UFC 194: Aldo vs McGregor Prop Odds

UFC 194 is one of the biggest cards in UFC history and it features one of the most highly anticipated bouts ever in MMA. Jose Aldo vs Conor McGregor is too big to simply hold your wagering to who is going to win; that's what props are for. Props offer you the chance to bet on how the Sportsbook will claim their victory to the ever ridiculous, longshot draw bet.

Here are some of the more intriguing props that are worth a look for the featherweight title fight Saturday.

Jose Aldo Wins By Five Round Decision

If there is one major knock on Aldo, it's that he tends to do just enough to win fights. Rarely have we seen Scarface aggressively attack to finish a fight unless it was almost guaranteed to work out.

Aldo has won nine of his 25 professional fights by decision with five of his last seven going to the judges’ scorecard. Aldo would prefer to use his intellect and cardio to stretch out a fight and take the critical final 30 seconds of a round to assure he gets the judges nod of approval.

The juice is pretty high on this one because both men don’t like each other (yes, that is front-runner for most obvious statement of the year). Sportsbook has Aldo winning by five round decision listed at +345.

It's also worth noting that McGregor has only made it to a decision once in his 20 professional fights and that was in a three-round fight against Max Holloway.

Conor McGregor Wins Inside the Distance

This prop is likely for anyone who is backing the Irishman in the fight anyways. The natural assumption from most McGregor backers is that he ends the fight before it ever comes close to a decision.

McGregor looks as though he is going to close as the favorite in this fight, barring a late surge of money after the weigh-in, so there is likely more value in backing McGregor to finish the fight if you like the Irishman. 

Aldo has only lost one fight in his entire MMA career, which was back in November 2005, and was by submission. However, Aldo does not have much recent experience with southpaws or strikers on the caliber of McGregor.

Conor McGregor Wins in Round One

If you somehow haven't heard; McGregor is confident.

McGregor has been calling a victory within the first round as far back as June when these two were scheduled to fight at UFC 189. That prediction has not changed over the months, with McGregor’s coach saying the fight ends within the first minute or in the second round.

The Irishman claiming the unified featherweight title in the first round at UFC 194 is currently listed at +450 at Sportsbook.

67 percent of McGregor’s victories have come within the first round with his average fight duration lasting less than five minutes.

UFC 194: Conor McGregor vs Jose Also Prop Odds
  • McGregor/Aldo goes five round distance +170
  • Fight won inside the distance -215
Odds as of December 11 at Sportsbook
  • Aldo wins by five round decision +310
  • Not Aldo by five round decision -400
  • McGregor wins inside distance +145
  • Not McGregor inside the distance -175
  • Aldo/McGregor draw +17,500
  • Fight not a draw -52,500
  • McGregor wins in round one +450
  • Any other result -750
  • Aldo wins by T/KO +385
  • Any other result -585
  • McGregor wins by T/KO +160
  • Any other result -210
  • Aldo wins by five round split/majority decision +599
  • Any other result -1195
  • Aldo/McGregor starts round 3 -162
  • Aldo/McGregor won’t start round 3 +132
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