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Four of a Kind Odds

Getting four of a kind in Texas Hold’em won’t happen to you very often. You have roughly a 1 in 4,100 chance to hit this monster hand on the flop, but this big hand isn’t always the best way to get chips from your opponents.

Hitting four of a kind means that the only hand in poker that can beat you is a straight flush. The odds of being up against a straight flush when you’ve hit four of a kind are over 1 in 88 million, and it’s unlikely that you’ll even see this happen — let alone be involved in a hand where it does occur.

Just because you hit a big hand like four of a kind doesn’t mean that you’re going to win a big pot. In order for you to have four of a kind, there has to be at least two of your cards on the board, and more often there will be three of them with the community cards.

Because you have all four of them, your opponents’ hands are going to be inferior, and when you have a big hand against a bunch of weak hands, it’s hard to get chips out of your opponents. They will see the likelihood of you having a big hand and will often get out of the way.

The best way to play a monster hand like four of a kind is to let your opponents catch up a bit. You do this by not betting your big hand. That lets the other players in the hand improve and it makes them think that you don’t have very much, especially a monster like four of a kind.

You want to induce the other players at the table to make a bet at the pot. If someone does, you should only call their bets, and only raise the action after the last card has been dealt out. That will give you the best chance to get paid on your four of a kind, otherwise your monster hand will be wasted and all you will win will be a small pot.