Deotay Wilder vs Tyson Fury 2 Prop Bets

Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury 2 Prop Bets

The highly anticipated rematch between Deontay “Bronze Bomber” Wilder and Tyson “Gypsy King” Fury is nearly upon us as the two are set to tangle again just 14 months removed from their epic first encounter.

The two fought to an exciting – and controversial – draw that saw Fury pick himself up off the canvas twice while outboxing Wilder for the majority of the bout. Wilder’s WBC heavyweight championship will once again be on the line along with Fury’s lineal title when the two meet on February 22, 2020, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Bronze Bomber was a -160 favorite the first time the two squared off and the odds are much tighter this time, with Wilder being the slight -125 favorite and Fury coming back at +105 money. However, if you’re looking for more options outside of simply who will win this rematch, we have a list of prop bets that may be of interest to you.

Unsure of how to make a wager on this boxing match? Check out our article on how to bet on the Wilder vs Fury rematch. For a full breakdown and prediction for this bout, take a look at my preview.

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Round Betting Props

Making a wager on how long a fight will last is a difficult task, but if you hit it, there’s usually a lot of juice to reward you. Sportsbook has the option for you to place a bet on each individual round in which you think the fight may end and in whose favor.

For example, you can bet that Deontay Wilder is going to win the fight in Round 9, which is paying +1600 ($16 on every dollar wagered), or perhaps you are leaning toward Fury to land a big punch in the 10th to end the bout, which has odds of +4000.

Additionally, you have the option of whether the fight will go OVER or UNDER a specified number of rounds such as O/U 9.5 rounds, with the OVER at -140 ($0.74 for every dollar wagered) and the UNDER at EVEN money.

If you were leaning toward Fury to win this bout, know that nine of his 29 pro wins have come via decision – the London native isn’t exactly known for devastating knockout power and relies on solid footwork and movement to outbox his opponents rather than knocking them out. So, Fury to win on points (decision) has odds of +155.

Meanwhile, if you are looking at Wilder to get his hand raised, know that 41 of his 42 professional wins have come by knockout and he has only twice gone into the 12th round – his lone win by decision and the draw.

Since he won the WBC heavyweight title, he has defended it 10 times with an average stoppage coming midway through the seventh round (7.3) – note that two wins were first-round knockouts, which skews the number downward. If you want to wager on the Bronze Bomber to win in Round 7, the odds are +1400.

Method of Victory

Choosing the round in which a fight will conclude can be quite lucrative, but also extremely challenging, and sometimes you can get a feel early on in the fight, based on how the fighters look, that your prediction may fall flat on its face. However, an easier wager to make is on how the fight will play out by betting on the method of victory. The juice isn’t nearly as good as choosing the round, but knowledge of how the fighters compete allows you to earn a little more money than choosing outright who will win.

For example, as mentioned above, Wilder has knocked out 41 of his 43 opponents and his odds to win the fight straight up are -125, but for him to win by KO, TKO or DQ, they are EVEN, which would earn you an extra profit of $20 based on $100 bets.

Similarly, Fury doesn’t have the huge punching power of Wilder and uses strong boxing skills to beat his opponents. The odds for him to win outright are +105 but they are +155 for him to win by decision or technical decision. You also have the Yes or No option of “Will the Fight go the Distance?” That’s a 50-50 shot with Yes coming in at +110 and No at -155.

My Favorite Prop Bets

Well, as you could probably guess with the ending of that last segment, I’m a big fan of playing the odds with Fury winning by decision at +155 and Wilder winning by knockout at EVEN. That said, there’s another prop catching my eye that I think is worth a sprinkle considering Fury’s improved cardio and the fact that Wilder has been hit more and more frequently over his last few bouts – for the fight to end in rounds 10-12 at +650.

Deontay Wilder by knockout (EVEN)

Tyson Fury by Decision (+155)

Fight to end Rounds 10-12 (+650)

Round Props

Deontay Wilder Round Betting
Deontay Wilder in Round 1+2500
Deontay Wilder in Round 2+2000
Deontay Wilder in Round 3+1800
Deontay Wilder in Round 4+1500
Deontay Wilder in Round 5+1400
Deontay Wilder in Round 6+1400
Deontay Wilder in Round 7+1400
Deontay Wilder in Round 8+1400
Deontay Wilder in Round 9+1600
Deontay Wilder in Round 10+1800
Deontay Wilder in Round 11+2000
Deontay Wilder in Round 12+2500
Deontay Wilder on Points+1000

Odds as of February 22 at Sportsbook

Tyson Fury Round Betting
Tyson Fury in Round 1+6600
Tyson Fury in Round 2+4000
Tyson Fury in Round 3+5000
Tyson Fury in Round 4+5000
Tyson Fury in Round 5+4000
Tyson Fury in Round 6+4000
Tyson Fury in Round 7+4000
Tyson Fury in Round 8+4000
Tyson Fury in Round 9+4000
Tyson Fury in Round 10+4000
Tyson Fury in Round 11+4000
Tyson Fury in Round 12+6600
Tyson Fury on Points+155

Odds as of February 22 at Sportsbook

Round Betting - 3 Round groups
Deontay Wilder in Rounds 1-3+850
Deontay Wilder in Rounds 4-6+475
Deontay Wilder in Rounds 7-9+475
Deontay Wilder in Rounds 10-12+850
Deontay Wilder by Decision +1000
Tyson Fury in Rounds 1-3+2000
Tyson Fury in Round 4-6+1500
Tyson Fury in Round 7-9+1500
Tyson Fury in Round 10-12+2200
Tyson Fury by Decision+155

Odds as of February 22 at Sportsbook

Total Rounds
OVER 6.5 Rounds-280
UNDER 6.5 Rounds+190

Odds as of February 212at Sportsbook

Total Rounds
OVER 7.5 Rounds-205
UNDER 7.5 Rounds+145

Odds as of February 22 at Sportsbook

Total Rounds
OVER 8.5 Rounds-160
UNDER 8.5 Rounds+115

Odds as of February 22 at Sportsbook

Total Rounds
OVER 9.5 Rounds-140
UNDER 9.5 RoundsEVEN

Odds as of February 22 at Sportsbook

Total Rounds
OVER 10.5 Rounds-110
UNDER 10.5 Rounds-130

Odds as of February 22 at Sportsbook

Fight Props

Method of Victory
Deontay Wilder by KO, TKO or DQEVEN
Deontay Wilder by Decision or Technical Decision+1000
Tyson Fury by KO, TKO or DQ+450
Tyson Fury by Decision or Technical Decision+155
Draw or Technical Draw+2200

Odds as of February 22 at Sportsbook

Will Fight go the distance 

Odds as of February 22 at Sportsbook

Will Deontay Wilder Score a knockdown?

Odds as of February 22 at Sportsbook

Will Tyson Fury Score a Knockdown?

Odds as of February 22 at Sportsbook

Deontay Wilder to be knocked down and win

Odds as of February 22 at Sportsbook

Tyson Fury to be knocked down and win

Odds as of February 22 at Sportsbook

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