NHL Global Series Betting Trends

The Favorites Are Incredibly Profitable In NHL's Global Series

For years now the NHL's Global Series has brought its game to international crowds. We've got the next set of games from the Global Series with the Toronto Maple Leafs, Ottawa Senators, Minnesota Wild and Detroit Red Wings battling in Sweden.

Let's look at some betting trends when the 'Chel goes international.

Bet Favorites In NHL Global Series Games

NHL Global Series Game Trends
Favorites (Moneyline)16-5 (76%)
Totals (UNDER)10-8-3 (56%)


The parity of the NHL seemingly stays in North America when teams go overseas. The favs have won 76% of the time since 2010. And they've been insanely profitable in the process. 

With the favs 16-5 records, they've generated 5.8 units of profits. The fav has also been on a seven-game winning streak in Global Series play. Sure, the average return is only 0.28 units but betting the favorite isn't designed to return big payouts.

If you're looking to bet on the total, go for the UNDER. We've seen it hit 56% since 2010. The average score has been 5.7 goals in the last 21 Global Series games. Maybe package the fav and the under in a same-game parlay?

How Teams Perform When Returning to North America

There's a lot of miles and a big time change that goes into playing international games. We know that NHL players are creatures of habit. Changing their schedule could throw off everything.

But a 12-10-2 record on a team's first contest after coming back from international play suggests that they aren't affected negatively. 

When it comes to scoring. We see an average of 6.13 goals scored on a team's first game back in NA. Focus on the last five years (2018 to 2022) and the average score jumps up to 7.17 goals on that first post-international travel game.

So I'd bet the OVER on the Leafs, Sens, Wild and Red Wings next game when they get back home.

Recent NHL Global Series Game Results

NHL Global Series Betting Results (Last 5 Results)
DateWinning TeamLineLosing TeamLineTotalOVER/UNDER
Nov. 5, 2022Avalanche-240Blue Jackets+2106.5UNDER
Nov. 4, 2022Avalanche-255Blue Jackets+2156.5OVER
Oct. 8, 2022Predators-175Sharks+1556.0UNDER
Oct. 7, 2022Predators-200Sharks+1705.5UNDER
Nov. 9, 2019Lightning-165Sabres+1456.5OVER


You'll see our trends in clear focus here. The favorite has won all five contests and the UNDER has hit three times (60%). So keep that in mind over the next four games in Stockholm, Sweden.

What Are This Year's NHL Global Series Games?

The NHL is taking four teams to Stockholm, Sweden to showcase their game to a passionate Swedish (and European) fanbase.

  • November 16: Detroit Red Wings vs. Ottawa Senators at 2 PM ET
  • November 17: Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Detroit Red Wings at 2 PM ET
  • November 18: Minnesota Wild vs. Ottawa Senators at 11 AM ET
  • November 19: Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Minnesota Wild at 8 AM ET

Get the coffee on! Not so you can stay up late to watch the game, but so you have something to drink as you try to wake up! We've got some early starts with the Global Series closing out with an 8 AM puck drop between the Leafs and Wild. 

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