Tom Brady's featured in the latest edition of ecks-rated tales from Vegas

Ecks-Rated Tales From Vegas: Tom Brady Needs More Money!!!!


Tom Brady is the G.O.A.T. of NFL QBs, no doubt, and he is also exceptionally wealthy. Throw in his estimated earnings as a player, say around $450 million, and his new 10 year contract with Fox, say around $375 mill, and this guy AIN'T gonna be doing any OnlyFans videos.

Of course, he probably had to give Gisele a few bucks after the divorce, so now he's gonna sign old game tickets. It'll cost you $3,999 for an autograph and an EXTRA $1,599 for TB12 to write a 3-4 word inscription on that ticket. So, Tommy Terrific is worth approximately $400 per word. OUCH! If you want Brady to write a full sentence, you might have to tap into your home equity line of credit!


If you're old enough, and were pretty sly back in the day, you probably had a few Playboy magazines hidden in the closet. And then when you turned 21, probably had a few nights at the Playboy Clubs around the country.

Most have closed, but there is one here in Vegas at the Hakkasan night club inside the MGM Grand. And on February 9th, the spectacular Madisyn Shipman will be at the Club to do a live photo shoot. You have to be a member to attend and the yearly fee is $99 bucks. There are certain perks to being a member, but the list is WAY too long! Hit me if you need more info.


Wanna save a few bucks? Lemme tell you about the El Cortez Hotel & Casino on Fremont Street. If you don't mind staying downtown, where quite honestly, it's a little SCRUFFY, then check out the El Cortez.

Any place on the Strip is gonna set you back at least $1,000, maybe $1,500 per night. At the Cortez, you can get in for $129 bones on Friday, $229 on Saturday, and if you're hungover and wanna stay over Sunday night, how about ONLY $45 bucks!

They'll have a Super Bowl party as well. You get two cocktails, access to an all-you-can-eat buffet with hot dogs, beer brats, Swedish meatballs, chips and salsa, wings, sandwiches, and, are you sitting, a Jack Daniel's pecan bread pudding. All for only FIFTY BUCKS! You can't even get a stinkin' seat at Caesars Palace for under $225!


If you think we're taking a week off from pumping large amounts of cash into the bank, UH UH. You know that this guy, your guy, is not a one trick pony. After going 5-1 (83%) in the playoffs, we have a week off until Super Sunday, so, we're gonna bounce on to the college hardwood and throw down on a delicious Saturday game in the SEC.

Mississippi will host Auburn and should be getting a few points. And we LOVE the Rebels. Been watching these kids for a while now and making some cash.

Ole Miss is 18-3 (5-3 in the SEC) and Auburn is 17-4 (6-2 in the SEC). The Tigers SMOKED the Rebels back in January, 82-59, so the first order of business is REVENGE! Then we can tell you that the W came AT Auburn where the Tigers are 11-0. On the road, they are just 2-3.

Guess who is also perfect at home? Yup, Ole Miss. They are pitching a 13-0 PERFECTO at the Pavilion in Oxford. Auburn has lost two straight on the SEC road and the crowd at the Pavilion is gonna be SICK. Especially the student manager that mops the floor and gets a standing O every time.

Check him out on Twitter/X and we guarantee you'll LOVE this kid. Not gonna guarantee an Ole Miss upset, but taking a few points should be very tasty and profitable. Only one thing left to say...HOTTY TODDY!!!


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