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Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury Prop Bets

Deotay Wilder vs Tyson Fury Prop Bets

The biggest heavyweight title fight is nearly upon us as Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder is putting his WBC belt on the line as he takes on Tyson “Gypsy King” Fury at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. If you are looking to bet straight up on who will win this fight, the odds are Wilder -170 with Fury coming back at +140. However, if you’re looking for some extra juice, we have a list of prop bets that may be of more interest to you.

Unsure of how or where to make a wager on this bout? Check out this article to see where you can place a bet on Wilder vs Fury. Also, here’s an article for how to bet on boxing in general!

Round Props

Making a wager on how long a fight will last is a difficult task, but if you hit it, there’s usually a lot of juice to reward you. Bovada has the option for you to place a bet on each individual round that you think the fight may end and in whose favor. For example, you can bet that Deontay Wilder is going to win the fight in Round 7 and that is paying +1400, or perhaps you are leaning toward Fury to land a big punch in the 10th to end the bout, which has odds of +4000. Additionally, you have an easier option of whether or not the fight will go OVER or UNDER 9.5 rounds.

If you were leaning toward Fury to win this bout, know that eight of his 27 wins have come via decision as the London native lacks true knockout power and relies on solid footwork and movement to outbox his opponents rather than knocking them out. So, Fury to win on points (decision) has odds of +220.

Meanwhile, if you are looking at Wilder to get his hand raised, know that 39 of his 40 professional wins have come by knockout and he has only once gone into the 12th round – his lone win by decision. Since he has won the WBC heavyweight title, he has defended it seven times with an average stoppage coming in midway through the seventh round (7.57) – note that one win was a first-round knockout, which skews the number downward. If you want to wager on The Bronze Bomber to win in Round 9, the odds are +1800.

Method of Victory

Choosing a round for a fight can be quite lucrative, but also extremely challenging, and sometimes you can get a feel early on in the fight, based on how they look, that your prediction may fall flat on its face. However, an easier wager to make is simply how the fight will play out by betting on the method of victory. The juice isn’t nearly as good as choosing the round, but knowledge of how the fighters compete allows you to earn a little more money than choosing outright who will win.

For example, as mentioned above, Wilder has knocked out 39 of his 40 opponents and his odds to win the fight straight up are -170, but for him to win by KO, TKO or DQ it is -105, earning you an extra profit of 36.42 based on $100 bets. Similarly, Fury doesn’t have the huge punching power that Wilder has and uses strong boxing skills to beat his opponents and for him to win outright is +140 but to win by decision or technical decision is +220. You also have the option of a yes or no question of “Will the Fight go the Distance?” That’s a 50/50 shot with Yes coming in at +110 and No at -155.

My favorite prop bets

I have a few wagers that I like for this fight to provide a little more juice than the straight-up fightline. I think Fury wins and will need the full 12 rounds to put Wilder away so I’m leaning toward a decision win, while if Wilder wins I think it will have to come by knockout so I will be sprinkling some money on that side as well.

My Favorite Method of Victory

  • Fury by Decision or Technical Decision (+220)
  • Wilder by KO, TKO or DQ (-105)

My Favorite Round Props

  • Wilder in Round 8 (+1600)
  • Wilder in Round 9 (+1800)
  • Fury on Points (+220)
  • OVER 9.5 Rounds (-160)

Here’s a look at all the prop bets you can wager on for Wilder vs Fury:

Round Props

Round Betting - 3 Round Groups
  • D. Wilder to win in rounds 1-3 +1000
  • D. Wilder to win in rounds 4-6 +550
  • D. Wilder to win in rounds 7-9 +550
  • D. Wilder to win in rounds 10-12 +800
  • D. Wilder by Decision or Technical Decision +450
  • T. Fury to win in rounds 1-3 +3500
  • T. Fury to win in rounds 4-6 +1800
  • T. Fury to win in rounds 7-9 +1500
  • T. Fury to win in rounds 10-12 +2200
  • T. Fury by Decision or Technical Decision +220
  • Draw or Technical Draw +2500
Odds as of November 29 at Bovada
Total Rounds
  • OVER 9.5 -160
  • UNDER 9.5 +115
Odds as of November 29 at Bovada
Round Betting
  • D. Wilder in Round 1 +2800
  • D. Wilder in Round 2 +2500
  • D. Wilder in Round 3 +2000
  • D. Wilder in Round 4 +1800
  • D. Wilder in Round 5 +1600
  • D. Wilder in Round 6 +1400
  • D. Wilder in Round 7 +1400
  • D. Wilder in Round 8 +1600
  • D. Wilder in Round 9 +1800
  • D. Wilder in Round 10 +1800
  • D. Wilder in Round 11 +2200
  • D. Wilder in Round 12 +2800
  • D. Wilder on Points +450
  • T. Fury in Round 1 +8000
  • T. Fury in Round 2 +6600
  • T. Fury in Round 3 +5000
  • T. Fury in Round 4 +4000
  • T. Fury in Round 5 +4000
  • T. Fury in Round 6 +4000
  • T. Fury in Round 7 +4000
  • T. Fury in Round 8 +4000
  • T. Fury in Round 9 +4000
  • T. Fury in Round 10 +4000
  • T. Fury in Round 11 +4000
  • T. Fury in Round 12 +5000
  • T. Fury on Points +220
  • Fight Drawn +2500
Odds as of November 29 at Bovada

Fight Props

Method of Victory
  • D. Wilder by KO, TKO, or DQ -105
  • D. Wilder by Decision or Technical Decision +475
  • T. Fury by KO, TKO, or DQ +500
  • T. Fury by Decision or Technical Decision +220
  • Draw or Technical Draw +2500
Odds as of November 29 at Bovada
Will the Fight go the Distance
  • Yes +110
  • No -155
Odds as of November 29 at Bovada