Today is the day that Donald Trump is arraigned. Here's how to bet on the day with Donald Trump Arrest odds

Donald Trump Arrest Odds: Will He Wear A Red Tie?

Former U.S. president Donald Trump traveled to New York ahead of a court appearance scheduled for Wednesday, when the 45th president of the United States will become the first ever to hold that office to be charged in a criminal case. 

It’s something the entire world will be watching. Not just political pundits but sportsbooks as well because there’s money to be made based on how the day transpires.

Donald Trump Arrest Odds: Catching Up

When I first published this piece, we didn’t know whether or not Trump would turn himself in. The line was +300 for “yes.” So good job to all of you who believed the former Republican president would hand himself over peacefully to the authorities. We know he’s in New York and we believe that Trump, accompanied by his Secret Service detail, will arrive at the District Attorney’s Office sometime today.

With Trump demanding his supporters protest, that bet wasn’t an obvious one to make.

At the time of the original post, we also didn’t know if he was going to be charged or not. The books favored a “yes” answer there with -175 odds. Again, congrats to those of you who put your money down on that.

That too wasn’t clear at the time. All we had was a post on Trump’s “Truth Social” two weeks ago stating he would be arrested.

Donald Trump Arrest Odds: Tie Color

Primary Tie Color
Primary Tie ColorOdds
No Tie+450
Orange +3000
Bow Tie+5000

Applies to the predominant color of Donald Trump’s tie during his arrest in New York in April 2023 as covered in video footage by CNN.

It has to be red. That’s his whole look at the moment. Go ahead and search Google for images of Donald Trump and in the first 20 that come up, Trump is wearing a red tie in 15 of them. He’s got no tie in three, a blue tie in one and a red dotted tie in the other (which I guess technically counts as red too). 

And look, Trump has time to prepare to make this arraignment just right for PR. He’s going to be on brand from hair to tie. There’s no doubt he’ll be wearing a red tie.

Donald Trump Arrest Odds: Who Accompanies Him?

To Accompany Donald Trump At His Arraignment?
To Accompany TrumpOdds
Donald Trump Jr.-250
Eric Trump-150
Ivanka Trump+150
Melania Trump+300
Kanye West+2000

Applies to CNN video footage coverage of Donald Trump’s April 2023 arraignment in New York.

You’d think Melania Trump would be the easy answer here, but it seems as if Trump’s wife skipped the trip from Florida to New York. While she still supports her husband, she won’t be there to see him arraigned.

The best bet is for Eric Trump to be by his side. Trump’s third child from his first marriage was on the plane with his father as it left Florida for New York. At -150, you’ll get $67 of profit on a winning $100 bet for Eric to be there at the arraignment.

Donald Trump Arrest Odds: Other Markets

Don’t fancy any of those betting markets? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few more markets where you can bet on Trump’s arrest.

Trump Mar-a-Lago Speech: First Cliché

Trump’s First Cliché
First Speech ClichéOdds
What A Crowd+200
Our Country+600
Corrupt And Highly Political+750
Radical Left+900
Get Trump+1000
Illegal and Unconstitutional+1200
Make America Great Again+1200
Crooked Democrats+1500
Take Our Nation Back+1600
We’re Gonna Win+1600
I Am Not Guilty+2000
America First+2500
Simple Private Transaction+2500
There’s A Storm Coming+5000

Applies to Donald Trump’s speech remarks made from Mar-a-Lago following his April New York arrest. Bets void should no speech be covered on CNN by April 15, 2023.

Donald Trump Arrest odds: Specials

Trump Arrest Odds Specials
To Wear MAGA Hat During Arrest Or First Courthouse Appearance-175
To Be Smiling In His Official Mugshot-120
To Be Handcuffed During His Arrest Or First Courthouse Appearance+250

Applies to April 2023 New York felony arrest and to video footage coverage on CNN.

Other Donald Trump Arrest Specials

Trump Specials
Department Of Justice To Indict Donald Trump In 2023 In Relation To January 6 Events-150
Department Of Justice To Indict Donald Trump In 2023 In Relation To Classified Material-250
Donald Trump To Be Convicted Of A Felony And Serve Time In Prison Before 2025+500
Stormy Daniels To Be The Cover Star For Vogue In 2023+1600
Donald Trump’s Mugshot To Be Used On Trumpstore.Com Merchandise For Sale In 2023-105
‘Donald’ To Make The Top 100 Baby Names For 2023 According To Ssa.Gov+1000

Applies to April 2023 New York felony arrest and to video footage coverage on CNN.