-round pick two years from now and the aforementioned Drysdale. A right-shot puck-moving defenseman who's only 21 years old.

A 21-year-old who's exactly what the Flyers need.

The immediate and most obvious benefit is how bringing in the right-shot Drysdale gives the Flyers' backend balance. Prior to the trade, Philly dressed four lefties and two righties. Now, all three pairs have a lefty-righty split. 

Moving The Puck Up The Ice

But the biggest win in adding Drysdale is his excellent transitional skills. This is a player whose carried exits and entries per 60 are similar to some of the best transitional D's in the league. Just look at this graph. First, notice that Drysdale is neck-and-neck with Makar and then notice that you can't find a single current Flyer. 

This is a kid who has a remarkable ability to move the puck out of danger and into a scoring spot for his team. Something the Broad Street Bullies just don't have. 

Of course, that data tells the tale of how the Flyers' new number nine moves the puck out of the defensive zone and into the offensive zone. But how about what he does when that puck gets to the offensive zone? His individual Corsi-for (unblocked shots on or towards the net) are better than any Flyer D-man, by a healthy margin.

Considering that Philly has the seventh-most shots per game it's impressive that Drysdale is that much better than all of his new teammates.

Flyers D iCF/60
Jamie Drysdale12.81
Rasmus Ristolainen11.00
Sean Walker10.62
Nick Seeler10.22
Travis Sanheim8.79
Egor Zamula8.16
Louie Belpedio8.07
Cam York7.49
Marc Staal7.21


Making The Dance

To me, with this addition, and with the way Philadelphia is playing in a weak Metropolitan Division I'm sure the Flyers will make the playoffs. So I really like those +140 odds to make the postseason this year. Per our odds calculator, that's an excellent $11.40 in profits on a $10 bet. 

With all that being said, I'd also start betting the OVER on Drysdale's shot props. He's averaging 2.1 shots on net this year as a member of a Ducks side that ranks 24th for shots on goal. I would imagine the line for Drysdale's shot prop will start at 1.5.

Considering how much Philly shoots the puck - again they rank seventh for shots on net - and with how important Drysdale is going to be to Philly's offensive game - I have no doubt he's going to smash that line. 

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