Georges St-Pierre Career Odds History

You can ask anyone “who is the greatest MMA fighter ever” and you will likely hear the same names, one of which is Georges St-Pierre. GSP has one of the most diverse tool sets in MMA history and when you pair that with some of the best cardio we’ve ever seen, you get a nearly unstoppable force. 

Though maybe not the most exciting style, GSP’s ability to control his opponent is unparalleled, which made him one of the best distance fighters ever. Not only can ‘Rush’ outwrestle opponents, he also dictates the pace standing up with one of the best jabs in MMA history. St-Pierre won 12 of his 26 pro bouts via decision – including seven of his past eight outings. 

Here’s a list of St-Pierre’s career odds for his entire tenure with the UFC.

Georges St-Pierre UFC Odds & Results
WMichael BispingUFC 217+100Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)34:23
WJohny HendricksUFC 167-250Decision (Split)55:00
WNick DiazUFC 158-545Decision (Unanimous)55:00
WCarlos ConditUFC 154-360Decision (Unanimous)55:00
WJake ShieldsUFC 129-550Decision (Unanimous)55:00
WJosh KoscheckUFC 124-500Decision (Unanimous)55:00
WDan HardyUFC 111-700Decision (Unanimous)55:00
WThiago AlvesUFC 100-295Decision (Unanimous)55:00
WB.J. PennUFC 94-185TKO (Corner Stoppage)45:00
WJon FitchUFC 87-350Decision (Unanimous)55:00
WMatt SerraUFC 83-500TKO (Knees to the Body)24:45
WMatt HughesUFC 79-225Submission (Armbar)24:54
WJosh KoscheckUFC 74-255Decision (Unanimous)35:00
LMatt SerraUFC 69-1300TKO (Punches)13:25
WMatt HughesUFC 65+115TKO (Head Kick and Punches)21:25
WB.J. PennUFC 58+100Decision (Split)35:00
WSean SherkUFC 56-300TKO (Punches and Elbows)22:53
WFrank TriggUFC 54-110Submission (RNC)14:09
WJason MillerUFC 52-145Decision (Unanimous)35:00
LMatt HughesUFC 50+275Submission (Armbar)14:59
WJay HieronUFC 48-275TKO (Punches)11:42
WKaro ParisyanUFC 46+160Decision (Unanimous)35:00
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