Golden Knights have been recent playoff win rate. Stanley Cup Betting Trends

Stanley Cup Playoff Betting Trends: Vegas Has Best Win Rate

If you're having a tough go betting on these NHL Stanley Cup playoffs we've got some information to help your playoff hockey bets. We’ll break down the best playoff teams and players from the last 15 years. 

Best NHL Playoff Teams: Betting Trends

Best Stanley Cup Playoff Betting Records (Last 15 Years)
TeamRecordWin RateBetting Profit ($100 Unit)
Vegas Golden Knights51-3361%+$988.55
Tampa Bay Lightning97-6659.5%+$1,964.70
Chicago Blackhawks80-5758.4%+$931.15
Colorado Avalanche52-4155.9%-$2.72
Pittsburgh Penguins102-8355.1%-$168.62
Boston Bruins96-8154.2%-$264.24
Detroit Red Wings56-4853.8%-$474.87
Dallas Stars54-4952.4%+973.40
Los Angeles Kings51-4752%+$738.76
Anaheim Ducks45-4450.6%+$11.98

Results as of June 4, 2023

It’s no surprise that the Tampa Bay Lightning, winners of two of the last three Stanley Cups, have been the best playoff performers over the last decade and a half. After two straight championships, the Lightning made it all the way to the Stanley Cup Final once again last season before falling to the Colorado Avalanche. What is of note, however, is just how much money they’ve won bettors.

Despite posting only a marginally better win percentage than some of the other top playoff teams, the Lightning has been easily the most profitable club in recent playoff memory at a whopping +$1,964.70 for $100 bettors. That's impressive mainly because Tampa is usually the favorite when entering the playoffs. Generating nearly $2,000 of profits shows you just how much winning they've done.

The only team left in the 2023 playoffs that find themselves on this list is the Golden Knights. The Knights, who've only existed for six years, have the best wining percentage and one of the largest profit margins, which is absolutely wild.

Stanley Cup Playoff Home Advantage

Best NHL Playoff Records At Home (Last 15 Years)
TeamRecordWin RateBetting Profit ($100 Unit)
Chicago Blackhawks48-2070.6%+$1154.44
Vegas Golden Knights29-1565.9%+$446.79
Detroit Red Wings32-1765.3%+$251.68
Carolina Hurricanes26-1563.4%+$401.38
San Jose Sharks41-2859.4%+$16.23
Pittsburgh Penguins56-3958.9%-$471.92
Colorado Avalanche28-2058.3%-$184.77
New York Rangers40-3057.1%-$39.21
Tampa Bay Lightning48-3657.1%-$374.01
Boston Bruins53-4057%-$488.72

Results as of May 9, 2023

The regular season’s best Western Conference squad has a home record worth noting. The Vegas Golden Knights have the second-best home winning percentage among playoff teams over the last 15 years with a 65.9 percent win rate (29-15). 

But in these playoffs, away teams are performing better with a 36-26 SU record (55 percent). So while the home team always has an advantage in the NHL, the road team has performed very well. Betting on the road team will find you some extra value in these playoffs.

Vegas currently holds the best away record in the 2023 playoffs, going 3-0. Florida isn't bad either with a 5-1SU (83 percent) record away from home.

Clutch Teams: Game 7 Playoff Records

Best Game 7 NHL Playoff Records (Last 15 Years)
TeamRecordWin RateBetting Profit ($100 Unit)
Montreal Canadiens5-183.3%+$762.63
Los Angeles Kings4-180%+$339.03
Carolina Hurricanes4-180%+$418.97
New York Rangers8-372.7%+$425.10
San Jose Sharks5-271.4%+$146.13
New Jersey Devils2-166.7%+$81.00
Vegas Golden Knights2-166.7%-$5.56
Tampa Bay Lightning5-362.5%+$181.39
Philadelphia Flyers3-260%+$100.61

Results as of May 9, 2023

If the Stanley Cup Finals were to come down to a Game 7, the Golden Knights have the edge. With a 2-1 record compared to Florida's 1-1 record.

Though to the Panthers' credit, that single Game 7 win came in these playoffs against the record-setting Boston Bruins. With that in mind, I wouldn't be so quick to bet against Florida in the hypothetical situation of a Game 7 in the Cup finals.

Playoff Heroes To Bet On:

Top Active NHL Playoff Goal Scorers
Alex Ovechkin68
Joe Pavelski67
Sidney Crosby62
Evgeni Malkin57
Nikita Kucherov53
Patrick Kane53
Brad Marchand53
Ondrej Palat51
Patrice Bergeron49
Logan Couture48

Results as of June 4, 2023

The legend of playoff Joe Pavelski continues to grow. After taking a big hit in Game 1 of Dallas's first-round series against Minnesota, the 38-year-old veteran came back in Game 1 of the second round with a bang. The American forward scored all four of the Stars' goals in that game against Seattle. 

Only Alex Ovechkin stands in Pavelski's way to take the crown for the most playoff goals in the last 15 years. But if you filter for active players, Pavelski leads at 73 playoff goals. Ovie has 72.

If Pavelski wants to make it into the top 10 all-time for playoff goals he needs another seven goals to leapfrog legends Mario Lemieux (76 playoff goals), Jaromir Jagr (78) and Jean Beliveau (79).

How To Bet On The NHL Playoffs

You can bet on individual games and NHL player props, but one of the best ways to bet on the Stanley Cup playoffs is with a futures bet. At your sportsbook of choice, you’ll see Stanley Cup odds listed like this:

Tampa Bay Lightning +300
Carolina Hurricanes +450
Calgary Flames +500
Boston Bruins +800

If you believe that it’s the Hurricanes’ year, you can lay down $40 on the Canes to win the Cup. If they do win it all, you’d see a payout of $220 at the above odds – your original $40 is returned along with your winnings of $180.

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