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UFC 209 is scheduled to take place on March 4th, 2017 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, and showcases a rematch between Tyron Woodley and Stephen Thompson. The two previously met at UFC 205, where they fought to a controversial draw. UFC 209 will also see an interim lightweight title bout between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson. They were originally scheduled to fight on two previous occasions but those bouts were canceled due to injuries.  

We at OddsShark expect UFC 209 to be epic, and we have all of the latest news and betting information available, along with betting tips and video content leading up to the event:  

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fight Card
Weight Class   
WelterweightTyron WoodleyvsStephen Thompson
LightweightKhabib NurmagomedovvsTony Ferguson
MiddleweightRashad EvansvsDan Kelly
LightweightLando VannatavsDavid Teymur
HeavyweightAlistair OvereemvsMark Hunt
Preliminary Card
Weight Class   
HeavyweightMark GodbeervsDaniel Spitz
HeavyweightMarcin TyburavsLuis Henrique
FeatherweightDarren ElkinsvsMirsad Bektic
BantamweightLuke SandersvsIuri Alcantara

Betting Options 

There are a few straight bet options available to UFC 209 bettors along with betting types that are quite simple:


Moneyline bets are the most common and simple way to bet on UFC 209, and are great options for beginners. There is a Sportsbook and a loser of a bout – it really can’t get more straight forward than that. Bettors simply select which fighter they believe will win the match. Will it be Woodley or Thompson? Evans or Kelly? The odds are presented at each book, so be sure to do some line shopping before you submit your bet slip. 


Also known as over/under betting, betting the totals is slightly different than other sports that bettors might be used to. The total for a UFC fight is based off how many rounds they believe the match will last. Oddsmakers will select the round in which the match will end and bettors have to select whether they think the total will be over or under that number.

Betting Types

Betting types make things a little more interesting and up the risk of your bets. There are a few types available for UFC 209:

Victory Betting

Predicting the outcome of UFC 209 will be tough, but bettors are able to not only bet on the Sportsbook of the fight, but how the Sportsbook will defeat his opponent. Choices include knockout, submission, or by judge’s decision. An in-depth analysis of both fighters will help you determine who will win, and how they might do it. Their strengths and weaknesses play a big role here.

Round Betting

Similar to totals betting, you must determine when the fight will end – but with a little more precision. If the name isn’t a giveaway - bettors are to select the specific round that the fight will end.


Props primarily focus on the fighter performances and the bonuses awarded post-fight. UFC 209's Performance of the Night and Fight of the Night are up for grabs, and bettors can cash in by predicting the recipients of these bonuses.

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