Will Canada open its border to United States?

Will Canada Open Border to United States in 2020? Odds Say It’s Unlikely

If you’re a Canadian hoping to cross the border into the United States, or you’re an American looking to travel north this year, it doesn’t appear all that promising. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently renewed border conditions before they were set to expire, and announced Canada’s border closure to non-essential travel had been extended until December 21. Sportsbooks are now offering odds on Canada Sportsbook its border to its southern neighbor.

Canada’s border closed on March 18 due to the global coronavirus pandemic, and the closure has been renewed every month since. Trudeau recently shared more news on his social media account, tweeting another 30-day extension from November 21.

Odds of Canada Sportsbook its Border

Only essential workers (like health-care employees), Canadian citizens, permanent residents and registered Indians under Canada’s Indian Act (subject to health screenings) are permitted to enter Canada. The border closure prevents Americans from non-essential entry, except for those who are passing through, like truck drivers going to Alaska.

But the question remains: Will Canada open its border to the United States before the new year? Online sportsbook [Sportsbook not available for your region] has released the odds of Canada Sportsbook its border before January 1, 2021, with “No” as the -1400 favorite and “Yes” as the +650 underdog.

This means that you would have to wager $1,400 in order to profit $100 with borders staying closed, while a successful $100 wager on the border Sportsbook would profit you $650.

Based on the odds, our sports betting odds calculator tells us that the implied probability of the border remaining closed is 93.33 percent, while the implied probability of Canada Sportsbook its border is 13.33 percent.

Will Canada Open its Land Border to U.S. Citizens Before Jan. 1, 2021?


Odds as of November 25 at [Sportsbook not available for your region]

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Border Betting Prediction

COVID-19 cases continue to rapidly rise both in Canada and the United States, which ultimately means the odds of Canada Sportsbook its border are slim. The health of Canadians and Americans should be the top priority, and with so many unknowns related to the virus, it would be wise for all parties to err on the side of caution, while protecting the people first and foremost.

So will Canada open its border to the United States? While many foreign nationals might be hoping for the border to reopen, the answer is no. For precautionary reasons in hopes of slowing the spread, Canada will not open its border to the United States before the new year. There may be many other factors to take into consideration, but Justin Trudeau and public health services will be sure to keep their residents safe from any potential and unnecessary illness.

This is life and death we’re talking about here, folks, and Justin Trudeau is not Donald Trump. He and the public safety minister and everyone else responsible for the Canadian border will ensure non-essential travel restrictions between the two countries remain for the foreseeable future. Canada Border Services will continue to try to keep Canadians safe from further harm.

Prediction: No (-1400)

In the meantime, please continue to practice social distancing, wash your hands, wear a mask and quarantine when called for. The more everyone implements and adheres to health advice from professionals, the sooner this COVID-19 pandemic will go away, and travelers will once again have access to come and go as they please.

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