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Pocket Aces Odds

Pocket aces are the best hand you can have before the flop in poker. They usually give you more than an 80 percent chance to win the hand. With odds of at least 1 to 4, most players expect to win with the hand, but sometimes we have to fold pocket aces if the board cards provide opponents with too many chances to beat them.

You will get pocket aces an average of once in every 221 hands you’re dealt (0.45 percent of the time). That makes it even more frustrating when your aces “get cracked” and you lose a big pot with them. Most of the time your aces will hold up, but there are a couple of spots where they’re likely beat by another hand.

If four of the five board cards are same suit, and neither of your aces are that suit, you’re likely up against a flush and are way behind. It takes only one card of that suit to beat your pocket aces and if you don’t have one, your hand has little value.

The same goes for a board of cards that has four to a straight. If any opponents have the cards to make the straight, you’re in the same spot as the previous flush example. If you find yourself in this type of situation, just check down the action or fold to any bet your opponents may make.

Pocket aces pay the best when your opponent hits top pair and they think they have the best hand. If a board of Kh-6d-7s comes off, and you have pocket aces, any player with a king is likely to send chips your way, thinking they have the best hand.

If an opponent shows a lot of aggression before the flop, it’s best to re-raise them with your aces so you can get as many chips in the middle as possible before the flop. It also helps to get other players out of the hand so your pocket aces maintain their high winning percentage. The more players in a hand, the lower your chances of winning will be with pocket aces.