Joe Biden is the heavy favorite for the Democratic nominee odds

2024 Democratic Nominee Odds: Positive Signs For Joe

The Democratic nominee is President Joe Biden. Of this, there is no doubt. His overwhelming victory during the Democratic primary season should all but confirm this. 

See how incumbent President Joe Biden and his Republican challenger stand for 2024 Presidential Odds.

2024 Democratic Nominee Odds

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2024 Democrat Party Nominee: It's All About Joe

The concerns about Biden's age have subsided from the fever pitch a few months back. Obviously, he hasn't grown younger. But, it seems that Republicans have moved on to other issues to complain about and age isn't it. At least for now.

Biden's got a number of policy wins on the books that could help sway voters by election date. Super annoying overdraft fees? Gone. Student debt traps? Gone. Keeping airlines accountable and honest? Yep. It may not be very green but, domestic oil production is on the rise. That matters to voters in the US.

Lately, the polls are favoring Biden. Sure, they are only slightly in Biden's favor. But favored is still favored. Keep in mind Trump was up by an average of two points on Biden in April but that's fallen to one point.

There are positive trends for Biden going into this election.

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