Shohei Ohtani's free agency is featured in ecks rated tales from vegas

Ecks Rated Tales From Vegas: Patel Scandel, Ohtani To Toronto Oops


If you're gonna STEAL TWENTY TWO MILLION from your employer, like Amit Patel allegedly did, PLZ don't go spending it on luxury cars, designer watches worth almost $100K, a condo and a bundle of cryptocurrency. Keep a low profile baby.

Not only did the dude allegedly go on a spending spree, but there's more. The most amazing part of this story is, Patel actually hired a criminal defense attorney and kept the guy on retainer.

Anyone reading this have a criminal defense attorney on retainer? Raise your hand. I'll wait. No one. Thought so.

Ya think he knew something was eventually gonna bite him in the derriere? This guy from the Jacksonville Jaguars, Mr. Patel, allegedly siphoned off $8 million per year from the Jags for a total of $22 mil. And of course, they always blame some kind of sports gambling habit for the criminal conduct. WHY is it always US?

Almost every Law & Order TV show, a handful of movies and dozens of books blame us, the upstanding citizens of the sports betting world. STOP IT!

According to the Athletic, Patel’s lawyer said that the vast majority of the $22 million he ripped off was because of gambling losses, and probably/allegedly to cover bets on football and fantasy sports. Just like I tell all these guys, CALL ME! Or just read ECKS-RATED every week because we are rolling in the black, hitting winners at close to 70%. But PLZ DO NOT TELL ME where you got the bankroll. DON'T wanna know. DON'T need to know. Believe it's called plausible deniability! 


After it was reported last week that Shohei Ohtani was on a private plane to Toronto, tickets for the home opener were starting at $212 for the 500 Level. And in case you have not been to the Rogers Centre, the 500 level is what we call in the business, NOSE BLEEDS! After it was REALLY/ACCURATELY reported the Ohtani signed with the Dodgers, the price of a ticket PLUMMETED to $53. OOPS!!!


WOW! Gotta brag a little. Put a 3-0 spread hat trick into the bank last week and LOX is now sitting at 11-5.

Ready to bust past the 70% win bar and gonna lace up the bowling shoes for a look at Saturday's New Mexico Bowl between, Fresno State and New Mexico State. While this is not technically a home game for New Mexico State, it certainly is HOME STATE advantage with the Aggies just a quick three hour drive North from Las Cruces to Albuquerque.

The only issue is the Aggies QB Diego Pavia who injured his shoulder. Pavia was voted Conference USA Offensive Player of the Year, with 32 touchdowns (26 passing, six rushing). Coach Jerry Kill says the kid is ready to go, and if Diego gets the start, we're all in on New Mexico State.

Why? The Aggies are making GINORMOUS amounts of money, covering 10 of the last 11. That loss came in the Conference USA Championship game against a very good, and VERY UNDEFEATED Liberty team. Fresno closed the season with a NEGATIVE hat trick, losing three in a row.

The Bulldogs were smoked by San Jose State, 42-18, lost to New Mexico 25-15, and closed the season with a 33-18 L against San Diego State. Gotta give you a what if. What if Pavia is standing on the sideline in street clothes? Then we WASH the bet!


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