English Premier League Title Odds

Premier League Title Odds 2023-24: Liverpool Health Boost At The Right Time

It's a three-horse race in the 2023-24 Premier League Title Odds. With all due respect to the other 17 teams in the EPL, but this title race has come down to either Liverpool, Manchester City or Arsenal. 

So let's look at their odds.

Who has the best odds of winning the Premier League Title?

Odds to Win 2023-24 English Premier League
Manchester City+200

Odds as of April 5

Premier League Title Odds: Liverpool

A draw between City and Arsenal was the best possible outcome for Liverpool. At the time of writing, they're two points clear at the top of the table. They're in the driver's seat for the title. And the rightful favorites for it. 

We have to remember that Liverpool is still without a few of their key players. Alisson Becker, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Joel Matip and Diogo Jota are all still missing through injury. And yet, Klopp's still got his boys buzzing. 

Only Matip isn't expected to return. The other three should be back later this month. If Liverpool is good without them, think how good they'll be when they get these three starters back?!

Premier League Title Odds: Arsenal

The Gunners have the best offense, the best defense, and the best xG differential per 90 at +1.24. So what needs to change?

Nothing. At least nothing that they themselves can control. Arsenal is in cruise control right now with a 9-1-0 record over their last 10 league games and a wild +31 goal differential. This is easily title-winning form from the Gunners.

A draw with Manchester City was an unfortunate result, but Arsenal are in fine form. Even the slightest...slip...from Liverpool and the title is theirs.

Premier League Title Odds: Manchester City

The draws against Liverpool and then Arsenal have all but sunk their title hopes. There's still a chance, but City needs both of those aforementioned rivals to choke to nab that fourth-straight title.

That's it. A title rests with their rivals. Sorry Citizens. This is (finally) not your year.

Last 10 Premier League Winners

English Premier League Winners and opening odds
SeasonTeamOpening Odds
2022-23Manchester City-140
2021-22Manchester City-145
2020-21Manchester City-143
2018-19Manchester City-150
2017-18Manchester City+175
2015-16Leicester City+500000
2013-14Manchester City+220

Very few teams over the previous 10 years have won the Premier League title with odds below +300 right before the season began. Only Chelsea in 2016-17 and Leicester in 2015-16 did so.

No, that’s not a typo. Leicester City was a long shot to win the Premier League in 2015-16. It seemed impossible that the Foxes, who were in a relegation scrap the previous season, could win a title the next year.

Clubs With The Most Premier League Titles

Most Premier League Titles
ClubPremier League Titles
Manchester United13
Manchester City7
Blackburn Rovers1
Leicester City1

Sir Alex Ferguson had a mission to knock Liverpool off its perch as the winningest club in English football. And he succeeded in dominating the game with Manchester United and pushing them to 29 titles. Neighbors City has a long way to go in matching Sir Alex's return, but they're making a dent.

Blackburn and Leicester are the only sides to win the Premier League and be relegated.

What Is A Premier League Futures Bet?

A futures bet is made in advance of an event. In this case, you’re looking at the odds to win the Premier League. It can be said that all bets are made on future events. Except, in this case, you can bet weeks or even months beforehand.

If you see EPL odds you like, jump on them quickly. The lines will shift as more games are played and injuries occur. To get more value on a winning bet, try to get a club at plus money (+). This isn’t to say you shouldn’t take a team at minus money (-), but you won’t get as big a payout as you would with a winning underdog.

Premier League Odds FAQ

Who got promoted to the Premier League?

The three promoted sides from the Championship were:

  • Burnley
  • Sheffield United
  • Luton Town

Who won the Premier League last year?

Manchester City won their third Premier League in three years after overcoming an eight-point deficit to Arsenal late in the year. 

Who is favored to win the Premier League?

Manchester City are the current favorites to win the Premier League. Man City's odds to win a fourth consecutive Premier League is at -110.

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