Conor McGregor coaches against Michael Chandler on the Ultimate Fighter Season 31

The Ultimate Fighter Season 31: Mystic Mac vs Iron Mike

This might just be the most anticipated edition of the Ultimate Fighter ever.

Conor McGregor, the UFC’s biggest hotshot, is back to coach against the hard-hitting, supremely confident Michael Chandler. Season 31 will ooze entertainment value as McGregor, who’s known for some saucy moments, gets 12 full episodes to pester Chandler. 

At the end of the season, McGregor and Chandler will fight – check out our preview of that here – though the official date hasn’t been announced. In the meantime, TUF Season 31 kicks off May 30 and airs at 10 p.m. ET on ESPN. 

The Ultimate Fighter Season 31: Episode 1 Recap

Check in after May 30 for a recap of Episode 1. 

Why I’m So Excited For TUF Season 31

First off, the prospect of a McGregor vs Chandler five-rounder is literal heaven to MMA fans. McGregor will have a speed advantage, while Chandler brings the thunder with his power and wrestling. That’s the good stuff right there. But while we wait for the fight details to play out, there’s plenty more to be fired up about.

The trash talk will get everyone going, but I’m most interested to see McGregor and Chandler in new lights. How do they act as coaches? Are they empathetic to their new students? What do they teach them and how do they motivate these up-and-coming fighters?

The access is the best part about these behind-the-scenes shows. With the cameras constantly rolling on coaches and contestants, organic moments will blossom. People will argue, start beefs, make friends and feel the sensations of victory and defeat all in real-time. That raw emotion is the best part of sports, and we’re here for all of it ahead of TUF 31. 

List Of Contestants

This season, we’ve got a pool of lightweight and bantamweight contestants. 


  • Hunter Azure
  • Rico DiSciullo
  • Cody Gibson
  • Mando Gutierrez
  • Brad Katona
  • Timur Valiev
  • Carlos Vera
  • Trevor Wells


  • Lee Hammond
  • Kurt Holobaugh
  • Austin Hubbard
  • Nate Jennerman
  • Jason Knight
  • Aaron McKenzie
  • Landon Quinones
  • Roosevelt Roberts

How To Watch The Ultimate Fighter Season 31

  • Date/Time: Tuesdays (Starting May 30), 10 p.m. ET
  • Where to Watch: ESPN, TSN (In Canada), ESPN+

How The Ultimate Fighter Works

Once the season begins, the coaches get a chance to evaluate fighters and then select their teams. The contestants end up on either Team McGregor or Team Chandler, and each squad then competes against the other with matchups based on weight class. 

Winners of each bout advance through a bracket system (prelims, quarterfinals, semis, etc.) and the final fight happens live during a UFC event, where the Ultimate Fighter is crowned and ultimately awarded a UFC contract.