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Premier League Title Odds 2021-22: Manchester City Build Big Lead

Manchester City leads Premier League Title Odds

Manchester City have built their lead in the Premier League to double digits. With more than half the season done, that could have a massive impact on the Premier League title odds as this campaign progresses. Is this season done or are there still some value options? Odds Shark breaks down the Premier League title odds below.

According to the Premier League title odds at BetOnline Sportsbook, Manchester City are the favorites to defend their title while value is provided by Liverpool (+900) and Chelsea (+2500).

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Who Are The English Premier League Betting Favorites?

Odds to Win 2021-22 English Premier League
Manchester City-1200
Manchester United+25000

Odds as of January 14 at BetOnline Sportsbook

Favorites To Win The Premier League

The Premier League title odds for the favorite have shortened drastically.

Manchester City (-1200)

Manchester City have been in simply stunning form in the last few weeks. They may have just won the Premier League through some sensational results during a busy festive period. While other teams in the EPL have not been bad, Manchester City have been perfect in the last few matches.

They have won five of their last five matches to extend their lead atop the EPL standings to 10 points after 21 matches. That is a sizable lead considering more than half the season is done. If they can somehow keep up this streak while others recover from the loss of players to Covid-19 and the African Cup of Nations, then this season is theirs to lose.

Their success, to the surprise of not many, has built around their offense, which has tallied 53 goals in 21 games at an average of close to three per match. Stunning by any measure of comparison because this is one of the most competitive leagues in the world. Their defense has also stepped up in a big way as they have conceded just 13 goals, which has lent itself to a massive goal difference of +40, comfortably the highest in the league.

“Football is every day,” manager Pep Guardiola said of Manchester City’s Saturday fixture against Chelsea. “The best games were in the last few days. Football is constant evolution. You have periods where you play good, the key is to sustain that for as long as possible. Tomorrow we face the European champion. An excellent team.”

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Outside Picks To Win The Premier League

Liverpool and Chelsea have now moved to the value category, especially at these Premier League title odds.

Liverpool (+900)

Liverpool are now third on the Premier League points table with 42 points in 20 games. Presently, they are 11 points behind league leaders Manchester City but they also have a game in hand, which could end up cutting that deficit down to single digits.

Liverpool have had a poor run of recent form, which has included just two points in their last two matches. That has cost them dearly because they now have to make up a large difference without two of their biggest stars, in Sadio Mane and Mo Salah, as they are away on international duty in the AFCON.

Liverpool now need to find replacements for their two offensive weapons. And they can, especially considering they have one of the league’s best offenses, having scored 52 goals in 20 games this season. Their goal to match ratio is better than that of even City.

“We have to build on how we started because that was good and then you don't think about that. There are so many things we can do, a lot of top counter-pressing moments, winning the ball back, going from there. This is needed in different situations. We have to play against deep formations, in between the lines, all these kinds of things. There's quick thinking – much more important than quick running,” manager Jurgen Klopp said.

Chelsea (+2500)

Chelsea’s Premier League title odds have now lengthened drastically and quickly, up to +2500 presently. And they have a massive match coming up against the league leaders in Manchester City on Saturday, which could have a massive impact on these Premier League title odds. It might be a bit of a stalemate with neither team willing to give up the defeat.

Chelsea have the second best defense in the EPL this season, having conceded just 16 goals this season. Draws in their last few games – four out of their last five – have possibly had a dire impact on their ability to challenge for the title.

“Man City opened the gap not over the last months, they opened the gap over the last years and I wasn't ever shy to say this,” Thomas Tuchel said. “We try to close it. We were self-confident enough to say we will try to close it from the first day of the season. This is what we did and we did it very good.”

Betting Strategy For EPL Winners 2021-22

There are a couple of factors to consider here. One, value. Two, likelihood. Manchester City are the likeliest to win, and the probability of them slipping up seems low at this stage. Liverpool and Chelsea both are terrific teams but they may not be able to stay with Manchester City without some of their better players.

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However, the second factor – value – now comes into play. Chelsea and Liverpool are such good teams that if Manchester City slip up, then they will be waiting to pounce. If you want to place a bet on Liverpool or Chelsea, now is the time. If you want to bet on Manchester City, the risk to reward ratio is too low, so stay away from that.

Premier League Odds To Finish Top 4

EPL odds to finish top 4
Manchester United+185
Tottenham Hotspur+200
West Ham United+200

Odds as of January 14 at Betway

Favorites To Finish Top 4

We are assuming Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool finish in the top three, which means there is just one spot left for the rest of the field. Still, there are favorites even in that pool, including …

Arsenal (+185) and Manchester United (+185) will be desperate to finish in the top four. Both teams have plenty of strength in history and in legacy. However, both teams have fallen away by the wayside in the last few years in the Premier League.

Arsenal are now positioned fifth with 35 points in 20 matches while Manchester United have managed just 31 points. However, both teams have one or more games in hand, which will play a part in these odds as the season progresses.

If I had to choose one between these two stalwarts, I would back Manchester United to finish in the top four. While their performances have tapered off in the last few games under new management, there is much more depth and quality, traits that bettors can rely on in the final few matches of the season.

Value Picks To Finish In Top 4

You never really know in the Premier League, especially with Covid-19 still prevalent.

Tottenham Hotspur (+200) leads the value options for this market. They have currently aggregated 33 points but they have played just 18 games, far fewer than several teams in and around on the Premier League table.

This transfer window will be a key place to watch to see how the Tottenham team shapes up for the rest of the season, but if they can keep their players or even not lose too many influential weapons, they could certainly be in the reckoning for a spot in the top four.

Another value option lies in West Ham United (+500), who seem to have found some of their strength and resolve through this season. Jarrod Bowen and Michail Antonio are teaming up neatly as they did in West Ham’s previous game in the FA Cup against Leeds United.

They currently have 37 points in 21 games, which could make this season very interesting down the stretch if they can maintain their current level of efficiency. It will also be key to ensure the team remains healthy as a new variant of Covid-19 passes through.

Odds Shark will be back next week for an update to the Premier League title odds as this season now kicks on rapidly after a break for the FA Cup. Stay tuned for more updates to the Premier League page.

Place A Bet On Premier League Odds Today

How To Read English Premier League Title Odds

Check out any soccer betting site and you’ll see the odds to win Premier League play displayed like this:

  • Manchester City +100
  • Liverpool +175

For a typical straight-up bet, the favorite would be denoted by the minus sign (-). Similar to a moneyline bet with a clear front-runner, the club with the lowest odds is the fave, the rest are underdogs.

Let’s say you believe that Liverpool is going to dominate the other teams on the pitch once again and win another EPL title. If you were to lay down $100 on them, you’d get a payout of $275 – your original money comes back, coupled with your prize of $175.

Use our Odds Calculator to find out what you’d win based on the amount bet and odds offered.

What Is A Premier League Futures Bet?

A futures bet is made in advance of an event. In this case you’re looking at the odds to win the Premier League. It can be said that all bets are made on future events. Except in this case, you can bet weeks or even months beforehand.

If you see EPL odds you like, jump on them quickly. The lines will shift as more games are played and injuries occur. To get more value on a winning bet, try to get a club at plus money (+). This isn’t to say you shouldn’t take a team at minus money (-), but you won’t get as big a payout as you would with a winning underdog.